How Long Should I Use An Inversion Table For Sciatica

Inversion Table For Sciatica

Inversion Table For SciaticaAnyone who has suffered from sciatica knows how debilitating and painful the disease can be. If you have severe sciatica, you may not even move. It is wise to seek the right treatment and also do the right thing to improve the condition.

Typically, many people think that nothing can be done for sciatica or think that major invasive surgery is the only treatment option, which is useful. However, different non-surgical ways are well-known to treat the condition like you can use an Inversion Table For Sciatica.

Symptoms that cause sciatica.


Symptoms that cause sciatica vary in their severity. A person with sciatica can have moderate or mild symptoms for one day and then severe symptoms in the next days. Symptoms can vary based on how active a person is and the activities he or she do. The most common sciatica symptoms are:

  • Numbness in the lower body, usually on the left or right side
  • Indication of pain
  • Stiffness
  • Aching
  • Weakness

How is sciatica treated?

There are different treatments available to relieve sciatic pain. Some doctors recommend non-invasive treatments such as physical therapy, while others recommend surgical options. The correct treatment depends on the cause of the pain. Some people may be advised to do the surgery to get relief. The inversion table can also help relieve sciatica symptoms. This will involve the exercises that are best suited to everyone’s needs, depending on sciatica’s cause.

How Long Should I Use An Inversion Table For SciaticaIt is important to consult the physician before starting any exercise routine to relieve pain. Your doctor may make recommendations for physical therapy, exercise at home, or even suggest using the inversion table for sciatica.

Generally, the inversion table is the best way for sciatica because the table helps to relieve pain through gravitational force. When you turn it upside down, the gravity takes over by helping relieve compression and other back problems.

This can significantly improve the condition. The inversion table has many benefits to different people with various physical conditions, though some equipment is even dangerous or challenging to use. Since many people use the inversion table for sciatica, you need to know how long you can use it.

Then, How long should I use an inversion table for sciatica?

Starting slow

If an inversion table is new to you, sciatica needs some conditioning. Preferably, start in the horizontal position. You will need to lay down in a normal position using this starting point. Invert up to 15 degrees within 30 seconds. You can do this about ten times a day. Because the angle of inversion is very small, the body can decompress more evenly. The spinal disc will receive minor stretching, which will improve blood circulation over time.


You can also use an inversion table for sciatica frequently. Once you start the inversion, the sciatica is not used to that sensation. The ultimate goal is to stretch out the joints and discs to remain the same way even during ordinary standing and walking. If you plan to invest at least one day, the angle should not be very extreme. The gravity can still have a positive effect on the spine with only a small angle. When you experience any discomfort, reduce the frequency several times a week. The body will adapt to the process more slowly.

How Long Should I Use Inversion Table For Sciatica

Several sessions per day

When you gain a comfort level with the inversion table, it can become a useful tool sometimes a day. Many people benefit from an inversion table both in the evening and in the morning. After a long night of rest, the joints may become fixed. If you stretch in the morning, nutrient-rich fluids will seep into the discs. Walking during the day can contribute to disc compression, which sometimes causes sciatica. Prepare the several sessions using the inversion table before you go to bed to relax your back.

Consideration of the doctor instructions

For most people, the inversion table is entirely useful and safe. How you will use it will depend on the doctor’s instructions. You may be required to move to a different position to ensure smooth movements. If the blood pressure changes while using the inversion table, the doctor will recommend how long you will use it.


Sciatica is a painful disease that needs the right way to deal with it. The inversion table is known as the best way, which is safe and easy to use. Unlike other methods, the user does not need to turn the inversion table upside completely down to configure for different comfort levels.

With the new activity or exercise, it is crucial to slowly start using the inversion table for sciatic, use it daily, and several sessions per day. Also, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid further injury. If you use it correctly, it will bring many benefits to people with different health conditions.

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