How To Build Big Biceps With Dumbbells

Build Big Biceps With Dumbbells

How To Build Big Biceps With DumbbellsThe biceps are known as the protruding muscles, which are in front of the upper arm. Once you flex the hands, you will see the biceps. The best way to build the biceps entirely is to target both muscle heads, long and short.

Although these muscles are associated with bodybuilders, anybody can learn how to build big biceps. It involves doing more exercises time and again. The dumbbells are the best equipment you require to increase the biceps size. With time you will find your biceps are big. Here are steps on how to build big biceps with dumbbells.

Here is how you can build big biceps with dumbbells


1. Plan the workout strategy

It has always been thought that the best strategy for building the muscle’s size is to carry out some number of repetitions, say six to eight, with considerable weight. However, some disagreements, but some say that the opposite is more effective: lifting a small weight several times. You can try both methods and find out which one works best for you. However, the crucial thing is to stay in the right form while lifting the dumbbells.

2. Perform the incline dumbbell curls

You need to sit on the incline bench at a 45-degree angle with the dumbbells in both hands, holding at arm’s length. Keep the elbows close to your body. Begin the movement by bending the elbow and curling the right hand towards the shoulder. Keep the hands still as you lift the dumbbells and turn the palms upward. Then flex the biceps totally at the top and take a short pause. Lower the weight in the position you started and repeat with the other arm.

3. Perform the hammer curls

Stand upright as you hold the dumbbells with the palms facing inward. Raise the dumbbells on the right to shoulder level, flexing your biceps. Contract your biceps as you move and hold shortly and keep the elbow stationary in the entire movement. Lower the dumbbells to a starting position and then repeat with the biceps on the left. To increase the exercise’s difficulty, change the starting position to make the elbow bends at 90degrees,and force the biceps to contract during the exercise.

4. Perform the standing concentration curls

Get up and put most of the weight on the right foot. Place the left foot on the toes on the floor, approximately 18 inches behind the right foot. Bend at the waist to make the torso almost parallel to the floor and then hold something with the left hand, like the weight rack. Hold the dumbbell with the right hand and then hold it in front of the right foot. After that, curl a dumbbell to the left pectoral muscle by holding and squeezing it for about two seconds. Then return the dumbbell to its original position and carry out the repetition on the other side.

How To Build Big Biceps With Dumbbell

5. Perform the reverse grip bicep curls

These bicep curls improve grip strength by moving the hand upwards instead of downwards. You can start this by standing straight with the feet apart. Keep the elbows close to the sides and hold the dumbbells by the shoulder-width hips with palms facing down. Use the forearms to curl the dumbbells up to the shoulder and lower it back slowly to the starting position.

6. Perform the preacher curls

This step works with one hand at a time to train the biceps to use the full motion. Put the upper arm on a bench and bend the forearm so that the dumbbells are at shoulder height. Start by lowering the dumbbells until the arm is completely extended. After extending, make sure the wrist is straight so that the biceps are engaged. Use the biceps to curl these dumbbells back to a starting position until the biceps have contracted fully with the dumbbells at the shoulder height. When you are done with the reps, switch hands.


1. How many times in one week should you train the biceps?

You need to train them twice a week. This means you need to set aside time between the biceps workouts to allow the muscles to repair and rest themselves. If you exercise the biceps every 72 hours and more, you risk over training them. This not only stabilizes muscle growth but can also put your biceps at risk.

2. How long do the biceps build?

This will depend on several factors, including age, training history, and genetic makeup. However, you may still develop bigger biceps by having different exercises, like pulley machines, bodyweight exercises, and hand weights. Make sure you don’t over-train to give your body time to relax and build muscle. Also, a balanced diet can promote general muscle growth. You need to eat a balanced calorie amount and make sure your meals contain a balanced macronutrient.


The biceps help you achieve a sculpted upper body and improve back, arm, and shoulder strength. To build big biceps using the dumbbells, you need unique steps to follow. The above steps will assure you of the difference. Along with your diet and strategic nutritional supplements, you will be in a better position.

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