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7 Best Weight Bench For Home Use of [2022-2023]

Best Weight Bench Without a bench, your home gym is incomplete. Classic and effective exercises such as the dumbbell press or row can only be done on an adjustable bench. Weight bench mainly helps to complete your workout journey by assisting with all of your lifting needs.

Invest in a top rated bench if you’re committed to long-term lifting. You can use benches with attachments like power racks, dumbbells, and other equipment for an entire body workout. When looking for a workout bench, you should focus on stability and quality because you’d want something that’s stable enough so your heavy weights don’t tip over during your lifts.

Also take into consideration some things like how portable the bench is and can this be stored easily or will it be taking up most of your room space when not in use? Are there any size limitations to its height or weight capacity? Additionally, do you need separate attachments with the bench such as a barbell rack or an Olympic weight plate holder? These are all questions you should ask yourself before choosing which one is right for you.

Top 7 Best Weight Bench For Home Use Reviews


1. The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 

best workout bench

If you are looking for a budget-friendly adjustable weight bench for home use that gets the job done then check out this Bowflex 5.1 Stowable Bench. This bench is engineered with commercial quality and steel design. It is built for optimal workout versatility and you will get 6 different adjustment angles. It has 600-pound load capacity.

This top workout bench can be stored vertically when not in use. It is our favorite bench yet that comes with premium construction and amazing space saving feature. The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 is a perfect choice that will make your workout much easier. It offers a full range of workouts. The main exciting feature that you will love is its six different positions, i.e. -17° decline, flat, 30°, 45°, 60° and the full 90° that allow ultimate exercise versatility and doing different workouts.

When working out with the dumbbell, it offers a stable base and you do not need to worry about losing grip on the seat. This Bowflex bench offers different positions that will help you to not slip when working out. You can get the best position as the seat of this weight bench is nicely adjustable. It will ensure you maximum comfort and support when working out. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 is a quality bench that minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes effectiveness. It is a better version than the Bowflex 4.1 and 3.1. It worth the money that you buy it.

  • For decline position, it has a removable leg attachment
  • Easy to move around with its in-built wheels.
  • Designed with high-quality steel that makes it a heavy duty bench.
  • The parts are easy to assemble. 
  • Another feature that we like is its stability and great balance.
  • Easy to clean and wipe after working out.
  • Slightly bulkier than some other weight benches

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2. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Top workout benches This Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is built for the serious lifter. Anyone looking for both upper and lower body development from home, this awesome bench is an excellent choice. With included safety measures and all included accessories, you will be satisfied for sure on so many levels.

Body Champ Weight Bench helps to perform your workouts on a large multiple and variety flat, incline, and decline military positions. This Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench has the ability to adjust the backrest in 7 different positions. You can use this bench to a variety of ways. So that you can work on your pectoral muscles incredibly.

The major standout feature that you will love is the wide number of accessories that this bench offer. Though it doesn’t offer any barbells or weight plates, it comes with other important accessories that can be utilized for your weight bench workouts.

These accessories include:

  • Spring Clip For Leg Developer.
  • An Olympic Plate Adapter.
  • Arm Curl Bar.
  • Preacher Curl Pad.
  • Ab Crunch with Foam Grip Handle Attachment.

This Body Champ Olympic Bench has dual – action adjustable leg developer with Adjustable Foam Rollers for Leg Curl/Leg Extension. Accessories that come with this bench are Preacher Curl Pad, Olympic Plate Adapter, Arm Curl Bar, Spring Clip for Leg Developer,  and Ab Crunch.

  • It is compatible with most 6’ and 7’ weight set bars.
  • There are 7- position adjustable backrest
  • Comes with leg extension
  • It has built-in Safety Hooks
  • Design to prevent injury to hand and grip
  • The pinning for the incline/decline bench is harder than necessary. 
  • It is a bit tall to get a good footing on the ground during workouts.
  • If you plan on rotating between bench press and squats, this will be time-consuming.

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3. CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench Review

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight BenchThis Cap Barbell weight bench is sturdy and reliable. It offers a variety of features and positions to exercise your workout, especially your weightlifting program. This powerful adjustable bench Includes 7 adjustable back supports and 3 seat adjustments for maximum support of the back of the lower body, upper body, and hull.

It is made up with a 12 and 14 gauge steel frame for stability and durability, powder coated and protects against rust and oxidation. It has a load capacity of 500 pounds in a flat position and 400 pounds in a tilted position. This Cap Barbell weight bench is an excellent model for basic exercises like twists and crunches. Again this Adjustable bench brand has anchorage points at the base of the frame that allows you to fix the resistance bands for the variety of your workout.

It is a high-quality adjustable bench that has oversize pop handles to easily adjust the bank. The Seat and back cushions are finished in artificial leather with box seams for greater comfort and support. This workout bench is ideal for you if you’re looking for a soft color option for older users or rehabilitated users. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly weightlifter, then the CAP Barbell Deluxe bench is the right choice for you. Not only does it promise good training, but it is also very robust and has clear assembly instructions.

  • Great choice for its’ stability and durability
  • Made with a 12 and 14 gauge steel frame
  • 7 adjustable back supports  & 3 seat adjustments
  • It is powder coated and protects against rust and oxidation
  • Has oversize pop handles to easily adjust the bank
  • Seat and back cushions finished in artificial leather with box
  • Supplied with transport wheels and handles for easy movement
  • One customer complained that he was unable to assemble due to weld misalignment and release pin of back angle adjustment.

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4. Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

best workout benches Those who have less budget for the weight bench, for them it is the perfect solution. It covers almost all the features that an expensive bench offers.  Improve your home gym with the Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench, and get ready for a more efficient bodybuilding routine.

This weight bench lets you perform a range of exercises to target specific muscle groups in a compact space. This Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench has a durable steel construction made of premium materials. Its  steel tube heavy-duty frame is furnished with high-density foam and boxed upholstery, to ensure that you get steady support and increase your comfort while you workout.

This Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench allows you to perform a full-body workout so you can build and tone your physique whatever you want. It is perfect for home exercise and you will get all the benefits of an intense gym session without leaving the house. 

  • Durable construction
  • Made of high-quality materials & a heavy-duty steel tube frame.
  • This utility bench fits in your home without taking up too much space 
  • Good bench for beginners
  • It has powder-  coated finish 
  • can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • This adjustable bench is great for home workouts but there are better benches with advanced feature. 
  • Some customer complain that it wobbles but if you tighten the bolts correctly you’re not going to face this problem

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5. Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench Review

Best weight bench 2021This foldable weight bench has seven adjustable positions to help a user perform various exercises. The flat bench, the inclined and sloping press, and the shoulder press can be made with different settings.

Additional angles also provide more options for targeting different muscle groups at the top of the body. It can also be placed at different angles, making it easier to perform workouts such as triceps and curly extensions. This Body-Solid workout bench has received are mostly positive. Most of them have praised the bank for offering great free weight exercises.

In addition, it has folding wheels and gussets for the pawn function that can be increased many inches. This Body Solid Powerline bench is actually a great weight bench for beginners. It is difficult to criticize this bench for its shortcomings, mainly because of the price it needs. 

  • The weight bench is pre-assembled.
  • The unit can also fold up.
  • Best flat bench for home gym
  • It works well and saves space
  • It has seven adjustable positions
  • Bottom of the bench can be sticky
  • There’s a metal plate that sticks out of the bottom at the top (seat of the bench)
  • It would lean against the floor if you put it under your bed. This could scratch up the wall or floor when stored.

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6. Rep Adjustable Weight Bench

Best weight bench 2020Rep adjustable weight bench is ideal for use with handlebars with cage, power rack or Smith while working at different angles. Its best feature is that it can be set to 7 positions from -20 degrees to 85 degrees and the seat is set to 4 different angles to give more support when the rear corner changes.

The seven positions are fixed on a bare steel ladder, which prevents the paint from peeling off and falling off the metal-to-metal contact. This awesome adjustable bench have roller skates that you can use to lock your legs while you train downhill. The wheels are coated with vinyl, which facilitates cleaning. Made of 11 “, 2” X2 “steel box that makes it durable enough to hold a lot of weight, up to 1,000 lbs. It is ideal for the home because it is light and easy to move because it has wheels on the back.

It comes with a thick, sturdy 2.5 “seat wrapped in durable textured vinyl for maximum support and comfort. The cushion also measures 11.5 inches on the shoulders and sits between the backrest and the remote seat padding minimal. People who have purchased this workout bench, they say they are worth the investment they have made. Although this equipment is not cheap, it is worth buying it.

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Wheels and handle make it easy to move
  • Excellent pad thickness and firmness
  • Easy ladder or bench incline (5 positions), decline (1 position), plus flat
  • 3 position easy to adjust seat
  • No funky chemical smell from padding
  • Loud ladder when adjusting back pad incline (metal on metal)
  • The seat is wider. It is not a huge con but it could be a slimmer seat.
  • If you’re under 5′ 6″, it’s a little high to keep feet flat on the ground 
  • No rubber padding on feet. If you are using this on a hard surface it will slide.

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7. Body Solid GFID225 Review

Best Weight Bench Body Solid GFID225 provides a wide range of exercises, especially for the upper body. The best feature is that it has the required position, ie flat, inclined and inclined (FID), which is preferable when exercising. The decreasing position is the best work on the lower chest and helps to focus on the chest, shoulders, triceps and muscle endurance.

If you do not have enough space at home, this weight bench is for you, because it has a height of 9 inches when it is flat, making it easier to slide under a normal bed at an angle. The customer’s reviewed that GFID225 is totally worth the money, although it does not have the 90-degree position that it can not do some shoulder exercises. The material is very strong and of high quality, which makes this bench easy to clean.

In addition, it is not necessary to assemble because it was once removed from the packaging; GFID225 is ready to use. It has a lifetime warranty if used only at home but not for commercial purposes. The warranty covers all parts of the bank. This is a perfect training bench as it is functional, portable, compact and durable. If you need a sturdy device without extra bulky accessories, then this Body Solid GFID225 collapsible folding weight bench is a great option.

  • 7 adjustment positions that will give you all the versatility you need 
  • There are piles on the front for stability while working
  • Top-rated weight bench for body beast
  • This workout bench has wheels for quick and easy mobility and soil protection
  • The bench measures 57 x 16 x 18 (W x D x H) inches and weighs 54 pounds
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 1000 pounds
  • The only real con is that the bottom seat pad is stationary. It does not tilt up when doing incline presses. 

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Best adjustable weight bench

Different Types of Weight Bench For Home

There are 6 types of weight benches available on the market.

1. Flat Bench

These are the most popular and most common types of benches. Flat benches don’t have any attachments. 

2. Olympic Weight Bench

Olympic benches are like professional and advanced level benches that are usually longer and wider.

Olympic benches are not ordinary benches rather they come with additional equipment such as squat rack, weight plates, rod, dumbbells and more.

Olympic Weight benches are a complete exercise machine that allows you to do some advance workouts such as squats, bench press, quad exercises, and more.

3. Adjustable Weight Bench

An adjustable workout bench is more flexible and allows you to do different workouts easily by adjusting the bench accordingly. It can be inclined or declined or lie flat.

4. Folding Weight Bench

If you need a exercise bench that can be folded easily and carried anywhere than you should go for folding weight bench. But the problem is these folding benches are not designed with the rich feature as they have to fold.

5. Preacher Curl Bench

If you want to work the peak of your biceps then Preacher Curl Bench is good for you. It is made to do preacher curls especially.

6. Abdominal Bench

Abdominal Bench is introduced to do abdominal exercises or core workouts. You can set it according to incline, decline or flat position.

It is a bench that is specifically made for performing ab exercises. The position of these benches can be either flat, incline or decline.

These Abdominal benches have foot rollers in order to lock the feet and better protection of the exerciser.

Best Adjustable Weight Bench Buyer’s Guide 

Best weight bench 2022

Before buying a adjustable bench you should consider the following things:

1. Weight Bench Safety 

It is important to be careful during training, so it is best to choose a training bench with braces as this is a safety point. It should also be stable enough to assist you during your workout

2. Bench Support

Supported benches are best for heavy workouts for those who use rockers that provide greater stability for compound movement, and the brackets provide grip. The style you should choose depends on your training.

3. Quality of the Bench

This is very important and you have to invest a lot in purchasing excellent construction equipment. It should be made of steel and thick pipes, usually made of a solid metal that does not rust and does not easily counterbalance. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to find out if the weight and weight of the user are within the load range.

4. Tapestry and Comfort

The best weight bench should have at least one inch of lining to provide more comfort during training. Light padding on the side and lumbar pads make it uncomfortable during exercise and you could cause back pain. Check that the lining is sewn with a box stitch as this is the best point against wear.

5. Mobility

A small but good quality weight bench is good for a home gym instead of a huge expensive bench for the gym or commercial gyms. If you want to buy a adjustable weight bench set, it is important to choose one that suits you, so do not just put it in your house and do not use it.

You must first understand clearly what type of bodybuilding program you will follow, what are your goals and what is your routine. This determines the type of workout bench that best suits you and your weightlifting program.

6. Adjustability Of The Weight Bench

It should be quickly adapted to multiple locations without screwing or removing a needle. For a more effective workout, you can practice with the best models with a flat, sloped, and down-tilted angle, and with these angles, you can perform a variety of training exercises and target different muscles.

Final Verdict:

These weight benches with excellent workmanship are generally used for doing exercises frequently to enhance your fitness at home. Choose the right adjustable bench that suits your need and your exercises. 

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