How Much Height Do You Need for an Elliptical?

How Much Height Do You Need for an Elliptical

Keeping fit is a norm for every person in this century. With the increasing workout devices around, people get confused about the one that will give them results. Elliptical workout devices form the best exercise machines we have around. They allow people to exercise both their upper and lower body without getting affected in any way.

What is the proper height to leave between the head and ceiling? This question has significant weight in matters concerning the appropriate installation of elliptical machines. Let’s look into this matter to get the right answer.

How Much Height Do You Need for an Elliptical?


Before purchasing elliptical machines, you need to mind a lot. Where you will install the device and whether space is enough to accommodate the elliptical. Once you address the issues, then get the machine to keep you fit.

Let’s further look at a few aspects that determine the headroom to leave when installing elliptical devices.

Ceiling Height

The ceiling height matters a lot when looking where to place your elliptical machine. Experts recommend an 8-foot ceiling wherever you need to install an elliptical device. This is sufficient height for 6 feet tall people and below.

People measuring 6 feet tall should stay careful with this information. Such individuals the height these machines add to their heights first. Afterward, make a comparison to the figures obtained to the ceiling height.

When setting your equipment, there is something we call a buffer zone. This is space between your head and the ceiling. For correct placement of an elliptical machine, a buffer zone of between four and six inches is sufficient for you. You will obtain the right height after standing at the highest elliptic motion point.

Foot Pedals

When operating an elliptical machine, you usually stand on the foot pedals. Adding to your height, you will get your height higher to the highest point. Therefore, when determining appropriate headroom, stand on the pedals and set yourself a height that fits you well.

The Owner’s Information

Elliptical machine manufacturers include sales brochures or user manuals in their packages. Information about the machines is also available on their websites. Usually, you will find information about the room’s required height to set the device. If there is no such information, consult first before completing the deal.

Fixtures Mounted on Ceilings.

Remember, you need to position your elliptical machine in a place you get the best from it. Mostly, there are lamps on the ceilings. Besides this, there are several other objects we usually mount on ceilings. These are like, for instance, the fans and chandeliers. These objects are forms of obstructions when using an elliptical machine.

Consequently, objects above the ceiling pose you to injuries. Therefore, before installing an elliptical machine, look at the space above and around. Sufficient space also enables you easy time when fixing and uninstalling it.

Now, the above aspects guide elliptical owners to set their machines in the right places. But then, what is the correct headroom when setting an elliptical machine?

Typically, a ceiling of between 8 and 10 feet is sufficient for setting up your elliptical machine. While that’s the case, you should ensure you leave a space of between four and six inches between your head top and the house ceiling. These are the correct measurements to set the machine and worry less about hitting the ceiling while exercising.

What if Your Ceiling Measures Below 8 Feet?

Not all houses are built to the 8 feet ceiling standards. In such cases, owners should look for means to ensure they accomplish the setup process properly. Before starting the setup process, you must measure your room first. Determine whether your ceiling height is sufficient for such a project. Determining whether the space is adequate is simple. Measure your height and add to the step-on height of your elliptical machine.

Find out whether the value you get is less or more than that of the ceiling. A lesser value means the height is sufficient.

Amount of Space Where to Install an Elliptical Machine

Apart from the ceiling height, you must consider the space you intend to install the elliptical. We look at the length and width of the room you plan to install the machine with.

Ideally, a 4 feet wide by 8 feet long room is sufficient to set up your elliptical. Remember also the buffer zone we explained above in this context. Around your machine, you should also have enough space. A space of about 20 inches around is sufficient to set up the device.

Another importance of the space around is when installing and uninstalling the machine for storage. With the 20 inches of space around, you won’t squeeze yourself between the edges to accomplish the task. Consequently, pedals at times extend beyond the elliptical machine length. Therefore, space serves as a room when such extensions happen.

The Right to Set Elliptical Machines

You might encounter challenges deciding where to install this device for your daily workout sessions. Several rooms can accommodate these machines. However, it’s best you set aside space for them.

Besides this, setting elliptical machines in the bedroom can work as well. Nevertheless, the garage and basement work as an excellent point to install elliptical machines. However, always stay careful about the ceiling height.


Our article carries information about the height you need when intending to set an elliptical machine. Correct height is of importance if you need exercise with the utmost comfort possible. Adhering to the recommended heights guarantee, you enjoy workout sessions without worrying about hitting the ceiling.

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