How To Fix Chain On Exercise Bike?

How To Fix Exercise Bike Chain

How To Fix Chain of an Exercise BikeThe chains are among the moving parts of the exercise bike that should be checked regularly and replaced if worn out.

Although they are made of link assemblies, hardened steel, and pins, they can suffer tear and wear, especially if you’re riding on a dirt road in winter. Most of them have a similar core design and small links connecting the pins.

The old chain always needs to be replaced, and this is because it can cause significant damage to the cassettes and chainrings. The chain tool is essential to push the pin between the links when breaking the old chain. When the chain is removed, you can fix a new one. This is passed through the diverter and connects to the circular part, which turns the exercise bike.

Typically, here are the steps on how to fix chain on an exercise bike.


  1. Remove the old chain

Use the chain splitter to push in a pin from the lower stretch of the chain or loosen a quick link if installed. After extracting the pin, remove the chain carefully from the bike. Then set the chain near the chain tool vice area and work in front of the derailleur or the pedal’s direction. The front derailleur has two gears, which hang off the gear derailleur and drive the chain. The chain should sit inside a vice area at the junction of the two links where a pin connects them.

How To Fix Chain On Exercise Bike

  1. Align the pin

Align the pin using the pushing mechanism or slot on the tool. Then turn the tool so that the head extends up to the pin for you to push it out. Watch the front derailleur when the chain disconnect. The lack of chain pressure causes the derailleur to swing back, and you will see the old chain slip. Then remove the chain away from the exercise bike.

  1. Insert the new chain

Shift a rear derailleur, the big cog, and the front derailleur to the big chain ring. Release the rear derailleur’s clutch mechanism, if there is one. Run the chain through the mechanism and around an outer chainring. Pass the end of a chain through a front derailleur and then turn the cranks to ensure few inches dang below. Then place the remaining end in the seat, put it on the cassette and pull down on a rear derailleur. You can thread the chain into the upper jockey and behind the tab in a derailleur cage arm.

  1. Size the chain

You are required to ensure the chain works in all gears without damaging the bike. By doing this, the chain must be fitted with the two biggest rings, rear, and front although you are not supposed to ride in this gear. Once the chain is in place, pull two ends towards one another and measure the slip while holding them in place. Typically, this is where a broken spoke is useful. When you are sure that the length is correct and the derailleur arm’s movement is still, use the chain tool to split the chain.

How To Fix Exercise Bike Chain

  1. Slide the chain to the lower gear

Slide the other end of a chain through the lower gear on a derailleur with the S shape. Pull the chain under a lower gear and then feed it from the bottom. For instance, if the upper gear faces the right direction, pull a chain, the lower gear while moving to the left. Then thread it to the lower gear and pull to the right.

  1. Pull a chain under the upper gear

Pull a chain under the upper gear and in the direction of the gear assembly. After the chain passes through the upper gear, it will move to the left to the smaller gear in the middle of the tire.

  1. Move the chain on top of the smallest gear

Move the chain on top of the smallest gear towards the pedals in the right direction. Wrap around the pedals, but remember not to insert the pedal gear teeth into the chain. Then pull a chain around these pedals and descend on the other side. At this point, the chain can move to the left, going to the free end. When the chain has the right size, there is a need for a few centimeters of the chain hanging from the derailleur.

  1. Connect the two ends of a chain

At this point, take the two ends of a chain and then insert the connector links using your hand. This depends on the type of chain you buy. Some chains offer a unique pin to connect. Attach the two ends of a chain and push the pin in place. At this point, the chain will have the instructions to ensure correct fixing. Snap the plates and join the chain. Now hold the rear wheel not to turn and press the pedals up to the connection.


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