IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table Reviews

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table Reviews

IRONMAN gravity-4000 inversion tables are non-medicated pain relief tool that involves rotating the body to relieve pressure on bones, joints, and discs in the lower back. Many people believe it reduces back pain by generating a traction force through the spine. While inversion tables are a great way to relieve pain naturally, there are some potential risks to consider before looking for your credit card.

For instance, it is essential to find a good inversion table with resistant and durable ankle straps like IRONMAN gravity-4000, as it is possible to fall during use if you are not careful. Note: if you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor if it is safe to use inversion therapy, as it may not be advisable if you have such underlying health conditions.

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IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table


It features a tubular steel frame construction with a coating of scratch-resistant powder, contributing to its durability. The backrest features a cover of memory foam vinyl to ensure a comfortable head and back. The Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table comes with ankle holders featuring a unique design for maximum comfort.

A popular complaint with inversion tables is that the ankle holders are stuck or pinch, and this technique eliminates the problem. It has ergonomic ankle straps for greater comfort and safety so that the table is safe when turning. The backrest features a construction of 2.5-inch plastic vinyl, so your backrests comfortably during sessions.

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table Review

Also, the tubular steel frame has a 350-pound load capacity for heavy use. It features durable non-slip rubber floor stabilizers that offer stability when flipping. It comes with extra-long safety handles that make it easy to return to an upright position with an addition of vinyl safety sheets for extra protection and safety.

The Ironman Gravity-4000 inversion table is foldable, and when not in use, you can fold it. With the Ironman Gravity-4000 inversion table, you can quickly and evenly relieve various back pains and reduce your leg problem. It comes with an adjustable head and back, so you can easily adjust to optimize comfort.

Features of IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table

  • The removable lumbar pad provides additional comfort for supporting your lower back while it is attached
  • Non-slip rubber floor supports.
  • Invert up to 90 degrees
  • Comes with a 2.5-inch thick memory foam-coated stand for maximum convenience
  • Has dimensions of 49 “W x 26” W x 65 “H when assembled
  • Has dimensions of 80″ W x 26 “W x 17” W when folded
  • Supports up to 350 pounds load capacity
  • Ergonomic ankle holders.
  • It folds for storage

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table


You will generally like the Ironman Gravity-4000inversion table for many reasons when you compare it with other tables. For instance, the pricing of the Ironman gravity-4000 inversion table is very reasonable.

You will also appreciate the convenience it has, unlike inversion tables from other brands. You will often need to purchase accessories for other brands to add comfort, but this table is as comfortable as it is. The unit is relatively easy to assemble and will most likely take you less than 30 minutes to make it complete.

The table is easy to use, and you will probably like the extra-long safety straps because they are easy to recover into position after a full inversion. Thanks to the wide frame, you will find the table sturdy, and it doesn’t even move when you cross it.

The foam vinyl padding pillow makes a significant distinction in terms of comfort. You will feel adequate support because its back is strong but soft. Many inversion tables appear to be faltering at the ankles, but you may feel no ankle compression and pinch with this inversion table.


There have been complaints that the table is heavy. Although it is foldable, users say it is still challenging to move.

Some report that if you do not have a back problem, moving the inversion table can lead to one.

In addition to the lumbar pillow, there are no other accessories on this table. Many other tables offer accessories for different requirements.


In conclusion, the Ironman Gravity-4000 inversion table is safe for most people at home. It is not an instant cure, but this inversion table can provide real relief when you use it under a doctor or specialist’s supervision.

You can use this inversion table for neck pain, disc herniation, sports injuries, and back pain. The inverse position uses natural gravity to increase the gap between each vertebra, separating the disc, vertebra, and the spinal canal. Nevertheless, you should note that any extra space will return to what it was when your head was above your feet.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructional manual when using an inversion table to avoid falling or injury during operation. More importantly, ensure you consult a doctor or medical specialist before using an inversion table to relieve pain.

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