Barbell Deadlift ( How To Do The Barbell Deadlift Properly )

Barbell Deadlift

Proper deadlift technology is critical if you want to maximize the lifting benefits and perform it safely and efficiently as possible. The barbell deadlift is the right exercise, which can be used by anyone from youth stage to senior. Typically, it is a full-body workout that targets the glutes, hamstrings, back, core, and shoulders.

If you want to strengthen your entire body, the solution is to have this barbell deadlift using a best barbell set. It is very popular with most successful athletes who have peak performance with a strong lower spine.

Not only does the barbell deadlift make you stronger, but it also teaches you how to move better and recover from movement disorders effectively. This lift becomes the most basic human movement but requires some steps to be followed. Here are the steps on how to do the barbell deadlift.

1. Go to the barbell


The feet must be hip-width apart, with the middle line of a foot being below the barbell. You will feel the weight when the barbell hits your legs and knees, but don’t worry. If you do it right, the barbell will pass you without touching it.

2. Arm placement

You need to stand with the feet under the barbell and keep the hands shoulder-width apart with any gripping technique. Keeping the barbell wider increases the distance the bar travels and make the deadlift harder. Grabbing the barbell closer will allow it to move less and make deadlift easier.

The arms should be slightly inclined when viewed from the side so that the shoulder-blades are directly over the barbell. Keeping your shoulders directly on the barbell can put more pressure on your lower back and hits your knees or legs when lifting.

3. Grab the barbell

When grabbing the barbell, it is crucial to grip it with your fingers in the lower down, not higher up. If the weight is considered greater, the skin will be caught under the weight. Firstly, it makes lifting uncomfortable, and if that is not impossible, it can cause induration, damage the skin, and make deadlifts impossible for days to come.

how to do the barbell deadlift

4. Bend your knees

Bend your hands with your hands until your legs and thighs are about 45 degrees apart. If you let your legs bend 90 degrees or less, the deadlift becomes a squat. That may be your goal, which is fine, though, to keep you on the deadlift technique. When you do this, your legs must touch the barbell. So don’t try to pull the barbell away from the body. You need to make sure the barbell is always above the midline of the feet. This position may seem strange at first, but with some practice, you can comfortably hold it until you’re ready to lift the barbell.

5. Lift your chest

Holding the barbell in place and raising your chest make the back to straighten. This is possibly the most crucial technique in preventing injuries. If you have the hyperextended or rounded back when lifting the barbell and putting too much pressure on your back and discs, this discs’ compression can cause spinal disturbances and disc displacement.

6. Pull the barbell

You can now pull the barbell and take a deep breath before lifting the barbell. Inhale by pulling the breath in by pulling the barbell, expel the breath, and contract the abdomen. This abdomen contraction helps to stabilize and support back muscles during the traction phase, thereby reducing spinal pressure. Try not to shrug your shoulders or push them and resist a need to sit while you straighten your back by pressing the discs on your back. When your knees and hips are locked in place, you have completed the barbell phase.

7. Lower the barbell

When you’re ready to lower the barbell to the floor, it is important to bend your hips first; otherwise, you may hit the knees with the barbell. When the barbell reaches the knees, bend them so that you can lower the barbell to the floor.

FAQ on Barbell Deadlift

What is the barbell deadlift?

It is a weight training exercise in which the loaded barbell is lifted off the floor in an inclined position.

Which muscles does the barbell deadlift work on?

This include the primary muscles that are in the middle and lower backsides. Also, it include the secondary muscles that comprise the calves, middle and lower back, forearms, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and upper back.

Are the precautions included when using the barbell deadlift?

If you’re a beginner, you will need the precautions under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The results can be devastating if you do not follow these precautions correctly.

What is the level of workout difficulty for the barbell deadlift?

Given the warning signs, it is difficult for beginners to perform a dumbbell deadlift.

Who can perform the barbell deadlift?

This include anyone who loves to perform this exercise.


The barbell deadlift is typically an isometric exercise that involves almost all the main muscles. The purpose is simply to lift the barbell off the floor as you stand up and also engage your back. This makes the exercise beneficial to the muscles. With the above steps, you are now enlightened on how to do the barbell deadlift.


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