12 Best Electric Massage Devices In 2024 ( Top Picks With Buying Guide )

Thumper Mini Pro Massager Reviews

Hey there! Ever wish you could get a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Introducing our top-notch electric massage devices that will calm your body from head to toe in no time.

Say goodbye to the hassle of going to a massage salon every day – it’s time-consuming and can burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or an intense workout, these incredible massage machines are like having a professional human hand right at your fingertips.

Best Electric Massage DevicesThese electric massage devices are a game-changer, providing heavenly pleasure without the need for expensive spa visits. Trust us, you won’t regret investing in one of these gems. We’ve personally tested and reviewed a variety of electric massage devices, and we’ve narrowed it down to the 12 absolute best.

Each massage machine on our list comes with unique features, so you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve – check out our selection now and make the best purchase for your ultimate comfort! Our recommendation for the best electric massage device is Zyllion ZMA13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow. Dive into a world of relaxation and let this massager become your trusted ally in soothing away the day’s tensions. Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort and relief – you deserve it!

Top 12 Best Electric Massage Devices Reviews (2024)


1. Zyllion ZMA13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow

best electric massager

Meet the Zyllion Shiatsu Massager – your go-to relaxation companion priced at under $60! 🌟 This compact and ergonomic Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat is a true gem, specially designed for shoulder massage, but its versatility shines through. It perfectly fits behind the neck and embraces the body contours of your lower and upper back, calf, abdomen, and thigh areas.

Imagine all the perks of a massage therapist right at your fingertips! This fantastic massager comes with an advanced heating function, providing relief to overused and sore muscles. Perfect for those who experience foot or neck pain after a long drive, this massager is a game-changer in pain relief.

Featuring powerful 3D nodes, the Zyllion ZMA13 Massage Pillow offers a deep-kneading shiatsu massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.  💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

The Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager is designed with Overheat Protection Device. To ensure safey it is also programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off feature. This massage device also offers adjustable multipurpose handle straps through which you can easily adjust the pillow during massage.
It is also a good electric massage device. Its design is 6 cm wide and slightly over 2 inches which make it easy to take the ZMA13 with you wherever you go. When you are struggling with your chronic neck or back pain, this cool massage device will give you divine pleasure. No need to go out just order online and your pain is gone.  

  • Easily adjustable
  • Powerful heat up option
  • Highly flexible
  • Advanced heating function
  • It has automatically altering positions after 5 minutes features which is not controllable.

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2. Thumper Mini Pro Electric Massager

Best back massagerIntroducing the Thumper Mini Pro by Thumper – a powerhouse electric massager built for both professional health care offices and personal use. 🌟 This robust and durable device is your all-in-one solution, making it perfect for treating various muscle groups.

Thumper Mini Pro offers a full strength percussive massage that goes deep through all fascial layers and relieves muscular tension and fatigue. This awesome massage device is ideal for muscles warming up, improving blood flow to the area that releasing muscle tension.

“This massage machine is designed with long handle that allows users to treat themselves at home. This Thumper Mini Pro is are also ideal for reaching shoulders and mid-back areas. Its weight is only 3 pounds that’s why it is easy to carry with you when you travel.
The Mini Pro has three electronically controlled speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second. So you can easily adjust this device to treat all muscle groups. It comes with heavy duty DC motor and current feedback circuit that provides long service life and also minimizes low speed stall.

  • New look with sleek new packaging
  • Variable Speed: 20-30-40 Pulses/ Sec; Stroke: 0.24” (6.0 mm)
  • Patented Thumper Percussive Action 
  • Heavy duty DC motor and current feedback
  • Made in Canada ensuring the highest quality product.
  • Ergonomic handle to reach all muscle groups, back, shoulders, legs.
  • One device for the entire treatment of all muscle groups.
  • Little expensive.

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3. TheraRUB Percussion Head Massager

best back massager

If you want to get benefit from a deep-tissue massage everyday for just under $30 then try this TheraRuB Percussion Head massager. It works by providing vibrations into the important muscles of the body. It nicely hammers into your deep tissue muscle.

TheraRuB Massager comes with three sets of massage heads. This feature of this massager will help you to customize your massage experience. Each set of massage heads of this massager has a different design. So every time you change the option, you will get a new kind of massage.

The specially designed circular heads provide a great relaxing massage. This TheraRuB Massager will give you a comfortable experience to relax your muscles and brain after a long day at work.
This best electric massager is powerful and lightweight. It is a good choice for those who require muscle spasms, soothe niggles and muscle relief. The percussion action is great to loosen soar muscles. You will love this massager for sure.

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Extendable handle
  • Cheap than other machines.
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Also powerful foot massager machine
  • Full body massager machine 
  • The handle should be little bit longer.

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4. RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS 

massage chairIt is on of the best massage chair that comes with all the latest features like gentler massage rollers, softer airbag pressure for arms and calves. It offers 5 automatic massage sessions, one-hand remote controller, 3 programmable massage sessions. You will also get 3 manual targeted massages (kneading, tapping and combo), three-speed massage management and three-level pressure of airbag intensity.

The exterior of RelaxonChair MK-II plus was designed with quality in mind. It’s created with first-rate synthetic leather that adds to your massage experience and soft to the touch. Once you first take a seat your body is automatically scanned. It measures the length of your spine and figures out specifically where you would like a massage. The Relaxon Massage Chair has been upgraded with a Buttlock L-Track Massage System. The 2 connected rollers within the seat glide from the neck space all the way down to the buttocks area. With this latest system, you’ll get a full body massage.

Another nice feature is the air massage technology that uses an airbag system to massage your arms, shoulders, thighs, hips, calves and lower back. The airbags individually inflate and deflate to make your body to twist and stretch.
Get ready to get pleasure from automatic, multi-function zero gravity. Zero gravity could be a feature that literally helps you take a load off. With this feature, this massage chair will recline your back and elevate your legs at the same level as your heart. This position eliminates back pain and enhances relaxation because it lessens the stress that gravity puts on your vertebrae.

  • Get awesome pleasure from automatic, multi-function zero gravity
  • Excellent shiatsu Massage Chair
  • Air massage technology
  • Created with first-rate synthetic leather
  • You will get 5 automatic massage sessions
  • 3 manual targeted massages (kneading, tapping and combo)
  • Relieves tension, fatigue, and pain fast
  • Just sitting on this chair you can easily relieve pain and relax your whole body. 
  • No cons found. You will not be disappointed if you purchase it. It’s frighteningly powerful and worth your investment.

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5. Shiatsu Neck Massager Device 

best massage devices

It is one of the best Shiatsu neck massager on the market under $50. You can utilize this massage machine almost on your whole body. Especially it is good for shoulder and neck massage. For more pressure, simply you have to pull the straps and for a lighter Massage, you just have to loosen up the straps. And for lower back pain wrap it around your legs or lumbar area.

This Shiatsu Neck Massager Device offers a special heating function that allows you to enjoy an even deeper massage that will make you feel relaxed. You can choose between two massage directions, giving a simple operation. The 8-knot effectively massages the neck and shoulders. 

This best massager is an easy-to-use massage device that can gently massage the neck and shoulders, including the area between the shoulder blades.
The application of heat during massage is very effective for intensifying the user experience while providing great comfort. It is a very convenient massager and can be a great economical alternative to paying a professional for frequent massages.

  • This massage device designed to utilize on most parts of the body.
  • It has slightly smaller knobs than comparable devices.
  • It works great for deep tissue massage
  • It also works even underneath the shoulder blades.
  • Full body massager machine
  • Good massager for lower back pain
  • Knobs are made of solid plastic.
  • Massage knobs do not turn multiple directions
  • Heat output is limited

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6. HoMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager

best deep tissue massager machine

It is a cool back massager machine under $110. You can use it as a deep tissue massager device for your neck and back. I like the heating element of this massage device which is amazing as well. This soothing heat will relax tight muscles. And the powerful percussion action will relax the tense muscles. 

You will get 1 standard plus 3 massage modes which are specifically engineered to comfort muscles. The flexible straps of Homedics NMS-600 massage hard to reach areas. The adjustable intensity is up to 720 pulses per minute. People those who get migraines like me, it’s a huge help for them. You can use it when working or typing on a Computer at the same time. 

This lovely Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Massager consist of three different massage settings your shoulders, the lower back & the upper back are the three different massage settings.
Well, the design of this electric massager is so cool that you can comfortably use it around your back, neck, shoulders and much more you like. This cool massager offers flexible straps. With the help of the straps, you can target any areas where you feel hard to reach.

  • Homedics percussion massager is specifically designed to comfort muscles,
  • It has 1 standard plus 3 massage modes,
  • This massager calms down the tensed muscles with the powerful hitting action.
  • Soothing heat of this Homedics massager relaxes tight muscles
  • Adjustable intensity is up to 720 pulses in a minute
  • Flexible straps of this device massage hard to reach tensed areas
  • It massages three ways: upper back, shoulders, lower back
  • One customer said that “Some of my family members like this but I feel as though the percussions doesn’t quite hit the spot for me.”
  • Another customer said it Stopped working after only 4 months [But most of the customers are satisfied with this massage device]

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7. Back2Life Back Massager

massage deviceThe most adorable extensive back pain relief is Back2Life Back Massager. This home massage device is designed with a natural rebuilding technique. And this product has the ability to release your back distress & pressure. This best massage device offers a gentle & easy procedure in back pain prevention & recovery. These massage devices for the back is very effective.

The extensive solution of this device for back offers quick remedy from back ace. This massage device naturally helps to relieve pressure and discomfort and align the spine. It also helps to align the spine and improve mobility. You can also adjust it to accommodate different heights.

The reviewers who exercise on it for longer-term reviewing that the mobility of their daily lifespan increased drastically.
Exception: The price of the massager is high, some of the reviewers have a feeling that it is more helpful to spending on an inversion table than this massager. This massage machine also needs more area in the room than others. Still, it is useful for a long-term purpose.

  • Adjusts to accommodate different heights
  • This device gently and naturally helps relieve pressure, align the spine,  and discomfort
  • Back2Life Back Massager also helps to align the spine,
  • No aggressive kneading, no stretching, and no expensive treatment sessions
  • It helps to relieve pressure and discomfort and improve mobility
  • Designed for individuals up to 300 lbs. 
  • The only con is having to get on the floor and then get back up!

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8. Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat ReviewsWith the Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager you can enjoy the benefits of a professional massage everyday in the comfort of your own home or office. This Snailax shiatsu massager offers refreshing shiatsu massage to target pain in your neck, shoulder or back. You will get a professional masseuse feeling massage with this best massager.

This device helps to alleviate chronic pain, overuse pain in your lower lumbar, upper back, center back, shoulder, or neck – wherever you feel the most tension. The main aim of this massage device is to provide a deep tissue massage that travel up and down relaxing your full back. You can also choose the function to focus the massage area on your lower or upper back, or a specific spot for pinpoint relaxation. 

You will get 4 Unique shiatsu massage nodes that offers deep tissue massage on neck and shoulder. Two rotation directions are available. The massage nodes position are adjustable to fit specific user demand. The optional heat function of this device adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain.
For safe use, all the heat functions of this massager are euipped with overheating protection system. Your body will sense more relaxed and rejuvenated after massage with this Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager.

  • The Total Package Massaging Cushion
  • 4 Unique shiatsu massage nodes
  • Two rotation directions are available.
  • It is great for knots between the shoulder blades!
  • Helps to get rid of the back pain from sitting at a desk all day.
  • Shiatsu Deep Kneading
  • Heat function adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain
  • It offers overheating protection system for safe use.
  • Adjust the massage nodes position to fit specific user demand.
  • Heat function adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain
  • 4 Shiatsu rotation nodes nicely travel up and down relaxing your full back.
  • One customer said, “The back roller does not reach very high or very low, so the spot between your shoulder blades and the spot above your tailbone get missed unless you put yourself in an uncomfortable, awkward position.”

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9. Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner is an awesome massage chair. This massage chair is really expensive but can serve all your need for relaxing the total body and remove the pain. It will worth your investment for sure. 

This chair has Robot rollers hands and SL Track System. The robots hands rollers’ speed and width can be adjusted. The hands of Robots rollers moves nicely from neck and hip along SL track. This Massage Chair also features Body Scan Technology. You can save your time as this massage chair is assembled already in one box. What you need to do is just open the box, plug in and enjoy a more comfortable zero gravity full body massage.

This specialized and well-designed relax massage chair can adapt to different body types with four colors. This chair massager can comfortably adjust with your home decoration.
The new design of Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner has ‘zero gravity technology’. When you sit in the chair, the automatic body scan will be on. And then it will adjust the back rollers according to your body shape. This high-quality product gives you 4 preset automatic massage programs along with heat and air massage, in addition to a foot & hand massager.

  • Space saving technology only requires 1.96 inch from the wall.
  • It is intended for people whose height is between 4.92 -6.23 foot.
  • Built-in Bluetooth music player & USB charger.
  • Comes with a remote controller of advanced high definition VFD display screen.
  • Footrests extended for taller individuals.
  • Professional massage techniques including Beating, kneading, knocking, Shiatsu, Stretching.
  • Our every massage chair is 100% tested before shipment.
  • Built-In Waist Heater, promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature
  • Some reviewers complained that the foot massager a little bit of a novelty and mostly ineffective. After all that sayings they give the positive review that the chair itself offered a powerful body massage and reported as the positive success, usually for lower back pain.

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10. Thumper Sports Percussive Massager

Best Massager

The Thumper Sports Percussive Massager is particularly for sportsperson who wants to give their best. This electric massager provides all the soothing your muscles need.

If you are a player and your shoulders are stiff after playing any game, if your legs are burning after bike riding, or if you spent too much time on your feet at the sales counter. Thumper Sport will give you the best deep tissue massage and that will surely relax your muscles. It has a drive system technology that transmits energy deep into the muscle tissue, so that you can feel relax and comfortable. This hand-held massage device is very much powerful. 

Thumper Sports Percussive Massager offers different speed & the piercing tapotement massage by which you can have natural healing. This massage machine can make the relief of pain as you desired.
Reviewers found that the power cord needs to be little lengthier. However, the relief of pain is so just that the reviewers overlook the matter very easily. However, this product is designed for the user-friendly way. You can easily hold to reach all the key pain area such as back, shoulders, & legs, etc.

  • This sport massager delivers solid and reliable performance
  • Full body massager machine
  • The drive system technology transmits energy deep into the muscle tissue.
  • A “True Speed” feedback system that prevents low-speed stalls.
  • Variable speed control from 20 to 40 pulses per second that match your muscles’ natural healing frequency.
  • The long ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach all muscle groups
  • Interchangeable spheres; that lets you customize your massage experience.
  • Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
  • One customer said that if you are not straight on you, it can pinch your skin getting in between the heads and it hurts.
  • Another said that the cord protector is too short and too rigid

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11. Conair Touch N’ Tone Massager with 5 Attachments

Best massage machines The Conair Touch N’ Tone Massager is a handy tiny massage device. This compact and lightweight 2-speed Conair Touch N’Tone Massager helps to ease tension with versatile attachments for your face, scalp and body. With its acupressure attachment, you can easily massage away the stresses of the day. You can also soothe yourself with the soft-touch facial attachment. 

It consists of five different add-ons to make pressure in different acing part of the body such as the scalp, face, shoulders, legs, back etc. This product is unique in relieving suffer from migraines. This compact simple budgeted massage machine has 2 different speed settings to aid your tardiness & relieves paining muscles. 

This machine comes with an extraordinary level of release from pain. Besides, some reviewers found it a little bit lack of strengths at the time of massage.
However, it is popular for its super-affordable rate & easy pickup on outside travel. People who are in anxiety appreciated this product, especially for face attachment.

  • Pinpoint tired and achy muscles with a soothing massage
  • Easy to use
  • It is good for face massage
  • 5 soothing and stimulating attachments
  • Easy-grip handle
  • 2-speed settings
  • One customer complained that it is not so great needs more power
  • Weak motor

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12. Wahl Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

massage machinesWahl Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager is known for its achievement of ace prevention. You can use this deep tissue massage device for back pain. It is a simple hand-held Massager and provides great profound massage.

The pulsation of the motor of this deep tissue massager can be reached up to 3,350 in every minute. Wahl’s therapeutic massager has four different add-ons. Those add-ons can give you the trigger point or kink more intensely. This mysterious add-on design of the four fingers flexible massager gives you the feeling of the hand of a masseuse. Reviewers rated this home massage device as a top massager for arthritis victims and the hip ace.  

“This Wahi Masssager helps to reach the paining area and reduce pain quicker than others.” The Accupoint add-on will help you break the knot. And the large flat disc is used to massage the extensive body parts. It is a good foot massager too.
Some customer suggests that this deep tissue massager device for back pain should have the heating capability. Though, the lower cost-effectiveness & simplicity makes purchaser worthier to compromise. 

  • One of the best deep tissue massager
  • You can easily relieve the tight muscles in your leg, and relax your shoulders.
  • 4 separate attachments
  • Relieves fatigue and pain
  • So helpful in relieving tension
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic, and easy to hold
  • Lightweight and works really well
  • Good for the budget but there are other powerful devices too.

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The Best Electric Massage Devices Buying Guide

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect electric massage device? Look no further! Our comprehensive buying guide is here to help you make an informed decision and choose the best fit for your needs.

Key Considerations:

  1. Massage Technique:

    • Different devices offer various massage techniques, from shiatsu to percussion. Consider your preferences and the specific benefits each technique provides.
  2. Attachments and Adjustability:

    • Opt for devices with a variety of attachments and adjustable settings. This ensures versatility, allowing you to customize your massage experience based on your unique requirements.
  3. Portability and Design:

    • If you’re on the go or have limited space, consider the portability and design of the device. Compact, lightweight options are ideal for travel and storage.

Features to Look For:

  1. Heat Functionality:

    • Some devices come with heat features that enhance muscle relaxation. If warmth is something you desire, ensure the device has this functionality.
  2. Power Source and Battery Life:

    • Determine whether you prefer a corded or cordless device. For portability, a device with a reliable battery life is essential.
  3. Noise Level:

    • If you value a quiet, relaxing massage experience, pay attention to the noise level of the device. Low-decibel options are ideal for maintaining a tranquil environment.

Safety and Maintenance:

  1. Safety Features:

    • Prioritize devices with built-in safety features, such as automatic shut-off mechanisms, to prevent overuse and ensure user safety.
  2. Ease of Cleaning:

    • Consider the ease of cleaning, especially if the device comes with attachments. Detachable and washable components simplify maintenance.

Reviews and Ratings:

  1. Customer Feedback:
    • Check customer reviews and ratings for insights into real-life experiences with the product. Look for consistency in positive feedback and any potential drawbacks mentioned.

Budget and Warranty:

  1. Budget Considerations:

    • Define your budget range and explore options within that range. Many quality devices are available at various price points.
  2. Warranty Information:

    • Review the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A solid warranty provides assurance and coverage for potential issues.

Armed with this buying guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the world of electric massage devices. Consider your personal preferences, needs, and budget to find the perfect device that will bring the gift of relaxation right to your fingertips. Happy massaging! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

Benefits of Massage therapy

Benefits of Electric Massage device

  1. Stress Relief:

    • Electric massage devices are excellent for stress relief, as they help relax muscles and promote a sense of calm, reducing overall stress levels.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation:

    • The rhythmic motion of electric massage devices stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation throughout the body. Improved circulation can contribute to better overall health.
  3. Muscle Relaxation:

    • These devices target muscle tension and knots, promoting relaxation and alleviating muscle soreness. Regular use can contribute to improved flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness.
  4. Pain Management:

    • Electric massage devices are effective in managing various types of pain, including chronic pain conditions, by providing targeted relief to specific areas of discomfort.
  5. Convenience and Accessibility:

    • With electric massage devices, you can enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for frequent visits to massage therapists or spas.
  6. Versatility:

    • Many devices come with multiple attachments and adjustable settings, allowing users to tailor their massage experience to specific needs, whether it’s deep tissue massage or gentle relaxation.
  7. Time Efficiency:

    • Electric massage devices provide quick and efficient relief, making them ideal for individuals with busy schedules who may not have the time for extended spa appointments.
  8. Cost-Effective Solution:

    • Investing in an electric massage device can be a cost-effective alternative to regular visits to massage therapists, offering long-term benefits without the recurring expenses.


  1. What features should I consider when choosing the best electric massage device for my needs?

    • Look for devices with adjustable settings, various massage modes, and versatile attachments to ensure a customized and effective experience.
  2. Are electric massage devices safe to use at home?

    • Yes, most electric massage devices designed for home use are equipped with safety features. However, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and not exceed recommended usage times.
  3. Do electric massage devices come with warranties?

    • Many reputable brands offer warranties for their products. It’s advisable to check the warranty information before purchasing to ensure you have coverage for potential issues.
  4. Can electric massage devices help with specific health conditions, such as chronic pain or muscle tension?

    • Electric massage devices are designed to provide relief from various conditions. However, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using them for specific health concerns.
  5. How do I clean and maintain my electric massage device?

    • Cleaning instructions vary by device, so it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. In general, using a damp cloth for the exterior and following hygiene instructions for attachments can help maintain cleanliness.
  6. Are there any restrictions on who can use electric massage devices?

    • While most people can benefit from electric massage devices, individuals with certain health conditions (pregnancy, heart conditions, etc.) should consult with a healthcare professional before using them. Always check the product specifications and warnings for any restrictions.

Final Verdict:

Although nothing beats the real skillful human hands nudging your sore neck and tension-ridden back, electric massage devices are really priceless. A “best massage device” will make your body feel incredible, reduce stress, relieve pain, and even make you healthier.

If you are living alone or you can’t get a human hand for massage, for these moments, Electric Massage Devices is just a godsend machine. These massage device will help you to lead a healthy life making you sleep better, relax, and happy.

If you have a tight budget under $70 then we suggest you to buy Zyllion ZMA13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow as the best massage device. Zyllion ZMA is an ergonomic compact massager pillow that will fit nicely behind your neck, calf, back, abdomen and also thigh areas. With the powerful 3-dimensional  shiatsu deep-kneading massage nodes, it will relieve your sore muscles & stiffness that will help relax your overused and tight muscles. 

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