Where Do You Massage for Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Massage for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Ouch! The pain you feel in your back, bum and lower legs are just unbearable. When the pain starts you feel numb and it is hard to cope.  Sciatica nerve pain is now common among elderly people, mid-aged persons and even pregnant women.

The sciatic nerve starts from the lower back part then goes down to the leg. Some may endure this for some months but maximum people have to deal with this pain for a long time. To lessen the pain doctors prescribe massage and low-impact workouts. Here we will talk about where you massage for sciatic nerve pain to get relief. So walk with me.

How to get sciatica pain relief


Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Before going to the massage section let’s have a look at the pain – what, why it happens and how to get quick sciatica pain relief.

Sciatica pain starts from the lower back and down to the leg. As the sciatic nerve is the longest one in our body so you know how the pain will spread in your lower part of the body. With the pain, you can feel weak or numbness in the leg.

This pain will make your normal activities like sitting, walking and standing difficult. By taking a painkiller you may get fast relief but for longer and permanent relief you have to take a massage.

With proper massage therapy, you will enjoy-

  • Relaxed muscle
  • Improved blood movement
  • Stress relief
  • Less pain while doing normal activities

What are the causes of sciatica pain?

Actually, there are hundreds of causes that can lead to sciatica pain. Among them we’ve listed the common issues that start the pain in the body:

Slipped Spinal Disc

In this condition, the discs between vertebrae and spine slip out. For this, the health problem gets worse and you are completely prohibited to lift heavy things, sit for a long time.

Lumbar vertebral stenosis

The pain starts when the bone of the spinal cord that is also connected to the spine starts to decay and gets narrow. It is a common condition in elderly people

Piriformis disease

When the piriformis muscle gets tight, the nerve roots get compressed. You will feel the pain from the lower back to the bottom of your leg.


If you face any types of accidents or get sports injuries then it will trigger pain.

Tumor in the spine:

Though this condition is rare, sometimes you may get a tumor in the sciatic nerve that causes the pain.

Pelvic fracture:

While lifting a heavy object you may get a twisted pelvis or by falling. These injuries can cause pain.


As you go old the body becomes weak and so do the bones. You will find sciatic pain common in old age peoples.


The sciatic pain can come from a messy lifestyle. If you like to eat a lot, wear high heels, lift heavy objects frequently, work out in gyms then you will get the pain soon for sure.

How the massage works as a pain relief

Sciatic pain can be caused for numerous reasons and to deal with this pain there is no comparison then taking massage therapy. The benefits you will have by taking massage therapy are:

Improves circulation

For massage therapy, the blood flow gets increased. Thus the nutrients and oxygen heal the injury and remove the toxin from the injured place.

Endorphin hormone increases

While taking massage therapy, the endorphin hormone gets released. This hormone helps to feel good by reducing the pain.

Relaxes the tight muscle

The sciatica pain makes the muscle tight and the pain gets increased for this tightness. Massage therapy reduces the muscle tightness and pain gets relieved.

Pain relief

When you take the therapy, your whole body will get relaxed as the pain and stress will go away. Whenever you feel the pain is making your life miserable then take the therapy quickly. You will feel relaxed and happy.

How to massage sciatica trigger points?

Massage for Sciatic Nerve Pain

There are types of massage therapy that helps to heal sciatica pain. Here we have enlisted the best type of massager for sciatica for you to pick the right one for you:

Deep muscle massage

You have to give deep pressure with a finger and slow strokes in this massage. For this, the muscle and connective tissues will get free from tension. If you can take this massage for 30 minutes for five days in two weeks then the sciatica pain will get reduced.

Swedish massage

In this massage, you don’t need to apply deep pressure. You have to do some reflexology movements and flowing to increase blood flow in the nerve tissues. This also helps to release stress and give proper relaxation.

Myofascial relief

The stem of the Myofascial tissues gets relief from pain by the Myofascial release technique. The trigger points of this tissue stay stiff that cause pain. With proper stretch and pressure, the pain gets reduced.

Hot stone massage

With this massage, the tense muscle gets at ease and relaxed. You have to heat up the stones and place them on the pain parts.

Neuromuscular massage

For this massage deep pressure and contact helps to release tight muscles and release tension.

While taking massage therapy your therapist has to focus on the perfect spots to make the massage work.  Spot number 6 is the best point for sciatica pain release. This spot is the minimus muscle and gluteus medius that stays overlapping on the leg and hip side. If you take a massage in this part you will feel comfortable.

The other perfect spot is number 12 where the gluteus maximus muscle remains in the lower back. When your therapist will give a massage in this spot your sore muscle will get healed.

The spine area is known as the perfect spot number 13. Your back pain gets reduced when the therapist gives massage in this spot.


Can massage make sciatica worse? Well, it depends on the nerve condition. If you know where do you massage for sciatic nerve pain then your condition will get better. It is better to take a massage from a professional therapist. Proper massage therapy works as a healer for your sciatica nerve pain. Your pain will get relief and feeling good hormones will get released in the body. You will feel relaxed and do your daily activities normally.


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