Total Gym APEX G5 Review For 2022

Total Gym APEX G5 Reviews

Total Gym APEX G5 ReviewThe Total Gym APEX G5 is an awesome machine. It’s like having a commercial gym in your own home.  It has 10 levels of resistance, and it includes the cable pulley system, leg pull accessory, wing attachment, dip bars, 2 stability mats, Total Gym TV access, and squat stand. It has everything that you need from a home gym, and it is really easy to use. You can get a great workout for your whole body with this one machine and it will help you get strong and lose weight too! 

The Total Gym APEX G5 is designed with quality steel frame with auto-lock height adjustment and ergonomic padded glide board with pillow headrest. This best home gym is so versatile that it lets you do over 80 exercises using the incline glide board and your own bodyweight as resistance. It also works your core as you stabilize yourself on the moving glide board. This gym also folds up for easy storage. This machine will help you to burn calories, build muscle, or improve flexibility. The Total Gym APEX G5 will give you a good workout without using any weights at all!

Total Gym APEX G5



  • 80+ exercises, 10 levels of resistance,
  • Supports 375 lbs. of total weight
  • Quality steel frame construction
  • Cable pulley system has embroidered nylon handles
  • Glideboard with padded rolling and pillow headrest
  • Auto-lock height adjustment
  • Cardio, stretching, strength, Pilates, circuit training and more
  • Effortlessly transition from one exercise to the next
  • Low impact, fluid movements  
  • Offers total body workout including chest, back, shoulders,  arms, legs, and abs
  • Works for all fitness levels, ages 8-80
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Folds for easy storage

Total Gym APEX G5 Reviews


  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Access to over 80 exercises
  • Safe, low-impact
  • Full body workout
  • 10 levels of resistance
  • Heavy-duty nylon pulleys
  • 5 included attachments
  • Nutritional guide, exercise guide included
  • 2.5″ cushioning
  • Thick vinyl finish on the glideboard
  • Two stability mats
  • Access to Total Gym TV
  • Can support users up to 375 lbs
  • No assembly necessary
  • Space-saving, folding design
  • Great price


  • Limited weight range.
  • Short warranty


What does the Total Gym apex G5 come with?

The Apex G5 comes with nice combination of features, such as access to 80 exercises and 10 resistance levels (incline) . For extra comfort, the APEX G5 features a pillow headrest. It includes cable pulley, leg pull accessory, wing attachment, dip bars as well as larger squat stand for upper and lower body exercises.

How much does the Total Gym apex G5 weight?

The Total Gym Apex G5 weigh’s 53.2 pounds
When in use its length is 93 inches, height is 43.2 inches and width is 15.5 inches. 

Can you add weights to Total Gym Apex G5?

Yes, in order to boost your workout and build more muscle you can add greater weight and resistance to this Total Gym Apex G5. The sturdy chrome bar nicely slides through the glide board of your Total Gym so you can easily add extra free weight to increase your workload and your strength! Though, weights are not included with this total gym.

Is Total Gym Apex G5 worth buying?

While the warranty is limited and the retail price tag is high, it’s a good buy for those people looking for low-impact workouts at home to slowly (but steadily) tone their body and develop their fitness level in a total body workout. Apex G5 is still more affordable than other comparable Bowflex home gym setups.

I have been a big fan of Total Gyms for a long time. And I am impressed with the new Apex G5 model. It is affordable and has many attachments. While using, the tubular steel and attachments feels very sturdy to me. Heavy duty pulleys works good as well. The pad on the glide board is not super-thick but good enough for me.

Apex G5 glides very smoothly and the attachments fit perfectly. I have total confidence that they will support the weight as needed. The included cards and exercise book will show you some challenging and creative ways to use this machine. To perform a wide variety of exercises, it is pretty easy to switch the machine’s configuration and you will like that it’s so quick, as you will not face any unintended cool-down time.

I think it is a generous package- especially with the squat stand and more! The Total Gym APEX G5 uses your own bodyweight as resistance. You can do 80 different exercises with this machine. It includes a wide variety of accessories and attachments. You can use this machine to work on muscle toning, weight loss, pilates, stamina development, and cardiovascular health. In all, it’s a great home gym to get strong and healthy.

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