How To Adjust The Treadmill Belt

How To Adjust Treadmill Belt

How To Adjust Treadmill BeltIn the world today, the most common way to exercise is to run on the treadmill. Some people have a treadmill in their home where they can use it at any time. However, if you use it frequently, the belt may loosen up.

If the feet touch the treadmill, the belt may appear to stop for a second. At this point, you will lose stability and feels unstable. It can be dangerous when you fall on a treadmill, which can make the skin scratched. Likewise, it can make you physically unsafe.

It is necessary to adjust the treadmill belt, which is essential for the runners who want a smooth working surface. An adjustment can be made with the rear roller attached to the left and right using the ampoule key attached to a treadmill.

Typically, here are steps on how to adjust the treadmill belt.


  1. Test the treadmill belt

The first thing you need to do is test the treadmill belt and see if the adjustment is necessary. Go for the minimum speed setting to control belt slippage. The belt is supposed to be tightened enough so that you can walk without slipping. If the belt is too loose, you may notice ridges or grooves. Look at your feet to see if the alignment is right or left. Also, look under the belt to examine its seam. This should lie flat across the belt’ width when adequately centered.

  1. Take the precaution of the hair, clothing, and fingers

Make sure the hair, clothing, and fingers are not caught in the belt or treadmill. Be very careful because the treadmill can cause severe injury if they are caught in a roller. If you want to tie the hair back, ensure it is done correctly, and if the hair falls out unexpectedly, it is extra dangerous than lying around. Essentially, if you are satisfied with the tools, you can repair your fitness equipment carefully.

How To Adjust The Treadmill Belt Easily

  1. Lubricate the treadmill

Make sure you lubricate the treadmill between the deck and the belt. Inadequate lubrication can make the belt be grabbed on a deck and make it slip on a roller. If you are not familiar with lubricating a treadmill, check how it is done using the manual. It is typically straight forward and prolongs the life of the machine.

  1. Run the treadmill at a speed of 4 km/h

Walk on a treadmill at a speed of 4 km/h, try to stop the belt with the foot. If you find the belt is loose, it may stop while the front roller and the motor continue to turn. To see what is slipping, you need to remove the motor cover from the treadmill. Then completely disconnect the treadmill from the power supply as it has a 230 volt. Instead of turning off the on/off button, remove the plug from the treadmill. As soon as the treadmill is turned off, you will immediately notice that it is not receiving the power. After removing the motor, you can reconnect the treadmill. Restart the treadmill and when you attempt to stop the front roller puller or the motor drive belt with your foot and stops, it has is a problem. When the belt is tightened correctly, it will slide for some seconds and then grips.

  1. Crouch the treadmill

If you have removed the treadmill belt to the side, you will need to hold it first. Crouch the treadmill behind to see the end cap on both sides of a running belt. There are holes with the Allen head bolts, one at each cap where many of them require a 6 mm Allen key for you to adjust. Some of them are 5 mm, and others are Phillips screws.

When the belt runs over, turn the bolt in the clockwise direction to tighten at a quarter every time. Then launch the treadmill, run on the opposite side of the belt, and push it towards the middle. Let it run and see if it can stay in a midway. Repeat the step until the belt remains in the center. Allow the treadmill to run at 4 km/h for some minutes and check whether the running belt remains at the center. It is essential to make sure the treadmill belt’s alignment is right before proceeding with the next step.

How To Adjust The Treadmill Belt

  1. Adjust the tension

Once the belt is centered correctly, the tension can be adjusted. Tighten the two bolts evenly a quarter of a turn each. Walk at a speed of 4 km/h and attempt to stop the treadmill belt. It is supposed to slip for some time and then hold. Repeat this until the tension of the belt is properly. If tightening the bolts does not prevent the belt from slipping, the problem may be with the motor belt.

  1. Final test

If you think the treadmill belt’s tension is tightened carefully, slowly increase your speed until you start running. At this point, you may have adjusted the treadmill belt correctly.


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