Is Upright Bike A Good Workout?

Upright exercise bike

So you’re thinking of buying a new upright bike. And now you’re wondering, is Upright Bike a good workout? Then you should know that the upright exercise bike provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while strengthening the leg and core muscles.

Upright Bike“You can use this upright bike both in a sitting and standing position depending on your preference. The upright position puts pressure on your wrists and hands. This bike can give you total body workouts but if you want something like lazy workouts you can get a recumbent bike.”

The key to getting your cardio-vascular system ready for an intense workout is to first understand how it works and what it is capable of. To answer this question, let’s take a look at the three main forms of exercise bike that you can buy.

First there’s the traditional style exercise bike, which is a standard model designed for regular (non-athletes) use. This type of bike features a solid construction with a smooth seat and back that make for a good workout even without heavy weights. This type of bike is little risky to use because you can face unwanted injuries if not used properly.

Next there’s the recumbent bike, which offers a back-to-back posture similar to that of a regular bicycle with a flat seat and backrest. Although this type of bike is great for toning your back and losing weight, it does tend to tire quickly because of the constant leaning.

Finally, there is the hybrid style bike, which is more or less like a regular upright but with a smaller frame to put less stress on the back. Hybrid bikes usually have some kind of handlebar mounted console that makes working out easier. They are also much more convenient for homes with smaller areas since they can be folded up and put under the bed when not in use.

So, Is Upright Bike A Good Workout?


Upright bikes are a great way to burn fat because they target your largest muscle group especially your rectus abdominals. Your quads are the body’s largest muscle group, but they are not as visible as other muscle groups like your biceps and triceps. So, what makes an upright bike a good workout?

Upright exercise bike

Difficult form of exercise

An upright bike requires more of your body to work. This is the reason it is a more difficult form of exercise compared to workouts done on other exercise bikes. Your legs will have to support the weight of your body when you use your bike. This is very difficult for beginners. But, it also means that your heart rate will be raised for a much longer time, which provides you more energy in the long run.

Enough Resistance

The most important question is – does an upright bike give you enough resistance to help you burn calories? It depends. Because it requires more of your leg and back muscles to support your body while you ride your bike, it will cause these muscles to work out more than they would on a stair master or treadmill. This helps you burn more fat.

Easy to be in good shape

If you are trying to lose weight and get into shape, it may be easier to use an upright bike compared to another type of machine. This is because a stair master or treadmill requires your entire body to move to make sure you get moving. On the other hand, an upright trainer just requires you to tilt your torso forward slightly to see the result.

Reverse of a recumbent bike

The final question to ask yourself before buying is whether you need a recumbent bike, which is the reverse of the upright category. Recumbents are easier on the back because they don’t require you to bend your knees as much. If you want to burn more calories, then an upright is a better choice.


When you start your home fitness workout routine, you will quickly find out if you are going to benefit from both the upright and recumbent options.

Once you decide which machine you are going to use, you should always get a second opinion from a personal trainer. A personal trainer can make sure you use the equipment properly and can tell you which machine is the best one for you to use.

So before buying the an upright bike consider the above things to determine whether or not an upright bike is a good workout equipment for you or not.


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