How To Repair An Elliptical Machine

how to repair an elliptical trainer

how to repair an elliptical trainerWe live in an increasingly healthy society. People want to eat well, exercise regularly, and do their best to stay in shape. Millions of people go to the gym, but some want to exercise at home. As long as they can buy the equipment they need, they can exercise well in the privacy of their own home. An elliptical machine is a type of fitness device that people love using because it provides excellent cardiovascular exercises and works on various muscle groups.

Besides, there are a variety of exercise programs that you can use with this machine, making it the perfect home fitness machine. However, when that device breaks down and may not work as before, you may find it makes a very annoying noise. If you are having problems with your elliptical trainer, you need to know how to get it back to normal. Fortunately, the guide below provides detailed information on how to repair an elliptical machine.

  1. Repairing a console screen that does not turn on or is dark


Several problems can arise if the console is not displaying correctly. To begin, you need to have a screwdriver and pliers. To troubleshoot the elliptical console, first, remove the screws that secure the console to the frame. After removing the console, carefully lift it and check that the cables are positioned correctly on the console. You may also find that a simple repair is to replace the batteries in the console. Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover, replace it, and see if this resolves the issue. If that does not fix your elliptical trainer, there may be an issue, and the console needs an entire replacement.

Learn how to connect the elliptical by disconnecting the frame from the console and then disconnecting the connector’s cables. To replace the newly bought console, reconnect the wires and screw the console to the case. Typically, this should solve the problem quickly. Otherwise, you likely have a problem with electrical wiring in general that may require professional correction.

  1. Fixing a squeaking noise from the elliptical trainer

A widespread problem with an elliptical trainer is that it may start to sizzle when you use it. It can occur for several reasons and require an Allen wrench or pliers, machine grease, Phillips screwdriver, and possibly even a replacement drive belt. First, remove the screws or bolts that secure the pedals to the crankshaft. Push the pedals and slide the dial aside to see it directly and make sure there are no cracks or cracks. After removing the side covers, check at the base unit and take note of the drive belt. Remove the crankshaft belt or any other pulley on the ellipse and check for cracks or stains that could allow it to slip.

how to repair an elliptical machine

You can check it quickly by making sure the belt is straight, and if there is a problem, replace the drive belt. You may also discover that it is a lubrication problem that is making the elliptical machine squeak. To correct this, separate the pedal tips from the shaft and apply a machine grease layer to each rod and replace the petals. Do the same procedure at the bottom of each bar. These are the most common issues that can make an elliptical machine creak. If you think that none of these solutions will solve the problem, and you can still hear the knocking noise, seek a professional’s help to fix the problem.

  1. Repairing pedals that do not change resistance

Another issue may be relating to resistance, so you need to understand the device’s elliptical resistance to get the best benefits. It requires an instruction manual, wrench, and fridge magnets. It will help if you keep in mind that resistance is one of the most popular issues with the elliptical trainer.

Consequently, learning the resistance repair of an elliptical machine is a bonus. Magnets control the resistance, and therefore, you must first verify that the pins have held them firmly in place. If they are loose, the machine can easily jam. If this is not a problem, check that the magnets are not demagnetized. You can achieve this quickly with fridge magnets. If they do not stick to the elliptical magnet, replace them immediately.


Regularly lubricate the petals and rotors and make sure you tighten the bolts and nuts at least twice a year to prevent the brackets and other parts from loosening. It is also advisable to hire someone to maintain an elliptical trainer at least once a year.

If you are looking for a good quality elliptical trainer, try your best to make sure it works, which means offering the proper care and maintenance, so your investment is not ruined. It is also paramount to know that you can solve many of the issues encountered when owning an elliptical trainer. This machine will fail daily, even with regular maintenance, but it is possible to solve many widespread problems.


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