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Everything You Need To Know About Spin Bikes

Everything You Need To Know About Spin BikesApart from boxing and lifting weights, one of the most exhilarating and endorphin-pumping exercises you can ever have in a gym is spin biking.

Regarded as one of the most challenging workouts, this exercise has become so popular that an overwhelming majority of athletes are queuing up in gyms just to sign up for spinning classes.

Having originated in New York back in the 90s, spin is a popular sport that uses a stationary bike fitted with various settings and resistant levels aimed at challenging your speed and endurance levels.

This spinning exercise is considered to be the best figure-friendly workout that helps you to build your muscles and increase your cardio capacity.

In addition to that, dieters have realized that this exercise promotes safe and rapid weight loss as it helps you to burn anywhere from 400 to 1200 calories depending on your age, fitness level, length of the workout, and gender.

Everything You Need To Know About Spin Bikes


Now, if you’re a newcomer in this side of the gym, it will obviously seem intimidating especially if you’re not a cyclist. However, you don’t have to be pro for you to reap the benefits. So, to give it a go, here’s everything you need to know about spin bikes.

1. They come with immense features

There are different types of spin bikes available in the market. There are those basic models that offer fewer features such as pedals, saddle, and handlebars and there are those premium models that offer additional features such as display monitors and heart rate monitors among others.

Everything You Need To Know About Spin Bikes

If you’re looking for a budget spin bike, then going for a basic model will be just fine. On the other hand, if your budget is limitless, then a high-end spin bike will be the best pick as it offers additional features that will notify you about your fitness level, distance covered, and amount of calories burned.

Another feature that really makes the difference between a basic and a premium spin bike is the flywheel. This is actually the item that provides the momentum to engage your muscles during spinning exercises. According to most experts, spin bikes with heavier flywheels add some challenge to your workouts as compared to lighter ones.

2. They suit any occasion

Everyone has his or her own personal preference when it comes to spin biking. Some people may need it for light workouts to reduce weight and maintain body shape.

On the other hand, there are those professional athletes who may require the spin bike to perform heavy-duty exercises to strengthen their muscles and increase cardio.

So, whether it’s for daily use or occasional use, there are always those models that will always suit the occasion to prevent you from overspending on what you really don’t need.

3. Invest in the right gear

Although a spin bike is an indoor exercise bike, investing on the right gear is an absolute necessity as it allows you to exercise with less or no interference. Investing in good sports bras and padded shorts will really seem helpful as the exercise involves sitting on a saddle jumping up and down while spinning.

Other gears you may need to invest on are training shoes with protrusions on the sole where you can attach to the pedals. With such shoes, all you only need to do is to clip-in to the cleats and spin the bike.

4. Type of resistance

Most spin bikes offer users the option to choose their own resistant levels when performing workouts. This option is of great advantage as new users are able to gradually increase the level of tension as they progress to higher challenging workouts. Indoor spin bikes usually have two ways of adjusting the resistance either by using belt drives or magnetic brakes.

  • Belt drives: The first one is belt drives which are very popular in most basic models. Here, a belt or a chain is connected to the pedals and the crank to make the flywheel stiff forcing you to apply more pressure when spinning.
  • Magnetic brakes: This type of a braking system is usually found in those high standard spin bikes. It consists of a series of magnets that are designed to move closer to the flywheel to provide resistance. As the magnets get closer, the flywheel becomes more challenging to pedal. These models offer a variety of spinning levels such as uphill and are long lasting since there are no belts to cause friction between moving parts.

5. Adjustable seat and handlebar

Something else you need to know about spin bikes is that they come with adjustable saddles and handlebars. If you are worried about your height or riding position, simply know that spin bikes can easily be adjusted to cater for the length of your arms and upper body.

So, the next time you wish to perform sprints and jumps, don’t forget to adjust the handlebar to suit your specific hands’ position.

6. Transportation wheels

Another key factor you need to know about spin bikes is that they’re fitted with transportation wheels for easy mobility. You see, these machines are really bulky and moving them from one space to another might be really challenging. So, having felt your pain, most models are attached with tiny wheels on the base to make mobility much easier.

7. Pedal in full circles

Finally, spin bikes require you to pedal in full circles to get the best out of your workouts. Most spin bikes come with ‘Look’ pedals that let you clip with your cycling shoes to help you benefit from the up-strokes.


Comparing spin bikes with other fitness machines, it’s evident that the former is able to provide full body workout making it the best for athletes or people looking to reduce weight. If you’re a newcomer in this industry, research is quite critical as it enables you to learn more about spin bikes before investing in a particular model.

Before making your way to sign up for spin bike classes at your nearest gym (or maybe buy your own for that matter), sparing some time to read this article will help you get acquitted to spin bikes as well as learn how these machines can help you live a healthy lifestyle.


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