10 Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands In 2024

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Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands & FeetFor those yogis who have slipping and sliding problems, using a “best yoga mat for sweaty hands” can help them prevent the possibility of slipping at the time of yoga moves.

Well, it is really frustrating to try new yoga moves when your sweat works against you. But the good news is that there are many yoga mats on the market that are designed as “anti-slip” or “sweat-resistant”.

We have got 10 best non-slip yoga mats that offer enough traction and grip with a slightly rougher texture than a slippery surface.

No matter what form of yoga you are doing with the help of these yoga mats, you can definitely get a good grip and enjoy your yoga practice. Our recommendation for the best yoga mat for sweaty hand is BalanceFrom GoYOGA Anti-Tear.

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands Reviews (2024)


1. BalanceFrom GoYOGA Anti-Tear – Our Top Pick

Best Yoga Mat 2021

This BalanceFrom extra thick foam exercise mat is the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. It has double sided non-slip surfaces to prevent injuries. It allows you to keep your balance during any exercise style.

It is a perfect yoga mat that has moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water. The easy strapping and lightweight feature is available to this mat for easy transport and storage. It is 71″ long, 24″ wide and 1/2” thick premium Yoga mat that ensures comfort for people of all sizes. 

This BalanceFrom Go-yoga mat comes with high-density foam and excellent slip resistant material to prevent injuries. The moisture-resistant Technology makes the mat absorb moisture quickly and you can easily wash it with soap and water too. This non slip yoga mat has easy strapping and lightweight feature. A free yoga mat strap is included with this mat. It also offers 2-years BalanceFrom Warranty.

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2. Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

Best grip yoga mat for sweaty hands

This Gaiam yoga mat is an extra thick mat. It provides a stable and non-slip surface for the people with sweaty palms. These mat are durable and lightweight that offers additional cushioning for your joints.

For excellent traction and superior grip, it has textured sticky non-slip surface. You will also love the stylish design which will keep you motivated and focused. In short, this Gaiam yoga mat is a great option for you if you suffer from heavy sweat during yoga exercise.

Care Information:  If the mat is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time it may fade. You should store your mat in a yoga mat bag when not in use. You also can spot clean with Gaiam’s Mat Cleaner Spray. 

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3. Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat

Yoga mat for sweaty handsThis Manduka Prolite Yoga mat is also designed for slippery hands and will last for a long time. This extra thick foam exercise mat will never peel, flake, or fade, it only improves over time.

The closed cell surface of the mat prevents dirt and sweat from absorbing into the mat. Manduka Prolite Yoga mat has surpassing industry standards at 6mm. The ultra-dense cushioning of this non slip yoga mat will help you protect joints while providing a comfortable and stable practice surface.

These mats are good for any heated yoga class and easy to clean. Manduka Pro Yoga and Pilates mat are Nontoxic, 100% latex free and prevents sweat and dirt. Its unmatched density and proprietary dot patterned bottom provides a stable practice surface and helps to prevent sliding. 

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4. Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat 2021Get the best of both worlds with this unique yoga mat for sweaty hands that has a built-in yoga towel. A yoga towel is a common option for those who sweat a lot. 

This two-in-one yoga mat towel Aurorae Synergy is revolutionary because it combines the best of both worlds. It adheres comfortable cushioning with a layer of non-slip microfiber, so you get both the carpet and the towel in one. These yoga mats are durable, lightweight, non-toxic and can even be washed in the machine.

“I feel it’s important for potential buyers to know what quality product this is: I’ve been very happy with it,” says a critic who has had it for more than two years, washes it weekly and practices it in a 60-degree room.

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5. The Combo Yoga Mat

Best grip yoga mat for sweaty handsThe Combo Yoga Mat is a gorgeous, lightweight, soft, cooling and easy to carry exercise mat. It is also a high-quality yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet.

You will Love the design and material of this non-slip yoga mat. It helps to provide a better grip than anything on the market for the users who sweat a lot. This versatile combo yoga mat is machine washable. It is perfect for all types of yoga, including hot yoga, Bikram, and Ashtanga. You will get a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

This combo mat is made of biodegradable natural tree rubber and designed with water based print inks. The Eco-friendly rubber is bonded to an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel layer that provides a protective barrier and helps to absorb sweat on the hands and feet for better traction. The Strap makes it easy to roll up and go. It also offers adequate cushioning while still remaining lightweight. During yoga poses, this top rubber yoga mat will give you a good grip against your sweaty hands and feet.

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6. IUGA non-slip yoga mat

yoga mat for sweaty hands and feetThis IUGA non-slip yoga mat has double textures for all the different yoga practices. This mat is best for the yogis who sweats a lot and enjoys multiple yoga moves. This IUGA non slip mat is eco-friendly, padded and odorless.

The Dual textures of this mat offer two different raised patterns to keep your mat motionless and prevent your hands and feet from slipping. The closed cell structure prevents moisture, dirt, and odors from getting into the carpet. 

Both beginners and those who have been practicing for more than 15 years have given this IUGA non-slip yoga mat 5 star ratings and said that: “This mat does not move or slips when I move from one pose to another and I am very satisfied with my purchase. ” This top yoga mat even comes with a carrying strap and a yoga bag. 

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best sweat grip yoga matUsually, I look at the grip first when I choose a new yoga mat. I like to go for a more sticky texture so that my hands do not slip. When I tried the Jade mat for the first time (it was one of the first professional mats I tried), I was quite happy with my newly discovered gliding ability.

If you do not like to slide on the mat and like to keep your balance, traction/grip may be more important to you. I learned that PVC or natural rubber generally provide the best traction while allowing you to slide and stay nimble. Your mat should be cushioned, sturdy and also provide optimal grip.

For this reason, I really like the Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga mat because it is made of a natural rubber that provides a feeling of padding and optimal grip. This makes the mat perfect for a hot yoga session. Another thing that I love about Jade is that due to the open cell rubber, it can absorb the odors. 

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8. HeathYoga Premium Yoga Mat

best yoga mat for sweaty handsThis HeathYoga Premium Yoga Mat is made of new generation TPE material which is non-slip, eco-friendly, light-weight.  You will get most comfortable experience with this 6mm in thickness yoga mat.

It is designed with high-density and special memory foam. The latest technological improvement TPE has made amazing strides in the yoga mat industry that contains no toxins, latex, or PVC.

The guide auxiliary line design is another unique feature of this HealthYoga. This feature of this mat allows better adjusting your hands and feet to the right positions and keeping the body in proper alignment. It also has double layer structure design that offers excellent cushioning, and double-sided non-slip texture. It is an ideal yoga mat to safely practice different forms of Yoga. For individuals with sweaty hands, the double-sided non-slip texture offers the user with optimal grip.

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9. Clever yoga non-slip Yoga Mat

best non slip yoga mat for sweaty handsIf you are looking for an unbeatable non slip yoga mat without the worry of slipping or sliding then this mat is for you. With this yoga mat you can go deeper into your yoga poses safely and take your yoga performance to the next level. 

This Clever Yoga Mat offers durable and soft cushioning without compromising stability. To keep you stable and comfortable, the 4.5mm cushion base provides a sturdy, grounded feel in every yoga pose.

This natural antibacterial mat helps to keep odor and germs at bay. Due to its thin upper layer, it can easily absorb sweat and moisture. It is an ecological option that skips harmful toxins, PVC and latex. This mat uses real biodegradable tree rubber that is harvested sustainably. Clever yoga nonslip yoga mat is also antibacterial naturally, so bacteria and germs will not go out of control. 

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10. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat ( Non Slip )

Best Yoga Mat 2021This Yoga Design Lab yoga mat is different from other mats. Its gorgeous and innovative 2 in1 design is really eye-catching. It is a premium combo non slip  yoga Mat + Towel designed to improve your grip against sweat. So, it is also a great option, if you are looking for the best yoga mat for sweaty palms and feet.

The combined Yoga Design Lab mat actually becomes more graspable as you sweat, making it an incredible choice for hot yoga, Bikram, and Pilates. It offers great stability, extra cushion, and responsive grip so that you can practice yoga safely.

The lower layer cushions your body with natural tree rubber, while the upper layer absorbs sweat with a microfiber material made from recycled bottles and water-based prints. It is machine washable. It is available in 14 superbly striking designs, such as Geo Blue, Labyrinth, Chevron Maya, and Pink Mandala.

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Buying Guide of the Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands & Feet

Before purchasing a yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet you must consider the following things-

1. Sensibilities:

You have to consider the following questions: Is the carpet made of latex? Is it made with hypoallergenic material and/or non-permeable microfiber?

2. Dry Tech:

Is your carpet made with the latest technologies that keep your carpet dry, and increase your grip as the temperature increases?

3. Adherence:

Adherence is important to keep safe from sweaty hands and feet. You may ask these questions.

Does the carpet prevent me from sliding?
Feel, do I prefer a textured or smooth carpet?

4. Durability:

The durability of a yoga mat is very important. Don’t buy a cheap yoga mat rather choose the best one as it will serve you for a long time than a cheap mat. Must check (how many intense yoga sessions can the mat withstand)? And is it easy to stay clean?

5. Mat Thickness:

What thickness of yoga mat is best? You have to ask yourself what you want. Do I want a lot of cushioning to kneel? Or less cushioning to stop?

6. Ecological:

This is important for me since I like to protect the environment.

7. Size and weight:

Is the yoga mat long enough for me to lie down? If you are tall, this will be important to you.

For weight you need to ask yourself is the carpet heavy to transport it?

8. Appearance:

It may not be important for some people, but if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a yoga mat then get your favorite color. But the darker colored mats hide the sweat stains better.


These non-slip yoga mats are a great tool to do your yoga moves perfectly. Make sure that you are properly clothed for your workout with a good quality pair of yoga pants so that you can easily move your body into the correct positions.

You should also use these non slip mats to protect your body from the hard ground beneath you. Finally, choose the right yoga mat that suits your style and budget. But our recommendation for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands is BalanceFrom GoYOGA Anti-Tear. So, try your yoga today with the best grip yoga mat and get fit – get happy. 

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