What Is The Flywheel On An Exercise Bike?

Exercise Bike Flywheel

Flywheel of an Exercise BikeThe flywheel becomes the heart of the exercise bike. It is a large mechanical device in the shape of a round dislocated in front of the exercise bike. Also, it helps to store the rotational energy and ensure there is a smooth operation.

“The flywheel is attached to the pedals by a belt or a chain. When you pedal, your flywheel will turn, and the circumference will rotate to give the exceptional momentum. If the flywheel is heavy, turning it will be hard, and with the time you will slow down due to momentum which it has been built up and then stop.”

The lack of flywheel on an exercise bike will lead to an inefficient and uncomfortable direction and can cause serious injury. The flywheel ensures safe and smooth operation during exercise.

How the flywheel works


The flywheel has the heavily weighted wheel which turns when you pedal. You can place it in front of the exercise bike, rear, under the handlebars, or the saddle of the bike. All positions are correct with the exercise bike.

The belt or chain is wrapped around the crank pedal and connected to the flywheel, and when you steer the pedals, the wheel will turn. On the other hand, the flywheel will create the sensation of pedaling as if you were pedaling outside. The flywheel will rotate in proportion to the force generated when pedaling. Therefore, if you pedal harder, the bike will spin faster.

Flywheel weight

Overall, the heavier the flywheel, the greater the momentum to help to maintain the spinning process. This momentum creates smooth rotation all through the pedal stroke. The commercial exercise bikes in the fitness center or gyms can have the flywheels which weigh about 50 pounds.

Besides, the flywheel for the home exercise bike can weigh between 30 and 45 pounds with the cheapest exercise bikes having the lighter flywheels. Typically, you need to look for the flywheel that weighs about 30 to 50 pounds, less than will affect the movement of the pedals.

The advantage of the heavy flywheel ensures there is a smooth and natural riding motion that provides a more efficient and better riding experience. Typically, this help to prevent joint injuries that can be caused by up and down movements which can occur when you have the light wheel. Also, this is so especially when you are experiencing resistance when pushing the saddle outside.

Flywheel diameter

The diameter of the flywheel affects its revolution. The wheels with the larger diameters will ensure the larger surface area where they get more inertia than the smaller wheels. This is so if they have the same weight. We recommend you look for the flywheels, which are at least 17 inches or more in diameter.

Inertia enhanced

Inertia enhanced means that the flywheel is designed to maintain the inertia. As the moving object remains in motion, the inertia improved flywheel helps to keep the smooth rotation without imbalance or bumps. The inertia enhanced flywheel is sized, weighed, and balanced for optimal turning motion.

What Is The Flywheel On An Exercise Bike

Perimeter weighted

The weighted perimeter flywheel becomes much more massive than the edge. Occasionally, there is the visible edge or rim around the wheel surface outside. Typically, this works to maintain and create a smooth cycle. The perimeter weight increases the centrifugal force of a spinning wheel. Also, it is the indication of the updated design of the flywheel.


Freewheel is the flywheel that does not weigh much unless otherwise noted. There is no motion in freewheel itself; instead, all rotations are determined by pedaling force. When you stop pedaling, freewheel stops almost immediately, and it does not turn.

The advantage of freewheel is that it never seems to spin in front of you. Turning the steering wheel is also more difficult, so you can’t rely on a weight of the flywheel to replace some of its work.

Since there is no momentum, which is behind the rotation, typically, the pedal movement can sometimes feel unbalanced with the sudden downward rotation and then there will be no momentum back up.

It makes pedaling feel more like an up or down motion than the circular rotation that is hard on the joints, hence putting more pressure on the knees. Generally, freewheels are found on cheaper bikes.


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