How Massage Chairs Work

How Massage Chairs Work

How Massage Chairs WorkAlthough many massage chairs feature a mechanical approach design, manufacturers develop different chair massager mechanisms to provide excellent massage experience.

Certain manufacturers design chairs that massage tension and stress, while others create a chain of air pockets that promote blood circulation and tighten the body’s muscles. Each manufacturer of massage chairs combines different technologies in their products. Unlike body massage devices, such as foot, shoulder, neck, foot, and back massagers, which are mostly hand tools that treat only one part, a massage chair takes care of everything.

Some massage chairs have mostly certain vibrating elements, but others are more complex machines designed to mimic a therapist’s massage techniques. The best massage chairs on the market provide comfort and relief to tired people with back pains.

Nevertheless, when buying a chair massager, it is essential to know how the chair massager mechanism works basically. It will allow you to get the most out of your chair and experience excellent massage techniques for your entire body. We hope that by examining each of the components and functions of chair massagers, you can get an idea of ​​how massage chairs work.

Motors, gears, and rollers


Almost all massage chairs use a combination of gears, rollers, motors, and vibrating elements to perform a variety of massage techniques. Chairs use small devices with wheels or heavy loads to create vibrations. When the flywheel’s electric motor starts, it establishes vibratory movements similar to those found in cell phones.

How Massage Chairs Works

Many manufacturers design massage chairs using various vibrating devices to vibrate surfaces without being in balance. The rollers move to and fro, similar to human hands, around the body in a relaxing way. The frame structure contributes to the type of movements it offers. For some models, the wheels can move right, left, and in a circle.


The manufacturer includes airbags that compress all parts of the body. The mechanism consists of opening and pushing movements that relieve pain and tension in the joints. On pressing, the airbags inflate, and each time they squeeze, they instantly reduce stress and pain. Deflation and inflation are rapid and individual.

As a result, they offer local support in each target area. A compressed air massage is advisable for shoulders, hands, hips, neck, calves, thighs, buttocks, and legs. It provides excellent relief from pain and tension, improves blood circulation, removes stiffness, and stimulates lymphoid tissue.


The massage chair’s microprocessor stores information about each massage model. When massage therapy is selected, the microprocessor sends commands to the various devices in the chair. Although it is not possible to change the chair’s massage patterns, you can adjust the volume using the remote control.

The microprocessor then sends commands to the appropriate device to change the work. Most massage chairs have a pre-programmed message list. As a user, you have the option of sitting in a chair and using the remote control to choose the massage you desire from the list. It is impossible to use your chair massager remotely.

Therefore, many manufacturers connect the remote controls to the chair massager they provide. The microprocessors in the chairs store details about each massage model. As soon as the user selects a treatment, the microprocessor sends the commands to the chair massager devices. Users cannot change the massage movements, but they can adjust the massage’s intensity with the remote control.

How Massage Chair Work

3D massage technology

Scientists have been continuously trying to create the best chair massagers. A few years ago, the market could provide only 2D chair massagers, rollers that move from left to right, up and down. The rollers improve agile and powerful massage movements. 2D massage chairs are rigid, and it is impossible to alter them.

The chairs are always in a flat two-dimensional plane, but now manufacturers have a 3D massage technology.2D chair massagers limit the range of motion, unlike 3D chairs. 3D chairs provide all the functionality of 2D chairs and other features and techniques that make them enjoyable for massage.

3D roller mechanism

The 3D mechanism is the most crucial feature that distinguishes a chair massager from its 2D massage counterpart. The 3D scroll mechanism has a multidimensional movement, including right, left, in, out, and up, down. The activities offer a more in-depth and smoother massage that covers all parts of the body.

Heating function

The technology adds heat so that it reaches the body’s muscles from a distance. As a result, the massage helps activate the body tissues, strengthens immunity, and boosts blood circulation.

Reflex massage rollers

Massage rollers or benches on the footrests in the massage chair’s reflex zone influence the feet’ reflex points. The massage technique offers relief and healing comparable to the internal organs of the body. Manufacturers position the highlights so that they fall on their feet in different places.

Therefore, the technique is one of the therapeutic massages for the whole body, applying pressure at specific points, and the massage chair user feels the effect on the entire body. Reflexology helps improve blood circulation, relieves tension, and enhances the body’s natural healing ability. It also enhances relaxation, relieves pain, and boosts overall well-being.

Leg extension and exercise

Unlike many 2D massage chairs available, 3D massage chairs feature a different technology that automatically detects the user’s leg length. Therefore, decrease or increase the distance. It then allows for a more effective muscle massage that can relieve tension, soreness, and pain.


In conclusion, massage chairs feature complex technology that offers massage movements similar to those of human therapists. Some have primary vibrations suitable for people who need the essential functions of a massage chair.

“However, each massage chair offers comfort and a sense of relaxation for people looking to rejuvenate their entire bodies. The massage chair’s mechanism is to treat and massage the muscles, tendons, skin, and ligaments. A full body massage is both mental and physical without going to the nearest clinic, spa, or hospital.”

The basic idea of ​​massage chairs is simpler to understand—all manufacturers design massage chairs with internal features that make people relax when receiving them. Various massage chairs always have a different design, depending on individual needs.


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