How To Maintain Indoor Cycle ( Step By Step Guide )

Indoor Cycle Maintenance

How To Maintain Indoor CycleWhether you’re at home spinning the bike or taking the spinning classes, it is crucial to maintain your indoor cycle. Understanding how to keep it, is much more critical particularly if you have one. Why? This is because you can take care of the investment, whether you are buying the indoor cycle for $500 or less than $2,000.

Also, this will make the bike last long and perform well in all the exercises. Typically, this is why it is essential to know how maintenance is done. The checklist for maintaining the indoor cycle is vital in the process, as there are some critical things to keep in mind. You need to know that the maintenance process is supposed to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. With this in mind, here is how to maintain indoor cycle.

  1. Clean the handlebar


If you have the spinning class or you are just spinning at home, it is imperative to clean the handlebars after you have used it. When you are spinning at home, cleaning the handlebars is part of your maintenance routine. If you are spinning at a gym, remember that there are other cyclists who are also using your bike. Knowing how it is, the first thing is to check the cleanliness of the handlebars.

When cleaning them, you need to use antibacterial solutions. No matter what you use, make sure it is antibacterial and very effective against the bacteria. The handlebars facilitate the transmission of bacteria, so clean them before and after use.

Indoor Cycle Maintenance

  1. Check the saddle and seat

Another step you need to follow is to check the saddle and seat to ensure they are stable and do not swing. Besides, the saddle material should be comfortable and free from rip and tear. If you notice any sign of rip or tear, consider purchasing the new seat cover or replacing it. Likewise, if you are spinning in a public place, you will need to clean the bike’s seat with the antibacterial solution before installing it and afterward. And if you are turning at home, do it once every week.

  1. Check the pedals

You should check the pedals from time to time at home, and any time you are spinning the indoor cycle at the gym. This means you need to mount the bike and turn on the drive to determine if there is a vibration coming from the pedals. If you feel vibrations, you should adjust the chain tension or tighten the pedals and bottom bracket. Also, tighten the pedals and check whether the shoe cleat elements are working correctly.

  1. Clean and polish a chrome

It is not uncommon for the spin bikes to get dirty, mainly if people use them daily or do not follow a daily maintenance schedule. The chrome requires special attention, which means you should clean and polish it at least once every week. You can use a definite chrome polish if you are having its budget. Otherwise, regular polishing is sufficient.

  1. Clean the hub and flywheel assembly

The flywheel is the hard disk of the indoor cycle, which does not look like the standard bike. This indoor cycle can easily collect dust because it is a solid unit; therefore, it can quickly become dirty and dusty. Because of this, you need to scrub it during for the weekly maintenance procedure thoroughly. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt and dust it receives. Also, take care of the entire hub assembly to scrub it too.

How To Maintain Your Indoor Cycle

  1. Adjust the tension

Any time you want to spin the bike, you need to check if the flywheel has enough resistance. Otherwise, you won’t have much fun with your training. This is why the tension is significant, so make sure it is at the level you want, primarily if different people use this bike. Check the changes every time you wish to adjust the tension so that you can make the adjustments.

  1. Lubricate moving parts and bearings

This is another step where you need to make sure all moving parts and bearings are lubricated monthly. When doing this, it is crucial because it makes a significant change. Start with a drive chain, then go to the brake tension rod and check for any sign of tear and wear. Lubricate the handlebar post, seat post, and seat slider, and then lubricate the pop-ups. When the bearings and moving parts are adequately lubricated, the indoor cycle will move effortlessly and smoothly.

  1. Maintain the chain

Some parts, like the chain of a spinning bike, require extra attention. This means you need every day, weekly, and also monthly maintenance. Take your time to scrutinize the chain. Chain lubrication and tension are crucial, so keep this in mind. When the bike is new, it is not easy to know how well the chain is lubricated, and when not, you need to monitor it for some time.


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