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Is Spin Flywheel Bike Better Than Magnetic Exercise Bike

Magnetic Indoor Exercise BikeThe spin flywheel bike have the contact resistance. There is a generation of resistance on the flywheel when a variable contact felt or leather pad press the flywheel. You can adjust the contact resistance by turning the tension knob. The levels are generally based on each user’s level of difficulty and may vary according to physical fitness. The resistance you feel in the contact resistance is extreme. If you are using maximum resistance, it is impossible to pedal.

On the other hand, magnetic resistance bike uses magnets to generate tension against the flywheel. The attractions certainly have no contact with the flywheel. The magnetic force exerts a different degree of resistance as the magnets move towards or away from the flywheel. You can adjust the magnetic resistance by turning the voltage micros-witch or electronically through the levels you configure in the digital display. The magnets create a compelling force, which means that the flywheel resistance is strong, although you can still adjust it if you are looking for a more leisurely ride. A magnet-resistance wheel is a challenge for your fitness journey.

The challenging question we get is whether the spin flywheel better than a magnetic exercise bike, and below is detailed information on which one is better.

Lets check out Is spin flywheel better than magnetic exercise bike


High resistance levels

When looking at an exercise bike using flywheel contact resistance versus a magnetic resistance model, you may also want to consider how much resistance you can achieve with either model. Of course, achieving the most significant overall resistance is essential to ensure that you are doing great workouts. If you want to peddle hard and burn more calories, then you need more resistance.

The good news is that anyone can take you to high levels of resistance and workouts. However, the magnetic resistance may somehow win over the contact resistance. With such high resistance, you can be sure that the flywheel will stop moving. You can still get very high resistance with contact resistance systems, but generally, more robust people can even move the bike if necessary.

Emergency stop

Every good exercise bike must have an emergency stop. You only need to press the emergency stop button if you feel you are pedaling uncontrollably or feel discomfort or pain. The flywheel will stop automatically. It uses the same criteria as the one above, but instead of gradually increasing resistance over time, you instantly apply all the opposition. With a friction resistance exercise bike, the cotton pads automatically engage the flywheel by pressing so hard that the flywheel stops.

The magnets on the magnetic resistance exercise bike close when you press the emergency stop button, and the flywheel loses all momentum and stops in a fraction of a second. Generally, both the contact resistance and magnetic resistance exercise bikes can stop the flywheel momentarily. So make sure you are safe when riding.

Level of wear and tear

Wear and tear are more in the contact resistance exercise bikes. The magnetic resistance is almost maintenance-free, as only the power of the magnet changes, which is necessary to prevent the flywheel from turning. The contact resistance pads touch that flywheel, leaving you with more wear and tear on the pads, and you may need to replace them over time. So, if you don’t want to spend money on maintenance and replacement of parts, get a magnetic resistance bike. Your chances of having to replace something are much less.

Indoor Exercise Bike


If you plan to do the workout late at night or early in the morning, you should probably consider the noise. The last thing you want is a bike so noisy that one can hear it from three rooms away. In that case, you should opt for a magnetic system. Contact resistance models are much louder as something is physically touching and slowing the flywheel, which consequently causes friction and noise.

Resistance markings

Spin bikes do not have a different resistance level, as it depends on the resistance level you want and which was the initial setting. You can put the tension button back in this position. Resistance levels also persist regardless of cyclical BPM. However, the magnetic exercise bikes retain their previous resistance levels so that you can pick them up again later. Magnetic resistance follows eddy currents, which means that higher resistance levels are because of higher speeds of metal objects through magnetic fields. When you pedal faster, the resistance increases.


For magnet resistance exercise bikes, the production cost is high due to the inclusion of these unique magnets in the cycle. However, magnetic resistance bikes usually have all the bells and whistles, with programmable options, LED console display, etc. – to offer you a better overall experience with these bikes. Although they are expensive, you cannot compare them to the benefits they bring to you, and the investment will pay off in the long run. Since they use magnetic resistance, they are also more convenient to use.

On the other hand, spin bikes are cheaper than their magnetic resistance counterparts as they utilize friction resistance mechanisms that make the price less expensive if you are on a tight budget. They can also provide unlimited resistance levels, but they also make it more difficult for you to get familiar with, as higher resistance levels can be challenging to beat. Also, if the flywheel breaks, maintenance costs may increase. If you want a more traditional feel than riding a regular bicycle outdoors, you will probably love exercise bikes with contact resistance, and you can get them at a lower price.


In conclusion, to some extent, magnet resistance exercise bikes are superior to their contact resistance counterparts. Magnetic exercise bike systems are more accurate, as they are usually under the control of a computer, and you can choose only the level you want to be. You often see these models in commercial gyms because of the popularity of these bikes. The contact resistance model based on the flywheel’s touch using pads maybe a little less accurate, but overall it is still excellent. Most people should complete the exercises and make good gains from these models, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are training for road racing purposes and need the most excellent precision, a magnetic resistance model takes the lead.


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