How to Get a Good Workout on an Exercise Bike

Exercise bike

An Exercise Bike is a piece of perfect gym equipment for a novice exerciser. It boosts Cardio Fitness, Can help with weight loss, Burn body fat, and best for lower body muscle. To get all these benefits from Exercise Bike, it is essential to run it effectively. Besides, a good workout on Exercise Bike depends on its setup, comfort, and how one uses it when doing exercise.

You may have different fitness goals, but an exercise bike is a perfect device for cardiovascular fitness. A good workout on Exercise Bike can keep everything under control. Choosing the right kind of Exercise Bike and knowing its workout position is the precondition to get a Good Workout.  Here is a guideline on How to get a good Workout on an Exercise Bike.

How to Get a Good Workout on an Exercise Bike

How to Get a Good Workout on an Exercise Bike


Exercise Bikes are a piece of fitness equipment that is popular rather than a treadmill. The shape of the Exercise Bike and the easiness of using it is the reason for its popularity. It is the best device for burning calories and improves lower body muscle. Wherever you use an Exercise bike at the gym or home, Calabrese, the WebMD Fitness Specialist, suggests some tips to Get a Good Workout.

  • Ensure the bikes are properly fit for you. Talk to someone at a bicycle store, the merchant from whom you bought the bike, or your gym trainer to fix the seat height in the correct position. It is important to ensure a proper distance from the handlebar and the seat.
  • To ensure a good workout experience, it is essential to keep the upper body relaxed and keep shoulders away from the ears.
  • When seated on the Exercise Bike, use your abdominals to bear your lower body part and sit softly on your seat.
  • Understand the equipment’s function and know how safe they are. A good workout depends on understanding the intensity level and learning the program option correctly.
  • Start with a slow-cycling and continue it longer with the time and measure your workout intensity level in the interval.
  • To ensure the best comfort, buy the right kind of gear—a pair of paddle, saddle, gel seat, etc.

Achieve the Correct Position on an Exercise Bike

In an Exercise Bike, there are five points to contact. Two hands on the Handlebar, two feet on two paddle, and the distance between pelvis and saddle. Without any doubt, it can be said that this distance is more essential for a cyclist, so they need to adapt the bike according to their comfort.

An improper position can cause problems, such as the saddle’s height can cause strain with the thigh muscle. It also causes muscle overload and early fatigue. However, the adjustment of Exercise Bike is more straightforward than any other bike. If you follow some trick, it will help you to get a Good Workout. Here are some tricks on how to place a correct position on the Exercise Bike.

  1. Adjustment the Seat Height: The seat’s height is a significant part of an Exercise Bike. Since if the seat’s height is too much, then your leg will not fit on the paddle perfectly. The adjustment of feet and the paddle works to move the Exercise Bike wheel ideally and makes a perfect move.
  2. Adjust the Handlebar: Minimal adjustment means it is just high from the saddle. If anyone has physical problems like back pain and pregnancy, they should use the handlebar in a slightly higher position. For the general people, the handlebar should be in a comfortable place, not fully extended.
  3. Seat horizontal adjustment: The Horizontal adjustment of the seat has a relation with the handlebar’s distance. If the seat Aft. the position is on the back, then the Handlebars space and the seat will increase. It will create an effect on Good Workout. So it is needed to place the seat horizontally in the correct order.

Exercise Bike Workout Plan for Good Workout

Exercise bike

A workout plan is essential to get a good Workout. Without following any plan, you may exercise for a long time, but it will not benefit you. Following a proper exercise plan is much more effective than doing a workout for a long time. There are three kinds of workout plans for Exercise Bike. For beginners, For weight loss, and interval training.

1. For Beginners

For beginners, it is needed to start the workout with slow performance. It will help you to build your fitness. You need to add more time slowly and improve the intensity level gradually. To ensure a good workout start the exercise with 25 to 30 minutes and add 1 minute per day to build up fitness. Start your pedaling from the low intensity. Then do it with high intensity for 1-2 minutes. Then do it with medium intensity. At last, finish the paddling with low or slow intensity.

2. For Weight Loss

Exercise bikes are applicable for burning calories and body fat. Besides, Cycling on an Exercise bike can be the best option to lose body weight. It is also propitious if you want to decrease your resistance levels quickly. If your only goal to use an Exercise Bike is losing weight, you need to start paddling with low intensity for 5-10 minutes. And then move to medium type of intensity for 3-5 minutes. Do alternate exercise with high and medium intensity for 20-30 minutes. Finally, finish the paddling with low intensity.

3. For Interval Training

An exercise bike is suitable for interval training. People who once built their fitness and want to boost their strength and stamina can get a better benefit from Exercise Bike. To get an excellent workout to benefit, the plan for interval training should follow. In interval training, you need to start with quiet intensity. Then you need to switch to a medium level of intensity for up to 10 minutes. To get a good workout performance, you need to circle on high and low power for up to 15 minutes.

Final Thought

Cycling on Exercise Bike is the best aerobic exercise. It is easy for joints. Many experts say that cycling on an Exercise Bike is much easier than using a treadmill and elliptical machine. However, the ease of functioning of this device is not enough to get a good workout. If you cannot get a good workout from the Exercise Bike, it is nothing but a waste of money.

Follow the above tips to get a Good Workout from your exercise bike. Remember, the setup of an exercise bike is the first condition to get a good workout. After then the plan for a workout is the essential thing you need to evaluate.

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