6 Health and Safety Features Every Good Gym Needs

6 Health and Safety Features Every Good Gym Needs

As gyms start to open up all over the country after Covid-19, there are some health and safety features that need to be followed. Doing a wide variety of safety and health precautions will help to ensure that you are safe when you are out exercising at the gym. If your gym does not have any health and safety precautions available, it is best to find another gym that cares about your health and safety.

1. Frequent Sanitation


Any gym should frequently be sanitizing between customers. In fact, after the equipment is used by one person, it should be cleaned before anyone else gets on it. That will not only help to protect against viruses, it will also help to protect against bacteria and other nasty germs. The floors should also be kept clean, and the bathrooms and changing areas should also be cleaned frequently. A sanitizing agent like Lysol should also be used to ensure that the gym is germ-free.

2. Handwashing Stations/ Hand Sanitizer

A good gym should also provide a way to wash your hands after you have used the equipment. An even better idea is to provide hand sanitizer free of charge to each person that comes into the gym. This hand sanitizer should be placed where people can get to it easily. If sinks are provided for handwashing, it is imperative that they are cleaned frequently.

3. Air Purification System

Any gym should have an air purification system installed if they do not have one already. An air purifier will trap and kill dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Each air purification system has a UV light that will kill all these problematic issues easily. An air purifier can be added straight into the HVAC system, or it can be purchased and placed somewhere in the gym.

4. Following All Local And State Requirements

A good gym will be following all the local and state requirements for opening back up and cleaning rules. The CDC has several suggestions for what you need to do to be opened safely during this time. Make sure that your gym keeps up with the most accurate information to ensure that they are safe for you and the rest of their customers.

5. Equipment Safety

When it comes to safety in a gym, the gym will need to make sure that they check out their equipment daily. Gym equipment can wear out and break down over time. If something breaks and someone is using it, it can lead to injury. Equipment should be inspected daily to ensure that nothing is going wrong with it. If there is an issue with a piece of equipment, it should be removed immediately until it can be repaired. If you are at your local gym and see a piece of equipment that is not working correctly, be sure to let them know so that they can remove the equipment to have it repaired.

6. Supervision

It is imperative that any gym have constant supervision. It is never a good idea to have a gym open and not watch the people there. Teenagers or people who are not knowledgeable about certain machines may get on them and not know how to work them properly. This could lead to the destruction of the machine or someone getting injured. Also, someone may decide to start lifting weights and lift something that is too heavy for them to lift. A good gym must always have someone that keeps an eye on everything in the gym. This can also help to ensure that all the rules are being followed. For example, if there is a rule in the gym that you must wash your hands between each equipment use or that a piece of equipment must be wiped down, this will need to be followed and enforced.

It can be scary to go to the gym while we are in the midst of a pandemic. However, as long as you make sure that the gym you are following is doing safety precautions and following all the recommendations by the CDC and by the local and state laws, you should be safe. Exercising is great to ensure that your body is healthy and safe.

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