How To Build Bigger Triceps With Barbell

Build Bigger Triceps With Barbell

Whenever you pull, push, straighten, or bend your arms, you use the triceps muscles. These muscles are located at the arms’ back and start at the shoulders and then end at the elbows. They contain three heads, which are in charge of keeping the upper arms active.

Building the triceps facilitates not only the performance of daily functions but also the benefits of flexibility, greater strength, and blood circulation. The triceps muscles’ location means that the triceps strength will increase and the stability and strength of the chest, shoulders, and back.

Many exercises are used to build triceps, but some are not enough to make them bigger. You need to make sure you include the barbell, which works overtime steadily to bring the best results. Here are the steps on how to build bigger triceps with barbell.

Here is how to build bigger triceps with barbell.


1. Triceps kickback

Start with the high plank, shoulders above the wrists, arms shoulder-width apart, and the barbell in every hand on the ground. The feet need to be behind you a little wider apart with the glutes and core engaged. Pull the right elbow in line, raise the barbell to the chest, and keep the elbow close to the body.

Keep the butts and abdomen tight so that the hips will not rock and the elbow in the right position, straightening the right arm fully and then press it back. Bend the right arm by bringing the barbell towards the shoulder, and lower the weight to start. You can repeat that with the left arm. After that, you can continue alternating for 40 seconds.

How To Build Bigger Triceps With Barbell

2. Overhead triceps extension

You need to stand with the feet hip-width apart. Hold the barbell with the hands behind the neck and your elbows bent, pointing towards the ceiling. Squeeze the barbells and pull the elbow as close to the head as you can. This becomes the starting point.

Extend the barbell directly overhead and straighten the elbows without moving the upper arms. Keep the shoulders down, core tight, and the arms very close to the head. Pause for some seconds and then lower the barbell slowly behind the head. You can continue for about 40 seconds.

3. Skull crusher

You need to lie on the back flat on the mat and bend the feet evenly on the ground. Hold the light barbell in every hand. Then hold it above the shoulders, with the palms facing inward and the width of the hand’s shoulder apart.

Bend the elbows to lower the barbell by the sides of the head and keep the elbows in place. Make the arms back straight to start the position. Typically, to return to straight arms, breath out, and then straighten the arms. You can repeat this for 40 seconds.

4. Bench press

In this step, you are supposed to lie down on the back of the bench. Hold a barbell above the chest with the upper arms being pressed against the upper body. The palms need to be facing the head and not the feet.

Push up the barbell by straightening the arms and then slowly lowing it back after a little pause. While pushing a barbell up, you need to breathe out, and also, you can breathe out when you are lowering it down. You can repeat these steps for one minute.


How do you stretch the triceps?

This can be done in many ways, for instance, cross-body stretch, lean body stretch, and overhead triceps stretch.

Are the triceps challenging to build?

Yes, this is if you want to build without using the three triceps heads evenly. Although they’re a group of muscles, each head works harder while the arm is at a certain angle to the shoulder.

You need to make sure to change the angle of the arm by rotating between various exercises to challenge every head equally. During the exercise, maintain proper shape by keeping your elbows straight instead of wide and using the elbow as the hinge to insulate the triceps.

Can you build biceps and triceps together?

Yes, you can build the biceps and triceps together. The advantage is that you can focus on two small muscle groups without being exhausted by other exercises. Ideally, they need to be trained separately. The number of reps done by the triceps will likely vary from the biceps, so the exercise is probably to strain or skimp one of a muscle group.


Triceps are important when you want to stabilize the scapular and shoulders during upper body movements, like push-up and pull-up. When you think of the big triceps, it means a long and developed head, one of the three triceps’ heads.

To build bigger triceps with the barbell, you need to focus on various exercises that target all three heads. This can be achieved by using a lot of exercise with the barbell. Then focus on the above steps, and you are sure of building the triceps within few days.


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