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9 Best Multi Gym Machine For Home In 2022 ( Reviews & Buying Guide )

best multi gym machine for homeHome gyms are awesome pieces of workout equipment to help you motivate to your workouts, no doubt. You can perform home workouts as much as you want with the perfect home gym. The equipment has features such as adjustable benches, adjustable weight stacks and more to give you maximum comfort and effectiveness in home workout.

You can easily place this equipment in a spare bedroom, basement or in your garage. Set it up and do whatever exercise you want as this all-in-one machine offers all type of weight lifting option that are able to hit almost every muscle groups of your body

Home gym reviews Make sure that your multi-home gym machine is durable and easy to install because these two factors matter a lot for someone who wants to home workout. It is also crucial that you consider the space of your home as well as power sources because not all home multi home gym machines can be moved by plugging into home outlets or socket.

Home gym brands like Bowflex, TRX, Marcy and Total Gym can help you fill the gap when you don’t want to go to the gym. We have a broad list of entry level, mid range, and high end multi-functional home gyms for you. Depending on your budget, we’ll help you decide to get the best home gyms in terms of good quality, your need and key features.

Our recommendation for the best home gym for 2022 is Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Top 9 Best Multi Gym Machine For Home Reviews

1. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym comes at a reasonable price and also  with multi-purpose gear. Yes, you can use it to perform over 50 different muscle-building exercises at your home.

It features a power rod resistance system that ensures a quick and more efficient transition time between two consecutive moves, which is better than pulley and cables. You can start with as little as 5 pounds during your initial resistance training exercises and later upgrade to 210 pounds and ultimately 310 pounds and by now, rest assured you are already a pro.

As one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for resistance training, it has a perfectly sized footprint, thus making it the best option for small to medium-sized home spaces. Despite featuring compact size, it’s still a very durable machine primarily that it features a robust steel frame construction that will last forever.

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2. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo Trainer

Best home gym 2022It is one of the most fantastic weight-lifting machines that includes everything you need for an effective weight-lifting exercise. Besides, it features both pulley and cable systems, including weight plates for ensuring the ideal heavyweight required for effective results.

Other included items are the functional trainer, smith machine, vertical leg press, power case, chip, dip-up station, and an adjustable weight bench. Indeed, with these additional accessories items, you can perform virtually all weight lifting workouts you want using this all-in-one weight lifting gear.

As if that is not enough, it also comes with a complete set of accessories such as but not limited to; a strap handle, V handle, ankle straps, a push bar, triceps pull-up/down rope, leg press attachments, sit-up, and push-up attachments and a knurl barbell. Others include an efficient training barbell, straight barbell, bar storage, triceps barbell, and crossover handles, among other necessary hooks for practical training. Besides, you can buy separate weight plates according to your preference. Nothing is left out in this versatile weight lifting machine.

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3. Total Gym XLS Workout Machine

Total Gym XLS Total Body Training Home GymThis workout machine has been an all-time great since Chunk Norris popularized it. It’s an excellent workout machine for your entire body and ideal for small to medium-sized gym space.

While you can use it to lift over 400 pounds, you can still fold it and store it under your bed when not in use. Besides, it is easy to set up and take down than most larger and complicated models.

Depending on the type of work you want, you can set the glide board at six different inclination levels, which means that you can surge resistance using your body weight rather than piling weight stacks.  The pulley and cable mechanism allow you to incorporate challenging workouts on your upper body. Ideal for both young and senior folks as you can use it to perform over 80 different exercises. This way, you can keep your blood and muscles active for healthy living.

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4. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Home Gym System

Marcy Smith Cage Total Body Workout MachineCertainly, Marcy Diamond Elite is one of the most affordable home gym machines available today.  Its multipurpose design allows the much-needed flexibility of a Smith machine, pulley machine, and free weights.

Other additional accessories included in the Diamond Elite design include the pec deck station, free weight squat rack, press bar featuring sealed bearings, Marcy Olympic weight bench, a double-functional led developer, a low pulley featuring a footrest, a high cable crossover, and a Smith machine.

These unique adjustable handles and Smith machine safety stoppers make it possible for you to test your muscle strength using heavyweights safely. The cage itself gives you a chance to hit every muscle group of your body and not just hitting but very hard. Generally, the Marcy Diamond Elite workout machine gives you maximum control of your entire workouts

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5. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Home Gym ReviewsIf you need a high end home gym that offers comfort with longevity and can be used by 3 users at once, then this best all in one home workout machine is for you. You will get full body strengthening benefits with this machine. And, you don’t have to work out alone in your home gym when using this Body-Solid Machine.

Although Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym can fit in a small space gym, it has been designed such that two people can work out simultaneously while using different weight stacks.

Again, if you are looking forward to a gym system that features double l 210 lbs weight stacks! Then you better try this best home gym.  The machine also features seven other stations, specifically designed to hit all your muscle groups, both the lower and upper body muscles in abdominals and back muscles.

This versatile station offers a great workout area because you can adjust it to the correct angle and position to hit all your body muscles.  The versatile functions and dual weight stacks reduce the wear and tear of your machine since the workload is evenly distributed to all stations and piles. Be assured this Body-Solid workout machine has a lifetime warranty even when you use it every day.

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6. NordicTrack Fusion CST 

NordicTrack Fusion CST Home Gym MachineEven though the Nordic Track workout machine doesn’t feature traditional multi-gym features, it has been designed to support strength-oriented workouts ideal for all of your HIIT workouts, among other cardiovascular fitness activities.

Excellent, it features a 10-inch Android tablet, high-energy Live Cast from which you can learn from the various pre-recorded workouts examples.

The iFit robo-trainer can adjust your machine resistance automatically to make sure that you can hit your workout goals. It’s versatile and sleek so that it doesn’t consume much of your gym space.

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7. Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Home Gym

Best home gym 2022The Inspire Fitness FT2 is in our list of 10 best home gym and there is a good reason for that. It is a combination of a regular weight stack home gym with a Smith cage. The Smith bar is guided by rails, has safety stops, and catchers too. It is a really safe way of using a Smith machine.

The thing that you will love about this best home gym is the various functions like an adjustable bench, dual low, mid, and high pulleys, a leg extensions station, a high cross over station, and more. The Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer is definitely one of the very top options you could get when it comes to a comprehensive full body workout. Moreover, in the form of dual independent weight stacks, this all in one home gym allows for up to 400 pounds of resistance.

Each weight stack of Inspire Fitness FT2 is 150 pounds and you will have the option to upgrade it to 200 pounds. You can use either together or just work out one side of your body as they all work independently. The force multiplier is really impressive part of Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer which doubles the amount of resistance effectively. In other words, you will get a full 800 pounds of resistance. This gym machine is highly recommend for you.

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8. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Home GymThis is a mid range home gym, it is the best home gym for the money that you spend on it. This Bowflex Blaze Home Gym won’t even cost you $1,000. This equipment is very durable and has a lot of function too. You will get over 60 different muscle strengthening exercises in this full body workout machine.

The feature you will love is that it uses power rods to give you up to 210 pounds of resistance for a very reasonable price. For an extra cost, the resistance can be upgraded to 310 pounds or even 410 pounds. People prefer resistance rods due to its lightweight feature, that’s why the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is not so heavy.

You will like the fact that you can target literally every major muscle group in your body with this one piece of workout equipment. This fitness equipment is strong, comfortable and durable. Bowflex is a reputed brand and is known for its high level of quality fitness product. This Blaze home gym is not exceptional. For the low amount of price the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym definitely one of the best home gym options out there.

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9. Marcy MWM-990 150 lb Stack Home Gym – Best Affordable Home Gym

Best Home Gym 2022The number five spot is taken by the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym. This is the best affordable home gym that comes in at under $500, yet it able to deliver good quality and function. The Marcy MWM-990 150 lb Stack Home Gym is only good for beginners and intermediate weight lifters. This machine only provides 150-pound weight stack which is not very much weight, but it is pretty good for the price.

Again, this home gym will give you many different exercise options. Here is what you will get in the machine: a multi-function arm press and fly station, a multi-function leg developer, a multi-grip high pulley lat station, and a preacher curl pad too.

Though, it is not the most comprehensive machines reviewed here, but it is absolutely worth the investment. You can’t find a better multi functional home gym for the very low price which the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym comes in at. If you have just started weight lifting, this entry level home gym model is a really good choice to consider.

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How do I know the best multi-purpose home gym?

Typically, a multi-gym machine should support the various workouts for your entire body muscles to exercise.  This means it should include several muscle-sculpting bases with multiple levers, pulleys, and handles to bulk up.  Besides, it should be too cumbersome to occupy an ample space of your room.

Although virtually all workout machines are heavy and sometimes challenging to set up and expensive, indeed, they are the perfect gears you need for that dream body.

Home gym reviews

The good news is that with $15k, you can get yourself multi-gym equipment so rare that you can’t find it in most professional establishments. But if you are looking forward to a beautiful home with multi-gym equipment, then you need at least $1000, but for the sturdiest version, budget at least $2000.

The space you spend on your gym equipment, the time you can spend on assembling activities, and how heavy the weight stacks help you hit your fitness goals is something you can’t afford to ignore. Besides, the number of muscles you are targeting should also determine the best home gym you want.

The cheaper units often use a low-quality pulley system, making your training and resistance motion feel unnatural and jerky, something you don’t want to experience. Typically, the best multi-gym should include everything you need ranging from weighted legs press to pull down gears and everything in between.

Tip. Always ensure that the floor can accommodate your gym equipment mass, especially those heavier-multi-gyms. Remember, slamming the weight rack frequently can result in an unexpected fall via the celling.

How Does a Home Gym Work & Its Benefits

A home gym is an excellent masterpiece for helping you gain muscles or burn excess calories. Do you dream of a physically fit body, but you always wonder if you can achieve your dreams without necessarily visiting the commercial gyms regularly? The nothing to fret about anymore.

A home gym is one of those excellent gears that can give you a complete body workout under your roof. Either you choose an elliptical, a treadmill, or a simple exercising bike, you have already made a great decision to burn your excess calories and improve your heart rate.

However, the above piece of equipment won’t give you a full-body workout, and that’s why owning either a small the medium-sized gym can be the solution to your whole body workout. 

best multi gym machine for home

Typically, with an entry-level, budget-sensitive home gym, you can perform about 30 to 40 diverse workouts that touch both your lower and upper body simultaneously. Amazingly, some modern gym equipment offers about 100 different activities in all-in-one gear.

Although spin bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals are ideal gears for burning your excess calories, certainly the low weight workouts at your home gym can also help you burn the extra calories besides helping you build muscles on your entire body.

The main advantage of a home gym over other ordinary exercise equipment is its ability to help you build muscles. Your main goal of performing exercise on other fitness gears is to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and reduce excess weight. Your home gym equipment will not only help you build muscles and strength but also help burn calories. Performing 30, 60, or even 100 unique exercises means that you will be slowly tearing, repairing, and ultimately building solid muscles. For your information, the stronger muscles you have, the more you can burn more calories as you move and exercise. The best way to convert your body into an adequate calorie-burning engine is through building more muscles. A personal home gym is the best way to build stronger muscles.

Home gyms are not only convenient but also come in different varieties.

Which of these scenarios is more convenient? Waking up early in the morning to a resistance workout or running to an overcrowded gym after work? One of the setbacks about the commercial gym is that they aren’t very convenient for your schedule. Indeed, a home gym offers convenient workouts to almost anyone?

Although it’s a fact that a commercial gym includes various gears, your multi-purpose home gym can combine all the workout exercises you can perform in that commercial gym. As mentioned earlier, home gyms are designed such that the minimum workouts they can offer are 30, and others provide over 100 different activities.

These workouts are mainly intended to hit every muscle group of your body. For your information, all the gears you see in a commercial gym are condensed into an all-in-one home gym so that all exercises you can perform in a commercial gym can still achieve in your home.

With a home gym, you don’t have to fret about the crowded place during this Corona pandemic. Besides, owning a home gym can significantly increase your chances of attaining that physically fit body you have dreamed about.

It is ideal for all fitness levels you want.

best home multi gym reviews

Who told you that home gyms are only for people like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger?  (Note: I mentioned these two name because they are all time favorite hero when it comes to bodybuilding). No, you own a home gym to attain a physically fit body, whether you are an amateur or an expert in the field. 

Indeed, a home gym is the most convenient work gear for those looking forward to achieving physically fit bodies while still at their home. Workout gurus will probably focus on weight-oriented home gym such as those heavyweights gym that allows you to tear, repair and grow the muscles.

If you’re an expert, you will probably want to perform over 60 different workouts to develop your strengths. Besides, you can still complete the high repetition exercises to tone your muscles.

If you are looking forward to beginning a healthier lifestyle, lose that excess weight and ultimately tone up, then a multi-functional or all-in-one home gym is an excellent piece of masterpiece for your needs.

Another reason why beginners stay away from the multi gym is that they are expensive and they can cost a lot of money at first. However, that isn’t always the case; there are several affordable home gyms available today.

There are several budget-friendly home gyms open today that can cost you a few hundred dollars, so don’t give an excuse for not toning up your body.

Low Impact Exercise

The last thing a home gym owner can think of is the low-impact workouts. But, low-impact workouts are the real deal when it comes to resistance-based workouts with your home gym.

For instance, performing smooth resistance of the bands and elastic rods is excellent for your joints. For your information, most physical therapists endorse resistance-based workouts when rehabilitating a patient.

Resistance exercises give your muscles a chance to relax after stretching. This can significantly prevent muscle shock and bounce after the training, which can cause muscle spasms.

Best Multi Gym Machine For Home Buying Guide

How versatile it is:

This depends on your workout objective. Note some small home-based gyms offer about 20 workouts while others can support over 60 activities. Ideally, the more comprehensive your gear is, the more workouts it can help.

How versatile your gym makes a tremendous difference in how you keep your muscles toned without guesswork. Based on experts’ recommendations, it’s better to go for less complicated home-based gym equipment if you are an amateur.

The Maximum Weight Resistance your home-based gym can support.

It is possible to lift several heavyweights on your home gym without necessarily purchasing the particular weight plate, rack, and weight bench.

Indeed, many home-based gyms can support maximum resistance training and challenge enough for both the go-home or extensive workouts. However, it is essential to be very keen on the max weight plate that your home gym can support, as wells as the cable resistance.


Indeed, you don’t want a setup that will occupy your entire gym room or something too small for your needs. However, small gym machines are more advantageous in that you can fit them in almost any tiny room, at the corner of your apartment, but a medium-sized gym means a lot.

The good news is that home-based gyms come in different sizes, from a few hundred–pound machine to commercial-designed home workout gears.


The best way to describe any workout for muscle building is strength training, although it’s an ambiguous term. For instance, someone looking forward to improving their joint strength doesn’t need a sizeable multi-purpose home workout gear for weight resistance training.

On the other hand, a body-building guru will be happier if they got a piece of versatile gym equipment. Ideally, if you want to free yourself from the burden of a monthly gym membership subscription fee, then it’s the right time to own your home-based workout gear. Indeed, this is the best way to achieve your individual fineness goal conveniently.

Home Gym Reviews 2022


What is a home gym

A home gym is a compact unit of fitness machine designed to help you perform multiple exercises in one station. These equipment are also called multi gyms. These workstations will easily fit in your spare room, garage or basement so you can do full body workout training staying at home.

Who Benefits from using a home gym?

If you want to improve your muscle strength and burn extra calories, consider starting your workout with a best home gym. The best part about this workstation is that it comes in different sizes and styles, making it ideal for your specific training needs, regardless of your training level.

Before making your final decision on which item to buy, consider whether you will be using a heavy bench, squat bench, and other similar formations in your home gym.

How much does a full home gym cost?

The average home gym costs $ 200 to $ 2,000 or more. Beginners and light athletes should get a home gym for less than $ 500. Intermediate and advanced trainers should look for home gyms in the $ 500 to $ 1,500 range.

And professional bodybuilders should have a home gym that cost more than $ 1,500 because these equipment offers additional features to get pro level workouts. The cost of your home gym will completely depend on your training goals and how complex you want the setup to be. 

What is a good size room for a home gym?

A multi gym requires 50 to 200 square of space to use it properly, free weights will require 20 to 50 square feet where a treadmill requires about 30 square feet.

Where should I place my home gym?

The spare bedroom is the perfect place to create a home gym! As you can use your additional closets for storage, and reusable dressers or shelves for holding things like extra towels, free weights, balance ball and much more. Also, the bedroom has a door for additional security and privacy.

How often should a home gym be serviced?

With gym wipes or sports cleaning spray, clean your home gym after each use . Preventive maintenance should also be done twice a year to extend its life. Manual that comes with your home gym should contain more details about properly maintaining the equipment.

What is an ideal flooring surface for my home gym?

Proper flooring in your home gym can go a long way in preventing your heavy multi gym from damaging the floor.

However, don’t worry; we know floors come in different materials like wood, foam, and rubber floors. So, choose the kind of floor that is easy to install in your room, good enough for keeping you home gym and add aesthetic touches to the floor surface.

What do I need for a home gym?

You need a set of training equipment for your home gym. A good multi-functional home gym will provide you with the best return on your investment.

You can also build your own home gym with individual equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, weight benches, squat rack, spinning bike, chin-up bars, resistance bands, and so one. But if you want a complete workout in one machine then a multi gym is for you.

Home gym vs. gym membership — which is better?

If you have the right home gym equipment and use it regularly, then home gym is always better than a gym membership. You can strength train and do full body workouts whenever you want with a home gym, and it’s hard to make excuses to skip a day. The initial cost of a home gym can be significant, but it may save you money in the long run instead of paying a lot of money for a gym membership.

And most important thing is that whatever you buy for your home gym it will be yours and it will serve you life long. But the amount you spend on gym membership it will give you temporary value but it will not give you any long time benefits. On the other hand, you may be motivated by the social environment and for the better selection of exercise equipment that a commercial gym offers. But if you want my suggestion then definitely choose a multi-functional home gym for your workouts.

Final verdict

When looking for the best multi gym machine for home, make sure you are well informed about the home gyms you are looking for. Make sure that the home gym you choose has all the features and options which help in complete home workouts. Also, make sure to check the warranty and guarantee of the machine as it will give you great comfort and confidence while buying the best home gym for you.

Depending on your needs, a resistance-based home gym can help you achieve your workouts goals. Once you have your equipment installed, make sure you hit your end goals by working without giving up. It’s time to obtain a physically fit body and a healthier lifestyle.

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