Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine Reviews

Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine

The LifeCore R100 is a “commercial quality” rowing machine that offers both air and magnetic resistance. There are two things that make this LifeCore R100 apart from other rowing machines. Firstly this magnetic and air resistance, where users will surely receive an extra-smooth, quiet, and constant cardio workout. And you don’t have to worry about the noise of the machine.

Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine Secondly, the LifeCore R100 commercial rowing machine has a high-quality LCD computer display that controls a ton of resistance levels and exercise programs to help track your performance. This top rowing machine is designed to withstand heavy use.

It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, and its five-year parts warranty suggests high-quality engineering. The LifeCore R100 has 16 levels of air / magnetic resistance that are controlled by a multifunctional fitness monitor. It is easy to move with the attached wheels. Whether for domestic or commercial use, this LifeCore R100 comes with a lifetime warranty in the frame. It is also the winner of the “Class Chief 2013 Award” by Fitness Professor Review.

It’s closest competitors are:

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Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine Reviews 


LifeCore R100 rowing machine is an awesome commercial rowing machine. If you are in the market for a rowing machine and you are giving a prize to one who is quiet, smooth, challenging, provides all the data you want and has an incredible warranty, then this is the only rowing machine that you should select.

Unique Resistance System

The exclusive resistance system of this LifeCore R100 rowing machine is just amazing. This is the only rowing machine that offers both magnetic resistance and fan resistance.

The resistance of the fan provides smooth rowing when you pull in the air, but this style can be noisy when hit at high intensity. It is also more difficult for the machine to offer tough resistant to high-speed strokes with single air resistance. This is where electronic magnetic resistance comes into play.

Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine reviews

In fact, in this LifeCore R100 commercial rowing machine, magnetic resistance comes almost immediately. The resistance of the rowing machine is generated by all the fans of level 1.

Thus, in level 2 and beyond, the magnetic resistance is activated. The magnetic resistance braking system provides controlled intensity, while the resistance of the fan continues to provide a gentle and silent rowing action in general.

Pretty good. As an added benefit, the LifeCore R100 has a vent hole for the user who can close or open (like a car’s ventilation holes) to provide a cooling breeze during their training. It is nice to see that all the moving air of the fan flywheel has a good use.

Useful Computer+Monitor

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing MachineNow let’s move on to the on-board computer screen. The attractive two-color LCD display is backlit which makes it easy to view training data even in a dark room. The computer runs on batteries (4x”C” batteries) or can be connected through the included AC adapter.

The monitor on this LifeCore rowing machine is located on an adjustable arm that extends a good distance from the frame, which gives the user a good view of its characteristics and allows easy interaction.

The monitor is adjustable and can rotate for optimal viewing for users of any height. The user can choose between 16 levels of resistance and 11 pre-programmed workouts that fit quickly on the monitor. We list them below, but we must remember that heart rate programs are a great feature, because they allow you to automatically adjust your training to keep your heart rate in the desired range.

Fan/Magnetic Combination Resistance 

As mentioned above, it is a smart combination of Fan and Magnetic resistance and when it is combined with the nylon strap, offers the user one of the most silent and smoothest rowing experiences.

What we have not mentioned before is that you will get excellent training with this resistance system. As with any rowing machine, it is likely that you are paddling to do your cardiovascular exercise, as well as to tone your muscles and perhaps burn calories to lose weight.

The combination of resistances keeps the resistance controlled at any intensity you desire. This is great for a HIIT session (high-intensity interval training) alone or in combination with a Crossfit WOD.

Technical Info of Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine:


  • Length: 92”
  • Height: 36”
  • Width: 19”
  • Product Weight: 96 lbs

Folded Dimensions:

  • Length: 52”
  • Height: 67”
  • Width: 19”


  • Fan resistance and electronic magnetic resistance
  • Resistance levels controlled by computer monitor
  • Nylon belt drive
  • Forged aluminum rail
  • Steel fan flywheel
  • Large, steel, pivoting foot pads
  • Ergonomic rowing handle
  • Separate heel supports
  • Wheels for transport
  • Adjustable air vents for cooling user during workout
  • Max User Weight: 600 lbs

Computer Features:

16 Levels of Resistance (Fan + Magnetic)

15 Preset Programs:

  • Manual
  • Ramp
  • Pacer – race against the computer
  • Intervals time
  • Intervals distance
  • Watts control
  • White water
  • 4 user-defined programs
  • 4 programs are heart-rate-controlled (Polar HRM compatible)

All fitness data can be seen on the main screen:

  • Pulse rate
  • Strokes per minute
  • Watts
  • 500 meter split time
  • Total time rowed
  • Meters rowed
  • Total Strokes
  • Total calories burned

*For built-in HR monitor it includes wireless chest strap  (Some high-end rowing machines have HR receiver but don’t include chest strap.)


Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Reviews

In order to allow the user to fold up the rower easily, the LifeCore R100 commercial rowing machine has a “quick release frame-lock” mechanism below the frame. The R100 bends up to 52” long or about half its normal length.

What you should do is simply unlock the frame, bend the beam, the rail, and the seat section, then move the rower machine using the wheels of the transport roller.

Warranty residential use (*commercial use warranty varies):

  • Lifetime frame
  • 5 years on parts
  • 1 year on labor

What we like about Lifecore R100 commercial rowing machine

  • Low Profile: The Lifecore R100 rower is only 14.5 “from the floor.
  • Aluminum Frame: The R100 has an aluminum rail of industrial strength quality. The frame of this rower also has a lifetime warranty.
  • Wireless Pulse: The Lifecore R100 Rower has a wireless heart rate receiver in order to help you to get the most out of your workouts. It requires a chest strap compatible with Polar.
  • Data: A two-color LCD monitor of this commercial rowing machine shows 500m time, strokes per minute, total time, total strokes, speed, calories, distance, and heart rate.
  • Preset Workouts: The 11 workouts of this rower are varied and it includes heart rate targeting.
  • Storage: This rower has a large footprint, but you can easily fold it for storage. Transport wheels are integrated in the front to facilitate easy movement.
  • High Capacity: It has 600 pounds maximum user weight capacity.
  • Warranty: Lifecore sells the R100 rowing machine with two warranties – light commercial and residential warranties. The residential warranty is particularly good. The frame is covered by lifelong warranties for both. The residential warranty will cover the moving parts for 5 years and labor is free if necessary during the first year and is provided at home. For light commercial, the parts warranty is shortened to just 2 years and the labor is only free for 90 days.

What we don’t like about Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine

  • Larger Size: The R100 rower is 90” long and 21” wide so it will get more floor space than most other fitness machines.
  • Data Feedback: Customers complained that the speedometer does not show its current pace, but only an average.
  • Made Overseas: Lifecore rowing machine are made in Taiwan. Some buyers prefer companies based in the United States such as Concept2 Rower and WaterRower, which are known for their best quality control and customer service.

Final Word On Lifecore r100 commercial rowing machine

Overall, the R100 is going to last you a long time, and if anything goes wrong you’ve got a solid warranty and helpful customer service to sort it out. Highly recommended.

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