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What Is A Spinning Class? ( Things To Know Before Going For A Spin Class )

spinning classSpinning class is a type of workout classes that aim at intervals, strength, high intensity, and ultimately recovery. The exercise comprises a particular spin bike fitted with a heavier flywheel weight in a classroom venue.

Spinning is often also called indoor cycling. A fixed indoor cycle is the main exercising gear used in the spinning classes. The bike is often equipped with special mechanical devices to advance the pedaling difficulty, which is required for an effective workout. Besides, the indoor cycle may include other modifications such as uniquely shaped handlebars, several adjustment points to fit the individual rider’s needs perfectly.

The weighted flywheel is meant to create similar effects of momentum and inertia, just like when you’re riding the actual bicycle. For your information, Spinning is a company, while spinning classes refer to those licensed classes by the Mad Dogg Athletics, the company behind the Spinning program.

So, What Does Spin Class Involves? 


A typical spin class involves pedaling along with a static bicycle while following instructions from your instructor. Typically, the visualization of these instructions mimics a real outdoor workout, which can help you measure your workout targets and achievements. The speed and the pace change throughout the exercise, just like regular training that requires very high speed and pedaling slowly in a standing position.

Spin class

Although you can still impressive workout results while working out at your home Spine bike, exercising in a class environment can mean even better results, mainly from the inspiration from your team efforts and also the group motivation.

Things You Should Know Before Going For A Spin Class

Most people will tell you how their first day in a class was quite an intimidating experience, but the latter turned out to be the best place for their indoor cycling. Your first decision is deciding which studio or class you feel okay to join. You can access much of the studio’s information from their website. You’ll find information such as the spinning requirements and when to report to the class.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling BikeOut of experience, I will recommend you carry with you a bottle of water to hydrate often. Besides, light layered clothing is ideal since it allows fresh air in and also easy to remove.

For convenience, you can book your favorite spin bike; otherwise, you might be lucky enough to find several bikes options available to choose from a bike you’ll be comfortable with. A biked at the center or the front can mean a lot, especially during your first days in the class, but you can still learn from everyone else.

Different studios included different layouts and setups. For instance, most stationary bikes are designed to face the instructor; some classes feature mirrors to help you stay in the correct posture as you train. If you visit the gym, you’ll still get friendly staff who are much more willing to guide you through any workout you want to perform. Immediately the spinning class doors are open, go directly to your favorite bike and ensure to adjust the handlebar, seat tension, and height.

Ideally, your bike seat height should align to your hip bone, and the handlebar height should allow a neutral spine position and a slight bending in the elbows. You can estimate the best distance for you between the seat and the handlebars by making a loose fist and placing any of your elbows on it.

You’ll receive special indoor cycling shoes with anti-slip so that they perfectly attach to your bike’s pedals. Although sometimes it’s challenging to tie shoes to the pedals, it shouldn’t bother you much. Step on the pedal and push your feet downwards until you receive a clunk. You’re now assured that your shoe is perfectly attached to the pedal, and it won’t fly off as you train. Besides, riders will be very willing to help you get started on your spin bike.

Spin bike for spinning class

A typical spin class can last for 30 to 45 minutes, although some studious offer relatively longer types going for an hour or more. Often the trainer has a pair of headset microphones to issue instructions and motivate music as you are vigorously workout.

The first step towards an intense exercise session is a warm-up. Your speed will keep on increasing your pace gradually, depending on the rate of your interval training. Meanwhile, this is the ideal time to include hand weights, do several seats and stand workouts, and change the tension.

Do that particular workout you feel is the most suitable for your entire body muscles. I do not recommend taking many breaks in this session since you’re training to strengthen your muscles. However, don’t shy of taking a cool-down session to stretch a bit after a vigorous and intense workout.

It’s time to finalize your workout. Stand up from the bike, firmly wiggle your heels forth and backwards to detach your training shoes from the bike’s pedals.

How Will I Be Benefited From A Spinning Class?

Expect to burn lots of calories.

Have you been worrying about gaining too much weight, and you’re looking forward to losing it and regain a physically fit body? Then it’s time to try a spinning class.

For your information, a Spin class lasting an hour can help you send off about 600 to 1000 calories based on your workout intensity and the instructor’s motivation.

You can achieve this by using various cycling strategies, such as multiple fast-paced workouts followed by small interval rests. An ideal spinning class lasts for 40- 45 minutes so go harder and burn over 600 calories or go home.

Indoor Cycling Bike

You can tailor your spin bike to fit your specific needs.

One of the advantages of attending a spinning class is that although several spin bikes are available, they are customizable to suit your specific needs. You can adjust the handlebars, the seat, resistance/ tension depending on your workout needs.

Customize your bike at the beginning of every workout so that you don’t work on uncomfortable gear. Your instructor should help you customize the various bike features if it is your first time using the equipment.

Depending on the bike you’re using, you can bring your saddle for optimum comfort. However, you can still paddle shorts and still achieve your exercising goals if you don’t have a customized saddle.

You’ll have a unique workout experience.

Although each studio has its setup, a spinning class is generally perfectly designed to ensure maximum workout benefits.

For instance, some types feature bikes arranged in rows such that all trainees face the instructor and a mirror placed in a semi-circular design so that you can view your team members. The air-con around is to keep you well ventilated and at the ideal temperature for a vigorous workout.

Each studio comes with its professional instructors as well as its own goals, techniques, and abilities. This means that if you find a particular spinning class that doesn’t meet your expectations, then there are multiple choices to choose from.

Some instructors focus on people of a specific demographic section, such as only the old/ juniors, male/females, and unfit/fit. A professional instructor should, however, help you pick the most appropriate class for your workout needs.

what is spinning class

You’ll experience the most effective indoor workout.

Ideally, most spin classes start at an average moderate pace for 5 to 10 minutes as the warm-up session. Onwards, the indoor bike pace will gradually increase, although it might remain at a constant rate, just like when you’re cycling on level terrain. Your bike will then enter various intervals for both standing and seating sessions based on the workout intensity.

No excuses. It would help if you came prepared to face reality.

Indeed, your target is to hit your goals, not just to pass the time. It’s therefore very critical to come with a water bottle to hydrate yourself during the intense workouts. Besides, wear some tight-fitting clothing to enhance your movement without overheating.

Expect sore legs!

The sore leg is an ordinary happening, especially during those early days! However, simple activities such as foam rolling, stretching, or massage therapy can help relieve soreness discomforts. Remember, there is nothing to worry about since you’re confident your muscles are wearing off to grow stronger. For the next one to two weeks, expect muscle ache; however, this ache will cease as your muscles get adapted over time.

Become a more physically fit person.

Gradually, your muscles will get used to intense workouts and eventually improve aerobic respiration. Your body gets better every day you attend your spin class. Indeed, within a week or two, you will start realizing the great person you’re becoming. Your body might have got adopted resistance workouts, thus making push even harder, and this is something to be happy about your body. Your legs will become stronger and more prominent, and the excess fat mass is already decreasing.

You’ll enjoy it.

It’s not a wonder when you start asking yourself why I took too long to create a spinning class. Indeed, the spinning type will help you improve your physical fitness amazingly. When you feel like quitting, especially during those early days, please remind yourself how happy you’ll be once you hit your goals. Once your body starts adapting to spinning classes, don’t wonder if you find yourself hitting the most challenging workouts in the class each day.

indor exercise bike


How can I find the nearest spin classes to me?

Expect to find different versions of spin classes in other towns/cities. Ask folks who’re more familiar with every corner of the city, your friends, or family members residing at a different location from you.

Besides, the Google Voice Assistant on your mobile phone can help you find several suggestions. Just ask, “Spin classes close to me” You will get several requests from different sources so ensure to do your research before you finally decide on which studio to attend.

Consider factors such as affordable membership subscription fees, packages offered, promotion, and if they offer free trials for the first days.

Are beginners permitted into a spin class?

Why not! You should get trials on the first day you attend. Your studio should include a spin class for general fitness levels.

Whichever course you decide to start with, work at your rate! With time, be assured you’ll be a pro just like those you envy there. You’ll be more confident as you build more robust muscles. The more you become fitter, the easier things become.

Is spinning an effective way of losing more weight?

From a personal experience, let me say definitely yes! For your information, high-intensity cardio workouts are the most efficient and effective way of burning calories without negatively inflicting your body. Intense pedaling of resistance training can help you lose excess weight while at the same gain muscles.

Is a spin class very challenging for the first time?

Spinning is one of the most intense workout exercises compared to other types of workout classes available. However, the lower the workout, expect better results.

Besides, with inspiration from your instructor, loud music, a well-timed warm-up session, and more so, your physical fitness goals should help keep you moving harder and harder and ultimately realize that nothing is impossible or overwhelming as folks try to put it.

Which food should I eat before I attend my spin class?

  • Fruits such as melon, apple, berries, and banana
  • Nut butter; 1 to 2 tbsp. is enough
  • Yoghurt Smoothies or Vegan Protein
  • One or two nuts
  • Lemon flavored water
  • An energy drink

Will I become skinny if I attend spin classes frequently?

As mentioned earlier, spinning is the most effective way of losing extra fat in your body so expect to lose several pounds. A reliable study has shown that performing a moderate-intensity workout for an hour, 30 minutes each session, can help improve your cardiovascular health and your general body fitness.

Final Word on Spinning Class

Honestly, exercising alone at home may become tedious and ultimately make you lose interest, but in a class, your team, teachers will constantly inspire you to do even better. Besides, working out in a spinning class means performing the actual exercise since your assertive class leader will shout out every encouraging work to inspire you to go harder in your practice. The loud music also lifts your moods for a real workout deal.

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