5 Tips on How Not To Mess Up HIIT Workouts

How Not To Mess Up HIIT Workouts

For healthy living exercise is important but most people have a very goal-oriented exercise plan. They only start working out when they feel that they have gained a lot of weight, they have an event nearby or their doctor has given them an ultimatum. All these things mean that time is very limited and they won’t progress in very limited time. This also means that the intensity of the workout is very important which is the reason HIIT workouts are becoming popular more than other kinds of exercises.

HIIT Workouts

If we look at the work of Hannes Kolehmainen, we will see that he has used HIIT for improving the progress of his work, and then he also used internal-based training for the Olympics preparation. With commitment and hard work, he used a good technique that later helped him win gold within the 5,000m, 10,000m category. The best thing about HIIT is that there are so many different exercises and each variation is interesting that you can start by mixing different exercises.

As a result of this, you will be able to speed up the calorie burn out and eventually this will speed up your work progress as well. HIIT consists of different training and exercises that will help you engage multiple muscle groups with the help of the same exercise. Where most people think HIIT is just about work rest and then work again, this description involves more than that. If you look at the full picture you will be able to see multiple exercises that you need to use for not only burning calories but also gaining muscle.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about HIIT exercises. Some of the best exercises that you can add to your HIIT according to your fitness professionals. For people who find HIIT exercises difficult, we have also mentioned them from a technical aspect so that you can learn how to properly perform each exercise without messing it up.

What Is HIIT?


High-intensity interval training means you have an exercise that has high intensity and help you to gain muscle but there is an interval between each exercise before you move to the next. Some people understand the idea of HIIT as high-intensity hard work with short rest intervals which is a good way of understanding HIIT-based training. You just need to focus on the exercise and then use simple 20 to 40 seconds intervals and this will help you work longer and bring better impact. This also helps you improve the endurance and strength of the body.

Apart from this, the shorter the resting period and the longer the working period, it has a better impact on the overall body power. From the duration of the resting period, you also need to focus on the intensity of the work time. With HIIT you need to be working hard on the benefits so that you can bring endurance to your body. However, you need to try and maintain a balance between the work effort and the overall intervals. You are not just going all out, you need to be working on sustaining the workout as well.

Another important thing is to know what kind of rest you are engaging in, is the resting period complete rest or you are doing some kind of simple recovery exercise. Finally, you also need to keep in mind that intervals are of great importance. Most people take so many intervals that it breaks down the intensity of the workout. As a result, you will feel that your heart rate is the same, you are not sweating because you have been taking so many intervals.

How to Not Mess Up Your HIIT Workout

How to Not Mess Up Your HIIT Workout?

As we discussed that every detail in HIIT workouts has its significance. From the choice of exercise to the body posture you have while performing the exercise. The intervals you take and how you take them along with the time of intervals, their frequency in time as well. All these details must be kept in mind. Some people do not realize that when you take so many intervals it doesn’t add up your intensity of the workout is affected. Similarly, when you do not complete your exercise properly, your body is unable to benefit from it.

Simple maneuvers within the exercise help you understand why exercises are important and why they are performed the way they are performed. Even a simple push-up exercise requires you to keep your body weight on all fours and also requires you to go all the way up and then down. This means that if you miss the proper body posture if you do not carry your body weight properly or simply do not move as much as you are required to move, this will impact the workout. Your body range will not improve, you will also not see any improvement in the overall endurance of the body and the way you carry your body weight. All these things are very important to keep in mind.

To help you master the exercises first, we have listed down some of the most important HIIT exercises that are used and recommended by almost everyone. These exercises require a certain degree of body control and some other details that you need to keep in mind as well.

How Not To Mess Up HIIT Workouts


For the squat, your main focus needs to be on balancing your body. It helps you engage your legs as well as your core. While performing a squat, just make sure that your legs are a bit wider so that you can balance your body. Then make your core tighter and then keep your back straight. Most people leave the core to lose which doesn’t help the body and they miss the opportunity to engage their full body.


For the plank, the main idea is that you are going to lift your body while you are going to keep your core tighter and your back completely straighter. Most people hold their breath so much that they get tired right away. Apart from this, some people just put the body weight on the upper body and shoulder and the rest of the body is left without any engagement. As a result, they are unable to use the full potential of exercise.

Push Up

As you start to engage in push up, you are required to use your whole body. Most people do not realize that using the whole body doesn’t mean that you will not understand the impact of each muscle. Another very important thing is that with each push up you need to sync your breathing routine otherwise you will only be able to exhaust your whole body without any impact on the body at all. As you go down, try to inhale and as you bring your body up, you need to exhale the air.


For crunches, there are so many things that can go wrong. Most people keep their hands interlocked behind their neck but they end up yanking their neck. The idea of yanking your neck means that you are not only making your hand tighter around your neck you are also working the shoulder muscles which is a very bad combination. You will eventually notice the burn in your neck and shoulder region which is very bad for the whole body especially for the upper body. For the crunches, you need to keep the core tighter which is very important.

High Knee

For the high knee, you need to jig while you stay at the same place but push your knees higher. Most people do not technically understand this exercise and they end up pushing their body too much without working on their legs and keeping their core tighter. Some even try to facilitate their legs which completely makes the exercise a failure because keeping your body balanced is very important.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, HIIT is a simple workout plan that requires you to work out but takes the test of at least a few seconds after you are done with one exercise. With each exercise, you will be required to technically complete an exercise. Some exercises require you to complete the range of movement, others require you to keep your body tighter where others are important for injury prevention otherwise they can cause some issues with the muscle.

Overall, your exercise technique will help you improve your exercise results. For each exercise the dos and don’ts are different so focusing on each step can help you complete the exercise properly and avoid any possible side effects or injury. Another important thing is to focus on your diet because you want to make sure your body is not getting affected by the food you eat. Eating heavy food or no food at all can impact your exercise performance and this can cause digestion issues as well. The best practice is to consume healthy food that is not heavy or fried but provides enough energy that you can perform your exercise properly.


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