How to Repair Exercise Bikes

How to Repair Exercise Bikes

How to Repair Exercise Bikes EasilyThe exercise bikes are standard equipment in the gym, meaning they need proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure excellent working efficiency.

Owning an exercise bike is a standout among the most useful, adaptable, and stunning things you can speak. Manufacturers recommend maintenance and regular cleaning of exercise bikes to ensure the prolonged life of the indoor cycles.

However, when you face exercise bike problems, you may need some basic knowledge on how to repair it or otherwise visit a repair shop. For those who know about repairing it, it becomes an easy task to fix it at home. In case you are unable to repair it yourself, you can consult the manufacturer to help you get in touch with a qualified technician in your locality.

If the bike is inoperable or inexpensive, you can take it for a service call. Just like any other mechanism, exercise bikes come with different features hence differing repair procedures. In this regard, remember to consider the manufacturer’s instructional approaches when repairing an exercise bike.

Hopefully, the guide below will provide you with enough information on how to repair exercise bikes. You will also recognize the problem and distinguish the issue, whether it is an electronic issue or a mechanical issue.

  1. Repairing a slipping belt


It is a common problem for the exercise belt to slip off. The strap is the one that soaks the pressure put on the exercise bike. Before attempting to repair it, unplug the exercise bike. Using Philips screwdriver, crank arm, or Allen wrench, remove the pedals. Open the left side pedal through the anti-clockwise movement and the right one through the clockwise direction.

How to Repair Exercise Bike

Using a crank puller, carefully remove the pedals without damaging the threads. Remove the shield on the sides by unscrewing the attaching screws. Using flat head drivers, remove the side and top side to access the belt and the flywheel. Using the Eddie Mech Idler bracket, loosen the belt tension by adjusting the nuts on the bracket’s lower and outer side. To tighten the belt tension, readjust the bracket nuts until you achieve the stress you desire.

In case you want to replace the belt, remove the bracket from the exercise bike by releasing the tension cable connected with the resistance motor. Use a flat head tool to release the tension and then remove the Eddie Mech Idler bracket from the bike structure. Then, drag the exercise bike belt and install a new belt. After installation, use the Eddie Mech Idler to plug in the tension cable in place once again.

  1. Fixing squeaking or knocking noises

Knocking or rattling noise is an issue that is common in exercise bikes. In most cases, the solution is regular maintenance. Mostly, the squeaking or knocking noise comes from motor or jamming due to moldiness or rust, worn out wheels or belts. To repair the squeaking noise, you need to have first located the noise source. After knowing the noise source, disassemble the bike and lubricate those parts to ensure smooth functioning.

How To Repair Exercise Bikes

  1. Solving error code issues

Sometimes exercise bikes show error codes such as E6, E1, or completely fail to start in case of an electric problem in the bike’s console. The error codes can be a result of simple maintenance issues or complex electronic problems. You have to follow the manufacturer’s repairing manual for that specific bike to get solutions on the error codes shown.

  1. Repairing magnetic resistance problems

In case the problem arises from the console making the tension control not to work, you have to repair it or replace it with a new one. Mostly, a console repair or replacement needs to be done by a professional. If the failure results from gearbox or flywheel failure, you can quickly repair it yourself.

Follow the same procedure as the one for repairing a slipping belt when disassembling the bike. After you have located the wheel and the gearbox, check the magnetic resistance visually, whether it is functioning correctly or not. Change the gearbox tension cable to make the magnetic bar inside to the outer side or go more in-depth. If the issue persists, change the wheel or the gearbox.

How to Repair Exercise Bikes


It is possible to do most of the exercise bike repairs yourself, especially when the budget is an issue. Typically, undertaking preventive maintenance helps keep the bike in top shape for a long time. Exercise bike issues can arise from electronic problems, mechanical failure, or recurring maintenance problems.

The most common problems are squeaking, slipping off the belt, error codes, and exercise bike resistance issues. The detailed step by step process above provides you with helpful insights into repairing common exercise bike problems without the need for professional skills.

To avoid injuries or damage, always follow the manufacturer’s user’s manual and instructional process when repairing exercise bikes. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need the help of a licensed technician to fix it.


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