Best Barbell Set For Home Gym

2024’s Top Picks: The Best Barbell Set For Home Gym

Barbell is the crown jewel of any home gym. If you are thinking about setting up your own home gym then you should consider the barbell first. No doubt about it…

You can always use a barbell weight set for your home gym to complete all of your workouts and target all your muscle groups. Even you can easily target your leg muscles by doing squat using this barbell.

For barbell workouts, you just need a small space in your own home where you can do your workouts freely. You also need an adjustable weight bench to do your workouts more effectively. 

Well, the barbell will help you switch up your fitness routine to get that dream body you have always wanted staying at home.

To help you find the best barbell for home gym workouts on the market, we have researched and tested a variety of new and best-selling barbells. And we have selected the top 5 barbells for this job.

Top 5 Best Barbell Set For Home Gym 


1. Yaheetech Barbell Weight Set

Best barbell weight set for home gymTone up your arms with this Yaheetech barbell weight set! With total 44 pounds of resistance, this curl bar is perfect for targeting smaller muscles like your biceps and triceps. This weightlifting set is made of high quality, sturdy material which is durable and easy to use. This best barbell set for home gym is also easy to store and transport.

The detachable W-shaped bar gives you a comfortable and steady grip while you tone your arms, legs, hips and back. With 4 x 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) and 2 x 11 lb (5 kg) weight plates and a handy 4 in bar, this set is perfect for strength training at home or on the go! It even comes with 2 star locks to ensure your stability and safety while lifting weights. It can be an Ideal addition to your home gym.

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2. XMark 7 ft Olympic Bar

XMark 7 ft Olympic Bar For Home Gym

You’re not lifting until you’ve got the XMark 7 ft Olympic bar! Solid construction, medium knurling, and a 700 lb weight capacity make this bar perfect for your home gym. With brass bushings and a black manganese phosphate coating, this bar is built to last. These all-natural rubber plates are solidly-built and precision tooled with inserts that allow them to slide freely on the bar.

Looking for a classic design on your Olympic plates? Look no further than XMark’s TRI-GRIP Plates. The tough and durable rubber will stand up to even the most strenuous workouts, while the bold solid color will never fade. Plus, the unique smell of rubber is sure to keep you motivated every time you hit the gym. 

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3. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight PairIf you are looking for a stylish multi-functional barbell and dumbbell combination to add to your home gym, this is the answer. These dumbbells transform into a barbell using the connecting bar in seconds. These are good and inexpensive adjustable barbells for your home that can be used as both dumbbells and barbells. This set comes with 8 weight panels: four 2.2 lb. and four 2.8 lb. weight plates. Each dumbbell handle weighs 0.6 pounds and the bar can hold up to 55 pounds.

So this bar is for lifting lighter things. It is also made of non-slip Neoprene materials which are grippier. Nice C adjustable dumbbell set contains 15 pieces: two dumbbells, a connecting rod, and 12 weight plates. It’s a beginner’s barbell set for home gym that fits the floor and saves space. You can attach weight plates to a dumbbell handle for use as dumbbells, or attach dumbbell handles to a connecting bar to use as a barbell. You can combine weight plates to achieve a total training load of 22 to 66 pounds (depending on the kit you purchase). 

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4. CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic Set

CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic SetOverall it’s a standard Olympic barbell weight set. If you’re looking for a complete barbell weight set, then it’s worth the investment. It is perfect for advanced weight lifting exercises. CAP’s 300 lb Olympic Weight Set is extremely durable as it is made of solid cast iron. If you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this barbell set will fulfill all your weight lifting requirements.

The set comes with several weight plates allowing you to create different weight combinations. Though, this 7 foot cast-iron barbell set is not the cheapest but it comes with a lot of things like 7′ Olympic Bar, 2 spring clip collars and 14 weight plates that range from 2.5 pounds to 45 pounds, for a total of 300 pounds. But it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, so you can load it up with more plates of your own.

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5. REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic Bar

REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic BarThe Rep Saber Bar is ideal for benches, squats and deadlifts, as well as for Olympic movements. This bar offers a medium depth knurling and you can get a good grip without tearing your hands. Anyone who thinks of adding a bar or introducing reflective exercises into their routine should consider the functionality and convenience of this best barbell set! Here’s the scoop: the REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic Bar is one of the cheapest purchases you can make and continues to receive quality training equipment.

The 20 kg bar is available in two options: with central knurling or without. The central knurling is useful for holding the barbell on your back during posterior squats and helps in Olympic lifting with low repetition. For anyone doing high level or higher Olympic lifting training, consider the “No central knurling” option. This top-rated barbell set is made of durable zinc coating that helps prevent rust and also looks great. Snap-rings and bushings ensure that the sleeves turn consistently and smoothly during your heavier Olympic lifts.

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Best barbell 2022

The Best Barbell Set For Home Gym Buyer’s Guide 

1. Length:

The first category is simple. Tell you the length of each bar we have chosen (in inches), you can see how much weight you can load and if it is suitable for your training needs.

2. Includes weights:

Some of the bars we have chosen include a variety of weight options, which are a great advantage. We will mark this column and then deepen the weights provided in the description of the article.

3. Material:

Steel and iron are two of the most common options to build the bar, while there are other rockers with plastic or chrome lining. Each of us has a favorite type of lifting material, so we will discuss it in detail here.

4. Capacity:

How much can you manage your favorite bar? This category will help you see how many pounds it is designed to take, which will allow you to decide if it makes sense for your training.

5. The weight of the bar:

The bar itself can be light or on the heavier side, and can often be used for training movements alone. Because bars without weights are included in many homemade workouts, we will let you know what weighs.
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6. Warranty:

If the idea of investing in a home gym is exciting, you probably want to know about the guarantees. Never be afraid! We have also studied this information. Check this category to know how long the warranty lasts.

Best Barbell 2022

Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Barbell Set For Home Gym

Here’s what to look for in the right barbell for your home gym, or for any basic strength training program.

  • A good standard “Olympic” barbell set should follow IPF or IWF specification guidelines. This means, you should get a bar that is 2200 mm (~7.2 ft) long with 50 mm (~2 in) sleeves weighing 20 kg (~44 lb). Some American power bars such as Texas Power Bar weigh 45 lbs instead of 20 kg, which is totally fine.
  • Sleeve assembly should contain bushings, not bearings. The bushings of the bar should be either self-lubricating bronze, or composite. Avoid steel bushings, brass bushings, or any bar that doesn’t even define what makes the sleeves spin.
  • Shaft diameter should be in the range of 28 mm – 29 mm, with 28.5 mm and 29 mm being the most common for power bars.
  • Sleeves should be held onto the bar using either an end cap (like seen on the B&R Bar below), or snap rings (like nearly all Rogue bars.) If there is a bolt of any type (usually a hex) sticking out of the end of the bar, you’re looking at the wrong bar.
  • Knurl should be moderate to slightly aggressive. The starting Strength has two heavy pulls ( deadlift and power clean), so you’ll regret buying anything with a delicate, baby knurl. There should also be central knurling for back squats.

Best Barbell Weight Set )

Barbell Maintenance and Caring Tips

To keep your barbell looking its best, you’ll need to do three things semi regularly:

  • Clean the chalk and any other mess from the bar and the knurling using a brush
  • Clean the bar with a mild cleanser, then lightly coat it with oil. Leave this overnight to sink.
  • Check the sleeve and look if the bearings are in good condition. Some bearings will need oil, others will not. You will need to check with your manufacturer to see if your bar is the former or the latter.

How often you should perform these steps depends on the metal used to make the bar, the climate you live in, and how often you use the bar. Inexpensive chrome or zinc bars should be checked regularly every two to four weeks. Stainless steel and other more expensive options will require less frequent checks, usually every 1 to 3 months. Wetter climates will need great care to avoid rust, as dry climates mean the rods naturally last longer. Finally, a heavy duty bar will need more maintenance than a bar that you personally have in your garage and only use it twice a week.

Best Barbell For Home Gym

FAQ on Barbell

Should I get a 6ft or 7ft barbell?

Typically, this is the bar length you should do most weight training exercises in the gym, including deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Even landmine workouts work best with a 7-foot bar, including landmine presses, rows and twists, although shorter athletes also do well with a 6-foot bar.

Is barbell better than dumbbell?

Using both barbells and dumbbells is the most useful equipment for building muscle strength. Barbells enable you to gradually overload more effectively and are normally better for your heavy lifts. And on the other hand, dumbbells are better for endurance style training, accessory lifts, and muscle building.
Yes, it is easier to progress with barbells rather than with dumbbells. And it is also proven statistically that you will get 20% stronger when using barbells for the same exercise.

What is the best barbell for deadlifts?

Combining great attention to detail, consistent and aggressive knurling, and a 27MM shaft, the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar is the best barbell for deadlifts. We often recommend this barbell for those who want to add a dedicated deadlift bar to their home gym.

At what weight does the bar start bending?

The answer to this question is around 200 pounds.
Standard Weight-Lifting bars that you will typically found in home gyms are cheaper and will start flexing badly around 200 pounds. With heavier loads, they are likely to bend permanently.
Note. Standard Weight Lifting bars are one inch (25mm) in diameter on the end and the middle shaft.

Is it harder to deadlift with a stiff bar?

The smoothness of the bar allows the lifter easily break weight off the ground and to move with a reduced range of motion. Though, if you are looking for a serious workout, most lifters recommend a stiff bar as it is difficult to deadlift.

How much should I deadlift?

Likewise, as an average or intermediate lifters will deadlift 150% of the body weight for men and 118% for women. Advanced male lifters will deadlift 210% of their body weight (females at 160%). Finally, a male Elite lifter will deadlift at least 260% of his body weight, on average.

What makes a great barbell?

The quality bar will come with warranty and a full set of performance specifications. Some companies ignore key details that provide information about how long your barbell set is likely to last, so always keep things in mind like tensile strength, shaft materials, whip etc.

Is it worth buying a barbell for home gym?

From a financial standpoint, it just makes sense to buy a barbell and plates. A decent bar and a set of plates will cost anywhere from $400-500 dollars but the benefits are huge as you can target almost every parts of your body muscles with a barbell.

No gym tool can give you that support that a barbell will give you. I think some free hand exercise and a good barbell is what you need to complete your full body workouts. The more weight you lift with a barbell the better you will look and feel. So yes, it is worth buying a best barbell for home gym.

Can you bench press with a 5 ft bar?

It depends on the maximum load the barbell can withstand. A good chrome 5ft barbell can hold 600 lbs. which is enough for most of us. But a cheap 5ft barbell can only hold 130 lbs, which can’t be used for strength training.

Why do Olympic bars spin?

The barbell’s rotating sleeves allow the weight plates to rotate when you move the barbell which reduce the amount of force formed by the inertia of weight plates. Spinning sleeves not only just help in providing smoother lifting experiences but also help in saving the wrist and elbow from injury.

Why are Olympic bars so expensive?

A barbell’s cost is determined by many factors. Olympic barbells normally come with an expensive price tag due to their solid built with highest quality metal that last forever, not only that, expensive barbells also come with superior whip, better knurling, and smooth spinning sleeves.

What kind of barbell should I buy for CrossFit?

If you are going to use your barbell for CrossFit then you should go for a barbell that is able to do all the Olympic lifts, powerlifts, and more.
A few attributes that I think will be good for barbell that will be used for CrossFit are:

  • High Durability.
  • Medium Knurl.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Strong Steel.
  • Low Whip.
  • Bushings.
  • Price.

Can you build muscle with just a barbell?

Whether you are a newbie, the barbell should be your best friend in your gym. Once equipped with the right knowledge, the barbell can form the basis of any resistance-based workout, as it is the most versatile piece of instrument that is found universally in almost any gym.

Should I buy Olympic or standard weights?

If you’re planning for competition level weight lift, you should definitely get the best Olympic bars and weights – as these are the only types used in competitions. In order to stay competitive, you’ll find that lifters almost exclusively train with Olympic tools and completely ignore standard. So always use Olympic weights for your weight lifting training and it will last for long time too.

Final Verdict

The barbell is amazingly versatile home gym equipment that can help you become tough, flexible and explosive. Prices can vary widely, as well as quality and features, so be sure to clarify what you need before you buy. You could end up spending a large chunk of money on something that you wouldn’t otherwise use. Our recommendation for the best barbell set for home gym is Yaheetech barbell weight set.

Once you have your barbell set for your home gym, take good care of it and be sure to take care of your body evenly, if not better, by lifting with good technique and making sure to follow an effective training plan. If you do these things, you may never need to buy another barbell set, and you can end up with big gains in training, too.

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