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How Massage Chairs Help Back Pain

How Massage Chairs Help Back PainWhether you see massage chairs at the mall or you have them at home, chair massagers are generally known to be luxury items that do little more than fun. While this is true for low-quality massage chairs, most can relieve back pains.

If you cannot get a specialized massage, electronic chair massager can work just as well and cheaper. Before using the chair massager to treat severe or mild back pain, always consult a doctor to make sure the chair is not doing you any harm than good. If you moisten your feet with the massage chairs or if you use them after a prolonged duration of time, you may experience discomfort or mild pain after the massage.

This tenderness and mild pain can last for several days until your body adapts to the stimulation of the massager. There are different ways to avoid discomfort when using a massage chair for the first time. Start with a short interval of massage sessions and possibly two or more times a week. It is advisable you start with the lowest intensity with a massage chair and then increase the power when you feel comfortable.

Massage chairs dramatically help in relieving back pains, but they can also cause injury in case you are not using them correctly. Many questions we receive from massage chair owners and those planning to buy are whether the chair massager helps in alleviating back pains. Here are how massage chairs help back pain.

Helps increase lymphatic and blood circulation in the back area


The leading cause of back pain is poor blood circulation and low lymphatic fluid flow. The use of a massage chair boosts blood flow to the back and the painful area. Imagine the massage rollers work lightly on your back and let the blood flow again. Stimulation of muscles through massage improves the general flow of lymphatic vessels and aids blood flow and the absorption of vital nutrients in the body tissues and muscles.

When the body removes toxins due to increased circulation of lymph in some regions of the body, the massage area are revitalized, this relieves discomfort and pain. The increase in blood flow allows for better nutrition and faster healing. Also, good blood circulation is essential for a healthy spine.

How Massage Chair Help Back Pain

Improve skeletal function

When muscles are tense, stress on the bones also increases. Sometimes, extreme muscle pressure can cause bones to break in strange places, causing pain and discomfort. Many chair massagers have the capacity to stretch and knead areas with issues where muscles are taut, and relaxing them helps to relax the skeletal structure.

Eliminating this stress affects the spinal cord, which is a prevalent cause of back pains. When muscles work well, there is less stress on the bones. Massage chair models with stretching and kneading functions can loosen the muscles in these problem areas and straighten the spinal cord, which is a known cause of back pain.

Increase endorphins

Using a chair massager is not only comfortable but also triggers a series of reactions in the body. After around 20 minutes in the massage chair, endorphins increase. It helps you relax and gives you an overall feeling of well-being. Depending on the back problem, any of them may be useful for you.

Swedish massage uses a longer sliding and kneading massage. It is relaxing and effective. The Shiatsu massage is more of a trigger massage to relax muscle knots in certain areas. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it helps to loosen up and relax your back muscles.

Reduces back muscles tension

A known cause of back pain is due to the muscles and the skeletal system being too tense and tight. A massage chair will help relax your muscles, increasing the flow of blood to the back areas that lack nutrients and oxygen. It is especially useful when muscle spasms occur, and the heat from the massage chair that warms this area reduces its frequency. It then improves nutrients, and blood circulation relieving back pain.

Since all the muscles in the body are interconnected, removing the back can also help reduce stress on the neck, chest and legs. Therefore, massage chairs not only relieve back pain but also headache, as the number one cause of headaches is excessive tension. A good chair massager can stimulate your muscles by helping add nutrients and oxygen to your back areas.

How Chair Massager Help Back Pain

Boosts back muscle flexibility

Most of us have tense back muscles at some point in life, which causes tension and pain. It can be as a result of an injury like a sprain, causing muscle spasms and tension in the back. A chair massager can help reduce stress and improve flexibility in your back muscles. It, therefore, leads to back pain relief, improvement in overall healing and better sleep.

Improves the immunity

Studies show that massage can boost the immune system during times like the winter months by raising the levels of antiviral white blood cells in the body. An increase in white blood cells is because of cortisol decrease, which damages natural killer cells. Increase in immunity helps the body fight common infections of the spine and relieve back pains.


In conclusion, it is evident that massage chairs are excellent additions to the home, even if you are not suffering from back pain or the like. If you have back pain or injury, you still have reasons to purchase a chair massager. Massage chairs can offer psychological and physical benefits to reduce back symptoms dramatically. However, as there are no two systems in the human body in the same way, discomfort can arise when using a chair massager.

Excessive use of a massage chair can lead to many problems, most often muscle pain, swelling and irritation. Also, the treatment and pressure as a result of massage chair use can cause small disruptions in the tissues and muscles. Again, this pain usually remains a few days after using the massage chair for the first time. However, if the problem causes injury or persists, you should see a doctor. It is noticeable more clearly that this little discomfort disappears after the first massages.


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