What’s The Best Kettlebell Weight To Start With?


best kettlebells for home use 2019Kettlebells are one of the best home gym equipment for strength training. Unlike traditional dumbbells, kettlebells feature a solid handle and a teardrop-like shape.

With a perfect kettlebell, you can easily do full-body workouts rather than isolated muscle movements. If you are a beginner and want use a  kettlebell regularly, it will definitely improve your stability, strength, and coordination fast. What I like most about the best kettlebell is they really help to strengthen the ligaments that will make the joints tougher and less susceptible to injury.

Our recommendation for the best kettlebell weight to start with is CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

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Top 10 Best Kettlebells Weight To Start With 


1. CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

best kettlebells 2019CAP Kettlebell weights are a serious addition for home gym and designed for heavy use in mind.

This best kettlebell offers specific muscle group exercises. It is made of solid good quality cast iron with no weld, no seam casting. 

It is designed with generous wide opening handle that ensures a secure and comfortable grip with one hand or two. 

These kettlebells are built to be durable, safe, and dependable. The grip is also comfortable and provides the confidence and safety while using.

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2. Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells

best kettlebells for home useIf you are looking for high and superior quality kettlebell for a lifetime workout training then Cast Iron kettlebell will be the best for you. It is a High-quality Cast Iron Kettlebell that is designed to last without wear and tear.

Cast Iron Kettlebell is designed with solid cast iron without welds, seams and weak spots. This is great for workout training (indoor & outdoor), whether it is in the gym or at home.

Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell features textured and solid large round handle for a safe, non-slip, and comfortable grip with one or both hands.

This home gym equipment is easy for both women and men to use. This kettlebell features flat bottoms in order to make it simple and easy to store and expand your workouts that a regular kettlebell can’t do.

Our Black paint finish coating is long-lasting and doesn’t chip away like other cheap products with the shiny enamel finish! The Black paint finish will give e you better grip and it will not slip from your hand like a glossy finish.

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3. Sunny Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

best kettlebell weight to start withThose who are seeking a special edge in power and strength, the Sunny Health Fitness Kettlebell will be the ideal choice for them.

Lifting and controlling with this best kettlebell forces the muscle groups for targeting in the arms, core, and back while building stability and strength.

This best home gym equipment is made of high grad cast-iron material which is great for training outdoors and indoors. You can take them wherever you go whether you exercise at your home or at your gym.

With this Sunny Vinyl Coated Kettlebell, you can easily increase the balance, endurance, and power. Increase the intensity of your exercise with these high-quality and best kettlebells that will sculpt and tone your entire body.

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4. Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

best kettlebell weight for squatsFor a durable and durable Russian kettlebell that you can keep using year after year, opt for the Yes4All kettle.

This best kettlebell for home gym workouts comes in several weight options, ranging from 5 to 80 pounds.

It is also made of cast iron, a resistant, almost indestructible material, coated with black paint to prevent scratches and an elegant appearance.

The handle of this kettlebell is textured to provide a good grip for squats, changes of kettlebells, rows and any other exercise you choose to perform.

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5. Best in design: Onnit Primal Bell

best kettlebell weight 2021If you plan to store your collection of outdoor kettlebells, why not get a fun design? This Russian Onnit scale has a monkey face engraved on its front side.

This playful kettlebell will not only give you many compliments from your training partners, but it will also have all the features you should look for in a useful product.

This kettlebell is available in 18, 36, 54, 72 and 90 pounds, with each weight presenting a different kind of monkey. It is made of impact resistant iron and is constructed with large handles for a comfortable grip.

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6. Onnit Primal Bell

best kettlebell weight for squatsBoth those who set goals and those who love physical activity should take a look at this set of kettlebells by Tone Fitness.

Boldly colored kettlebells come in a set of three with weights of five, 10 and 15 pounds included. In this way, you can start with a lower weight and during the weeks and months, you can increase your weight until you reach your fitness goals.

The handles of these weights with Russian weights have smooth surfaces and comfortable grips to avoid calluses and unprocessed hands. Instead of cast iron, these weights are filled with cement.

If you do not want a three-part set, you can also buy individual Tone Fitness kettlebells with the same colors and characteristics. Your purchase also comes with an exercise chart and the option to add an informative DVD with training ideas.

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7. CAP Barbell

best kettlebell set for homeStarting your own gym at home? Whether you’re looking for a nine-pound weight or an 88-pound weight, CAP Barbell has all the weight imaginable.

These weights are comparable to the best brands, with a large number of users saying that they really can not see the difference, but they love the price of CAP.

Each kettlebell is made of solid cast iron and coated with powder. This best kettlebell of 2020 has a seam-free surface which creates a handle that is comfortable and easy to grip.

The wide and flat base of this kettlebell brand will make you feel grounded during workouts. Each kettlebell is color coded for easy weight recognition. The weight is shown in pounds and kilograms as well.

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8. SPRI Deluxe

Best kettlebells for home use 2019If you work mainly at home, having equipment that does not damage your floors is key.

The Russian weight SPRI is covered in vinyl, which makes it softer both in its grip and on the floor of your house.

Weight sizes vary depending on availability but generally range between eight and 50 pounds.

Each SPRI kettle is covered with a bright color so you can easily organize your collection in weight.

Also, as one reviewer noted, the vibrant colors are so eye-catching that they really help you remember to make time for your workouts.

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9. Endurance kettlebell

The best kettlebell 2019For those who are short on space, but want a large collection of kettlebells then the Stamina kettlebell is perfect for you.

Instead of having multiple kettlebells in different weights.

This kettlebell comes with six weight plates that fit the shell. Choose between 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 pounds and secure the Kettlebell pin in place to start using your preferred weight.

The large, extended handle on this kettlebell is perfect for two-handed movements, such as squats with calyx, two-handed bicep curls or triceps extensions.

This model comes with a base platform where you can place the weight plates that you are not using. This way, they will not scratch or scratch your floor while they are not in use.

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10. CAP Barbell

Best kettlebells for home use 2020The CAP Barbell is a Soft kettlebell that offers the same benefits as any other Russian kettlebell. You can easily do a full body strength workout that can increase your stability, endurance, and mobility.

But for those who do not want the cast iron and heavyweight version of a kettlebell, this CAP option is just around the corner. The outer material of the kettlebell is a soft but durable canvas, while the interior is weighted with sand.

You can perform typical kettlebell exercises like clean pulls, swings, and elevated lifts without any fear of harming yourself or the floor. This kettlebell is a wonderful choice for teens who do strength training.

The thick and resistant canvas that covers it also has reinforced seams and a robust TPR handle and iron sand filling. The grip is comfortable to hold and carry.

These come in weights that are ranging from five to 20 pounds, each of different colors. This best gym instrument is good to use inside your living room, a home gym, and even for outdoors.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Kettlebell Weight To Start With 


Always make sure you purchase the best exercise equipment from the market. Because it will last long and worth your investment. If you invest in a quality kettlebell then it will not chip or break easily.


For different workouts, you will need different weights. It totally depends on your need and preferences. Try to choose the weight that will meet almost all of your exercise requirements.


After a tough kettlebell workout, your muscles may scream and your hands may hurt too. So your kettlebell handles should be comfortable to use.

Try to buy a kettlebell that offers enough room between the handle and the ball so that you can use and hold it comfortably.

You can also use soft gloves to make it more comfortable to workout with the best kettlebells for home gym.

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