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How to Increase Height Using an Inversion Table

If you are searching for how to increase height using an Inversion Table, then your at the right place. Does inversion table help to increase height? Most people ask this question. Basically, an inversion table is a metallic device designed to hang safely by the ankles, head first. Using its flatbed, you can lie down and gradually invert yourself completely or partially. The best inversion tables are adjustable and lock your feet and ankles in place.

We can naturally and safely grow taller using an inversion table. It is the safest way to hang upside down. That means when you are hanging on an inversion table, it will decompress your spine and make you grow taller through maximum stretching.

According to a research done in 1978, inversion tables help to lengthen the spine and releases tension in the muscles. So, not only inversion table increase your height but also improve lordosis, scoliosis, and increase in blood flow.

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How Inversion Table Works To Increase Height


Basically stretching and decompression creates space between the vertebrae, realigns your spine and improves posture. This is how inversion table works to help you grow taller with better posture.

This inversion device also helps to improve conditions like lordosis and oscillating. Hanging on an inversion table also increases the flow of blood and releases muscle tension safely.

What I like about Inversion Table

The Best inversion table offers you all the benefits in a safe way which is not possible with any other machine.

In ancient people used to do this upside down exercise through just putting the head on the floor supporting the leg on the wall or tree which is very dangerous for health and not safe.

But this best inversion equipment has made this exercise a lot easier and more effective that’s what I love about inversion table very much. And with the combination of all the benefits, it definitely helps to grow tall at your maximum height.

Step 1

inversion table grow tallerAdjust the height of the inversion table for 2 to 3 inches then you are and adjust the pin to align the hole with the preferred height and push the lock pin.

Step 2

Place your back against the backrest pad and your feet through the rollers on the foot assembly. And then secure your feet by moving the rollers as close together as you can. Pull out the pull pin, slide the top rollers down and replace the pin, or see your manual if your table does not have a pull pin.

Step 3

Adjust the safety strap underneath the backrest pad to the shortest length possible if you are a beginner. This will keep you from being able to accidentally invert more than you are ready for.

Use trial and error to figure out the exact distance of the strap and the height setting as your height and weight will affect the ideal settings of the table for your body.

Step 4

Lie back on the machine and once you feel ready, raise one arm so the machine moves backward to approximately 20 to 30 degrees. Remain relaxed in this position for a few minutes.

Step 5

Get off the inversion table and increase the angle to 60 degrees when you are ready. Lengthen the safety strap and get back on the table in the same position as before. Raise both arms to invert to 60 degrees.

Step 6

Lower and raise your arms alternatively to make the table oscillate. Perform gentle oscillations and inversion for a few minutes at a time, two to three times a day.

Some Important Tips About How to Increase Height Using an Inversion Table

  • Eventually, you will want to invert to 90 degrees if you have tense back, leg or spine muscles that are making your shorter.
  • Improving your posture and maintaining proper alignment of your spine will be better achieved by using the inversion table and performing correct posture exercises.
  • Consult a physician, physical therapist or personal trainer for help developing a comprehensive program.

Here Are Some Other Inversion Exercise Equipment To Increase Height

1. Gravity Boots

Like the ankle supports used on inversion tables, gravity boots also act as an ankle support. These Gravity boots allow you to securely and safely hang upside down and enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy.

To make inversion therapy more comfortable and effective, gravity boots or inversion boots can be used with inversion tables, bars or racks. 

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2. Aerial Yoga Swing

Aerial yoga swing is a relatively new form of yoga equipment that involves a metal frame or rig on the ceiling supporting a swing or hammock. You can use the aerial yoga swing for doing exciting aerial yoga moves at home.

The aerial yoga swings and aerial tools are easy to purchase and set up. So you can easily do your upside down workouts and get so many benefits of inversion therapy like an inversion table.

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So, If you really want to get tall then pick any of these inversion tools that best suit you.

Extra Tips: Pull up and Chin up exercise also helps to increase height. But don’t forget to take healthy foods. The right food will make you grow fast. Take sound sleep – do not compromise your sleep for anything. People increase their height more when they are sleeping because it is body growth time. 

Another thing you can do is freehand exercise like swimming, running, playing basket ball and other games. The more you do exercise and keep jumping you will grow.