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An exercise bike is practical when you want to ride a bike without leaving your home. In addition to being convenient, it also allows you to work on your biking form. Without the need to go physically cycling outdoors in different environments and terrains, you can focus more on pedaling and posture. One of the most significant downsides of using an exercise bike is noise.

Depending on the nature of the exercise bike, it can produce noise. If you want to learn how to silence your exercise bike, you need to identify the noise source if necessary. In general, the older the exercise bike is, the louder the noise it produces.

Also, there is a tendency for the noise to increase as you pedal faster. The noise is mainly related to the design of the exercise bike. Not everyone wants to buy a new exercise bike once it starts producing noise. A question we usually get is how do I make my exercise bike quieter, and below is a guide on how to reduce the noise.

So here Is how do I make my exercise bike quieter


Clean and lubricate the bike chain

If the exercise bike is chain-driven, a dirty, non-lubricated bike chain can contribute to a noisy stationary bike. The bike chain has many moving parts and joints. All of these areas of the wheel chain can cause noise. Also, the dirty bike chain can make your bike more resistant. If you’re wondering when to clean and lubricate your bike’s chain, chances are it needs lubrication. It is advisable to clean and lubricate it every few hundred Kilometers, but it is always better to do this more often.

Most people do not ride the exercise bike every day, which means that the cycle is practically in storage, which causes dirt and debris to accumulate over time. It is best to lubricate the bike’s chain every two months to ensure it is in the best possible condition. Ensure to use the correct lubricant for the bicycle chain; otherwise, you can damage it. Additionally, avoid using household oils or WD-40.

Lift the bike from the floor to the rear wheel. Use the bike with one hand on the bike while the other uses the fabric to stretch the chain as you move gently. After a few seconds, clean the links one at a time. After removing dirt and debris, inspect the chain for signs of damage or excessive wear. Using one hand, pedal the exercise bike slowly while slowly drips the lubricant on the chain’s edge. Make several passes, and you will be ready to go.

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Use an exercise bike mat

The positioning of your exercise bike is an essential factor in determining the noise it generates during use. The primary source of this noise is reverberation. If you place an exercise bike on a hard surface, it will undoubtedly experience many echoes and reverberations. For example, if you put something under the cycle, an exercise bike mat, which acts as a silencer, the noise will significantly reduce. The bike-mat features a specific design to reduce vibrations and noise for the stationary bike. The bike-mat is large adequate to accommodate almost every exercise bike on the market. You can also use this mat for general and aerobic stretches.

Place the exercise bike on the carpet or rug

If your exercise bike is currently on a wooden or ceramic floor, this one is for you. Using the exercise bike on a tile or wooden floor is not the best idea if silence is your primary concern. Even if you use an exercise mat, the noise will continue to increase. Reverberations and echoes due to hard ground will mean that the noise the exercise bike produces will increase throughout the house.

Find an area of ​​your home with a large rug or a room with a carpet to help reduce reverberation and echoes. If you don’t have a mat at home, place a large rug with a bike mat under the bike for best results. When trying to reduce noise on the floor, it is important to use something good in shock absorption and dense. For instance, rugs have the same structure as the exercise bike mat. They are all dense and smooth, great for absorbing noise and preventing reverberation.

Place the exercise bike on interlocking foam floor tiles If your home doesn’t have a soft floor, using interlocking foam tiles is one of the best solutions to reduce noise on your exercise bike. The main advantage is that they work well on a hard surface as well. Double up with an exercise mat to get all the advantages. Foam tiles are best in performance due to their thickness and density. They absorb most of the shock and significantly attenuate the sound before it hits the ground.

Interlocking foam floor tiles not only helps to reduce noise but also to protect the floor from damage. It also helps to keep the exercise bike in place during use. The last thing that should happen is to slide across the ground at high speed. Typically, this can fundamentally damage the floor or, in the worst case, cause injury. When the exercise bike is not in use, you can use the foam sheets in fitness or aerobic mat.


In conclusion, to silence the exercise bike, it is essential to solving all problems at once, not just one. Make sure that you clean and lubricate the drive chain regularly. Use a mat that features a specific design for stationary bikes. Be sure to place it on a dense and soft material that absorbs shock and impact noise.

If your home does not have a mat, place the exercise bike on a large carpet or rug. If you want to spend a little more money, you can opt for a sound installation of foam tiles on the floor and a mat. You need to have as much soundproofing material under the exercise bike as possible to reduce reverberation to a maximum. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, regular maintenance of the exercise bike will help solve most of the noise issues.


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