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5-Day Best Dumbbell Workout Split for Men

For men, the workout is all about lifting weight. People brag about weight lifting even in private gatherings. Most fitness gurus explain that there is something very satisfying about weight lifting because it might burn at the time but once the sore muscles get better you will start to see the results.

Psychologically weight lifting is explained to be extremely satisfying because it is linked with a lingering burn that reminds you that you have accomplished something today. Although the pain of the burn is not a very positive sensation it helps in bringing a positive emotion that is linked with success.

From simple deadlifts to bench press, everything that requires you to lift your body weight or the weight of something external will help you to build muscle. When we convert the push into the press, dumbbell training is one of the best solutions.

Best Dumbbell Workout Split

It offers a very versatile output that is much better and very effective as well. The best thing about weight lifting is that it is a high-end exercise that requires professional help but once you master the technique you can do it at home and it is a one-time investment.

Dumbbell doesn’t require too much space, it is easily accessible and you can find it online as well as in different gym-based shops. From simple body transformation to becoming the next hulk, everything will include weight lifting.

Most people join a gym just because they think weight lifting at home is not possible. However, if you can learn the technique and customize your workout plan, that will be enough for you to start a simple weight-lifting workout at home without any extra help from the gym.

With the help of this article, you will know in detail the significance of a weight lifting workout. You will also know why a dumbbell workout is good and how you can customize it. Then we will talk about why a 5-day workout plan is much better than a 7-day workout plan and finally, we will also help you select a good 5-day dumbbell workout split that you can perform at home.

Why Dumbbell Workouts Are Good And How To Do It?


Before jumping into the best workout that you can perform for five days straight, you need to know why you are selecting a dumbbell workout and not something else.

There are so many other weight lifting exercises especially where you don’t need any extra equipment. You just need to lift your body weight which means there is less chance of injury and you can control your body in a better way as well. Dumbbell training will help you work out on selecting muscles.

Dumbbell workout split for men

You can select the side you want to work on and the time you want which means that it will help you work on your body strength as well. If there is an imbalance in your body strength, a dumbbell workout will help you work on that as well.

Since each limb is completely independent, your abs need to get tighter so that your body holds its ground on one side. This means you will be able to work on the strength of your core as well as your whole body. A dumbbell workout will also help you enhance stability in your body and you will be able to balance out your body in a better way.

Using a Dumbbell

Using a dumbbell is a very important skill to learn. If you don’t know how to use a dumbbell properly, you might end up hurting yourself. For the frequency of using the dumbbell make sure there is enough resting time. At least a day or two is enough.

You also need to have a proper sequence and then perform a workout session at least three times a week. Some professionals recommend that your workout should be on alternative days but most professionals find this opinion controversial.

For using the dumbbell you need to divide the workout session into the form of sets. Then complete the set for each exercise and then take a pause and then switch to the next exercise. For helping your body get stability, try to repeat the same exercise for each limb and then switch to the next.

Why is a Five Day Workout Better Than a Seven Day Workout?

We have seen people talking about the importance of daily exercise. When it comes to daily exercise, most people think of simple jogging, running, or aerobics. These exercises are simple and they do not require a rest period. Another important thing is that while performing an exercise the muscles do not go through such a hard time or wear and tear that it will take long to recover. This means that you can continue working daily if you want to see betterment.

On the contrary, if you are looking for an impactful increase in muscle, you will look for weight lifting which is a much more complex workout. This will require you to push yourself and it also impacts muscles. As a result muscles go through so much tear and tear that they require time to heal.

This is the reason beginners are asked to work on alternative days only. If you do not provide your body enough time to heal, these sore muscles will have cramps which will cause injury and if you keep lifting weight with injured muscles, they will eventually cause permanent damage.

To make sure that your body doesn’t have permanent damage you need to get a hot bath after every workout. This will help you soothe sore muscles. Some people even like to add Epsom salt which helps in cleaning the skin and reducing muscle strain.

Dumbbell Workout Split for Men

Five Day Workout

This workout is best for people who do not want to invest too much money in setting a home gym. Apart from this, you just need dumbbells and that would be enough. Apart from exercise you also need to work on your diet and your daily routine so that your body does not lose energy for the workout. Some of the important details about this recommended workout include the supplements, work type, and equipment that you will need.

This exercise is best for muscle building and it will consist of splits. This workout is good for intermediate athletes who are familiar with the dumbbell workout already. This whole workout plan will take 12 weeks for complete execution.

Apart from this, you will only need 5 days for a workout and each day session will consist of 1 hour. Some people even cut the workout time as short as 45 minutes. This workout is good for both men and women. For food supplements, you can take protein as well as fish oil and multivitamin.

First day

For Monday start with a simple 5 sets of dumbbell bench presses and then try 4 sets of incline dumbbell bench presses. Then you can move to the dumbbell floor press and standing dumbbell press with 4 sets each. Finally, end it with dumbbell lateral raise and dumbbell triceps kickback with 3 sets only.

Second day

For Tuesday start with dumbbell goblet squats and dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts with 4 sets each. Then you can move to dumbbell rear lunge and dumbbell frog squats with 4 sets each and finally move to weighted crunch and side plank with 3 sets each.

Third day

For Wednesday, start with a dumbbell bent-over row and tripod dumbbell row with 4 sets each. Then move to dumbbell pullover and reverse grip dumbbell row with 4 sets each. Finally, you can complete your Wednesday workout with dumbbell bicep curl and dumbbell hammer curl with 3 sets each.

Fourth day

For Thursday you can start with dumbbell squats and dumbbell deadlifts with 4 sets each. Then move to dumbbell split squats and dumbbell hip thrust with 4 sets each and finally end it with plank and dumbbell side bends with only 3 sets each.

Fifth day

For the final day, you can start by working on one arm dumbbell rows and dumbbell Arnold press. Then move to incline dumbbell bench press and chest supported dumbbell row with 3 sets each. Then you can move to dumbbell pinwheel curl which will only require 2 sets and complete it off with a dumbbell shrug and overhead dumbbell tricep extension with 3 sets each.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, weight lifting is all about your body health and techniques. One of the biggest reasons most professionals will ask you to start with the help of expert advice is that weight lifting-based exercises require mastering techniques.

If your body is not flexible enough or you don’t know how to lift weight properly, it might result in the form of injury. Most people put pressure on their vertebral column and this impacts their weight lifting techniques and causes injury.

Stabilizing your body weight and maneuvering the right way of weight lifting is very important before actually starting your weight lifting technique. Another important thing is diet because weight lifting requires a lot of energy so you want to make sure you are not ignoring a healthy intake of food.

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