How To Use A Rowing Machine Properly?

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A rowing machine is one of the best exercising tools but only when used correctly. It ensures a useful and practical weight loss within the shortest time possible. Rowing machines will help you strengthen your arms, legs, core and back muscles.

However, just like any other workout machine, you can only realize the maximum benefits from your rowing machine by having an effective workout. Remember exercising your body in the right order determines how much you can benefit from your rowing machine. Below are some of the tips on how to use a rowing machine for maximum benefits.

10 Simple Steps: How To Use A Rowing Machine


How To Use A Rowing Machine

Step one. Start your Rowing Movement.

Ensure your feet are locked well into the straps. Before any workout, ensure your feet are placed ideally on the footplate. You can attain this by using the straps included on the machine. Carefully pull the straps, crosswise your upper foot. You have locked them so that they do not slide around by effectively tightening them.

Step two. Get set for the starting position.

The rowing start position AKA “the catch.” is where you start your workout. To attain a better catch, bending your knees until your upper body is close to the handle positioned at the front of your machine. Carefully grab the handles with both of your hands and ensure your back is at 90 degrees that is straight without leaning inwards. Moreover, ensure to grab the rowing machine handle firmly to avoid it sliding while you perform your workouts. Clue: Always hinge forward at your hips so that the torso can tilt in forward to lean over your legs. Maintain a straight posture as much as you can.

Step Three. While still using your leg muscles, push off your rowing machine footplate.

Remember the main advantage of a rowing machine is that you move your body parts each at a time. For the maximum workout, start with your legs since your glute and quads will be at the maximum rehearsal as your push off the rowing machine footplate. Never make a mistake of using your entire body at a go during this exercise.  Proper rowing means progressing from working our only the legs to the core and then to your arms, unlike working the entire body during the initial workouts. The best rowing machine workout should involve 20% core, 20% arms/shoulders and over 60% of your legs, and by doing this, you are sure of better rowing workout outcomes.

Step Four. Lean backward at 45-degree angle.

Once you have ensured your legs are a level up, let your hamstring and core help you to lean to about 45 degrees to ensure your spine as straight as possible. Remember the core muscles enables you to keep your pelvis as well as the upper torso well locked up together. It ensures increasing your back stability and the entire body stamina in addition to preventing any form of movement that could otherwise cause spine injury.

Step Five. Completing the Movement.

The arm isolation practice. Once you are sure your legs are straightened well up as well as your spine is well tilted, you can commence your arm movement practices. Still, ensure your core remains well engaged as you hold your torso tightly at about 45-degree angle as you keep pulling the handle near to your chest. For an effective pulling of the stem near to your chest, ensure to bend your elbows. Ensure to pick your rowing machine handle inward to a point where it touches the bottom of your chest. This exercise provides a contraction of dorsal, thus stabilizing the shoulder muscles, the triceps and deltoids to contract thus pulling your elbow backwards and at the same time drawing the handle toward your sternum.

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Step Six. While reaching your arms, extend your torso forward.

This ensures you return to the straight position safely as you follow the reverse sequence movement. You will be coming back to your starting point when you follow the backwards sequence movement in order of arms, core and finally the legs. Ensure to extend both of your arms away from the chest as you tilt the chest and then followed by leaning your torso forward as you maintain a 45-degree angle. Make sure to extend your arms first before you can hinge your body forward around the hips.

Step Seven. Returning to the starting position by bending knees.

Maintain your knees hooked until you are back to the initial position.  Your body should be near the rowing machine while your hands were firmly holding the handle. You can repeat the movement once more time. However, remember that every move isn’t a counter of the second movement. It means that a count should follow every count out in motion.

A proper rowing workout involves a three-count movement that includes two power-driven counts while you extend your body with a double stroke.

Step Eight. Correct common rowing mistakes?

Ensure to start at the correct setting. For instance, if your rowing machine is located at your gym, thus meaning you also workout gym, you can start with the very high setting. However, if this is your first time rowing machine workout, ensure to start with a low setting. Checking your rowing machine setting before you can start is very critical since it provides you to match your skills to the best workout for you. For the first time, we recommend about three to five setting levels.

Steps Nine. Always ensure to engage the right muscles whenever you are rowing.

A common mistake seen in many people is working only their arms while a rowing machine is best suited for working your legs core as well as your arms. Ensure to engage all these muscles individually rather than focusing only on the sleeves.

Step Ten. Never move your legs and arms at the same time.

Keep in mind the correct workout sequence whenever on your rowing machine. Start your workout with legs then followed by your core and finally by the hamstrings and arms. You can now return to the original position after your spine is as straight as possible. Ensure to follow that order whenever you are rowing rather than rowing your arms, legs and core randomly.

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