How Many Times A Week Should I Spin

How Many Times A Week Should I Spin

How Many Times A Week Should I SpinIn many ways, spinning looks the same as riding a stationary bike or outdoor cycling, but it is a more intense workout and the easiest to overdo. You use the quadriceps, maximus, and gluteus muscles when on a spinning bike.

These muscles, being the most massive body muscles, make you use a lot of energy. Typically, these places spinning among the top high-intensity workouts. Sweden-based research discovered that one hour of spinning on a good spin bike is adequate to trigger the body to release blood chemicals that are positively associated with heart changes and stress. Although many perceive this as a bad thing, the biomarkers and blood chemicals signal the heart is subjected to a good workout.

Furthermore, these study findings have been seen in a continued exertion in marathons. More so, spinning helps decrease body fat mass, improve body composition, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Although overexertion is an everyday possibility in all exercise forms, there is a higher risk during spinning, especially when it may lose a liter of water in just one hour of the spinning session. In this regard, it becomes paramount to know “how many times a week should I spin”? Hopefully, the below guide will help know the number of times to spin in one week while considering various factors determining the spinning frequency.

Depends on the age


Spinning being a low-impact workout is an excellent workout for young people and old adults but caution on how often you do it is necessary. Spinning without cross-training creates an imbalance between opposing muscles, quads overdevelop, and hip flexors. Subsequently, this leads to some form of imbalance and finally leads to injury.

In some cases, the spinning exercise may push people beyond the beneficial threshold. The overall intensity of everyday indoor cycling may be high and can lead to nonfunctional overreaching development. Therefore, Researchers recommend a maximum of three spins in a week for older adults.

Whether spinning to lose weight

Many people also ask how often should I do spinning to lose weight? If you want to lose weight, you need to increase the physical exercise to burn calories, creating a calorie deficit in the body.

Considering that spinning is an intense exercise, it is possible to burn many calories, helping create the calorie deficit to lose weight significantly. Researchers recommend 150 to 300 minutes of medium intensity spinning for adults in one week or 75 to 150 minutes of high intensity spinning in one week.

How Many Times A Week Should I Spin

Additionally, it is possible to do an equivalent combination of vigorous-intensity spinning and moderate-intensity spinning in a week. However, the spinning exercise has to be spread evenly over the whole week. In case the classes vary between high-intensity and moderate-intensity, it is advisable to take them at a higher frequency to lose weight significantly.

Spinning For fitness goals

The frequency and intensity of the spin classes mainly depend on your fitness objectives. For instance, attending spin class at least once or twice a week will deliver a considerable workout.

Spinning is a high-intensity workout, offers many cardiovascular health benefits. Depending on your health goals, it is possible to attend spinning classes several times a week, but you need to be careful not to over spin as it can cause health issues. Overdoing it can make you develop tendinitis.

Depends on the cardio endurance you want to build

Muscular cardio endurance helps you to withstand vigorous and intense physical exercises for prolonged periods. Cardio endurance can be built by taking 30 minutes a day spin time for three or more times in one week.

It is advisable to increase the spin time duration rather than days of attending the spin class as you build the cardio endurance. As an illustration, it is better to take 45-60 minutes of spinning time for three days a week rather than taking 30 minutes of spinning time for seven days.


I hope you have already got your answer of how many times a week should I spin?”

In conclusion, spinning has become increasingly popular due to the excellent workout for all genders and ages. Besides, it burns lots of calories, is accessible on the joints, and helps keep you in great shape. You will enjoy your colleagues’ motivation and company by taking spinning classes rather than spinning at home in the same fashion.

Spinning, being of low impact nature, is an excellent exercise for people recovering from orthopedic injuries and older people. Further, it is possible to moderate the riding pace and adjust the resistance. It opens a door for many people of different ages, health conditions, and gender to participate.

However, there a tendency of people who are new to spinning overexerting. In case you are not familiar with exercising the lower body muscles and vigorous exercises, there is a high possibility of over spinning.

Hopefully, the above guide provides insight into the different factors you have to consider before deciding on the number of spins to take in a week. It is advisable to take doctor precautions seriously for those with underlying health problems before attending spinning classes.


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