How To Lose Weight For Teens

How To Lose Weight For Teens?

workouts for teenage guys to lose weight

Weight loss can be hard and frustrating if you are a teen. You might have problems because other kids might make fun of you. If you want to know how to lose weight, there are some things that will work.

Teenage guys are encouraged to eat more. The current generation has become so inactive that the only exercise many people bother with is surfing the internet.

Some pessimists think that humans will gradually stop using their legs. People who do this might become short, fat and stumpy. This could lead to serious problems like being overweight which is a common problem for teens in America. There are more teenage guys dying from being overweight than they are from smoking cigarettes.

How To Lose Weight For Teens

Here Is How To Lose Weight For Teens


1. Weigh yourself using BMI scale once per week.

Step onto the BMI scale each week on the same time and day. It is better to weigh in the morning to get the most consistent reading. You can also measure different parts of your body like waist, thighs, hips, and upper arms to know where you’ve lost fat.

Weighing yourself everyday is a bad practice, it can lead to what scale obsession, so weighing once a week is a good idea. Remember weight loss for teens is an ongoing process; it won’t happen in a matter of days. Teenager’s weight loss in a healthy way takes months and years. Yes, some may gain weight lose overnight but it is very harmful way to lose weight. Teens must balance everything during weight loss period.

Teens can also look online for a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart and measure current height and age in the list. The chart will show 3 weight ranges labeled “normal” , “overweight,” and “obese.” If you are overweight or obese, look towards the “normal” weight category to find out what weight you’d like to reach.

Remember, if you are in “normal” weight category, weight loss will not be a good idea for you. Before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle talk with your doctor. Teens natural body type will decide how their weight is distributed.

2. Reduce your stress levels

When stress levels increase, it triggers a spike in cortisol. Cortisol is a natural hormone that promotes weight loss and increases the hunger sensation. If you reduce your stress levels, you will feel less hungry and reduce or stop weight gain.

To reduce your stress levels, you will need to practice a few mental exercises such as meditation or yoga. Physical activity can also reduce stress levels. If you have a predisposition towards depression, you will be more sensitive when it comes to stress. Seek professional help and try to eliminate the things in your life that you consider stressful whenever possible.

3. Drink more water

Drinking more water will help you feel less hungry. Even if there are some myths that you should not drink water while eating, there is no medical proof to forbid this habit. Drink more water throughout the day and have a glass of water whenever you are having a meal. This will make you feel fuller while eating less and keep you properly hydrated.

4. Avoid diet or low-fat foods

Skimmed milk, low-fat butter, and other types of foods that are advertised as being diet-friendly may actually prove to be a trap. Manufacturers need to replace the removed fat content with something else and usually, they add artificial ingredients or sugars to improve the taste of the product. Even diet-friendly cereals are usually rich in sugar. And most importantly avoid junk foods, this type of foods seriously leads the teen for weight gain making them unhealthy. So, a good eating habits is a must and it can only happen when teens lifestyle changes. Just be mindful and always read the label of the product to check the ingredients. And always take medical advice when you make a huge change in your diet.

5. Avoid eating before going to bed

how to lose weight fast for teenage guysIf you eat right healthy foods before going to bed, digestion will trigger during your sleep. It requires a lot of energy which in turn it will cause you to wake up tired. In consequence, you will be less active throughout the day and burn fewer calories. At the same time, more fat is being stored while you sleep.

“The hunger sensation that you may feel before going to bed is temporary. Hunger is triggered by a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin is a habitual hormone and if you managed to train yourself for a few days not to eat after a certain hour, after several days you will no longer feel hungry during that period.”

6. Start working out

Being a little more active matters a lot. Even if you cannot lose weight with cardio alone, combined with all the tips here, it will accelerate your process. Walking, running, or going to the gym will help you burn a couple of hundred extra calories every day.

If you burn 350 calories per day, in 10 days you would have burned the equivalent of one pound of fat. It may not sound like much but every little bit of effort makes a big difference towards your end goal.

7. Eat more vegetables

Nobody says you have to go vegan. You can still lose weight without taking meat out of your diet. Eating everything in moderation is very important. Know what foods you need to eat and make healthy menus for yourself. However, you need to adjust your diet in such a way that you take in fewer calories with every single meal. Avoid cereals and vegetables that are rich in carbs and starches. If you manage to eliminate, cereals, potatoes, and beans from your diet, you will notice that your weight will start going down. Think about foods that take more calories to digest than the number of calories they actually have such as cabbage, kale, green vegetables, and so on.

8. Eat smaller portions

Eating less does mean taking in fewer calories. It can be difficult to reduce portion sizes since you may not experience that satiety sensation after a meal. If you manage to reduce your portion sizes for about a week, your body will adjust and will get used to eating less, making smaller meals more fulfilling. But make sure you don’t have eating disorders. Healthy lifestyle and eating fruits and vegetables more & more can make you feel good & full inside and help you weight loss in the process.

9. Try appetite suppressants

Probably the best appetite suppressant is caffeine. Drinking coffee is a great way to reduce your appetite. If you do not like your coffee black, consider using artificial sweeteners since those have a zero glycemic coefficient and do not spike your insulin levels. There may be other types of appetite suppressants but coffee is the safest one that everyone has access too. One last note is to try to drink coffee without milk. Milk is rich in sugars and fats that you might want to avoid. Also, it can make you bloated if you have even the slightest lactose intolerance.

10. Avoid any kind of sugars

Be it fructose or sucrose, sugar is bad. So, try to be sugar free as it spikes your insulin levels and leads to weight gain. If you really cannot imagine not eating or drinking something sweet, replace sugar with artificial sweeteners that have a zero glycemic coefficient. There are natural sweeteners that also can be great replacements for sugar. Just remember to stay away from sugary drinks, foods, and even fruit juice. Fruit juice is also rich in sugars.

11. Avoid Skipping Meals

You may think skipping meal can help you lose weight, but wrong, it can make you eat more all over the day due to hunger. Instead of skipping meal teens should give priority to a balanced meal higher in protein. It will help them to stay fueled and satisfied until the next meal.

12. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Feeling pressure to look a certain way can wreak havoc on anyone’s body image — and teens seem to be more susceptible to body image issues than other age groups. Don’t expect to look like another person with the same height and weight; each body is different.

Teen weight loss

Peer pressure, celebrity influence and social media, can make teenage guys feel dissatisfied with their bodies. It’s very important to realize that everybody is different and their body is unique too. And different people lose weight at different rates.

Teen weight loss journey should be to become happier, healthier, and more confident in their own skin, not be triggered by a necessitate to look like someone else.

13. Sleep quality matters

Having an optimal sleep schedule helps your metabolism function properly. You will feel more energetic throughout the day which in turn will cause you to burn more fat. On the other hand, not getting enough rest will cause you to feel tired and less keep on being active. In turn this means that you will burn less fat throughout the day.

14. Invest in sports that burn calories.

Sports are great for teen’s weight loss because it helps to burn calories in an interesting way. We know practicing weight loss for teens is a boring process; sports can help remove that monotony. Sports will help you tap into competitive energy, digging deeper than we normally might have. Find some sports that you’re interested in, here are some effective sports that are big-time calorie busters:

Indoor cycle/elliptical trainer:

Using indoor cycle or elliptical burns a good number of calories. The average female burn 841 calories per hour through spinning exercise or doing the elliptical.


Basketball is played by running up and down the court and it needs good hand-eye coordination. The average teenage girls playing basketball blasts about 812 calories an hour.

Downhill skiing:

Downhill skiing is more fun than spinning. It is another great way for teen weight loss. If you are in a mountainous snowy area, downhill skiing can be a great sport for you. The average teenage girls burn 645 – 841 calories through each downhill skiing.


Soccer players are the most fit athletes in the world. Soccer is a tough sport but interesting, where you need to run up and down in a really long field! Teenage guys can burn 742 calories of grit and determination per hour by playing only soccer.

There are also some other interesting sports that you might be interested in. Choose what you like and start playing regularly.

Extra tips to lose weight fast for teenage guys

When we plan to bring a change in our lives, the first step is often the hardest. It is common to plunge in, setting huge, unobtainable goals, such as ‘I will lose a stone in a week.’ When we fail to do this, we tell ourselves change is not possible, and we simply give up. The best way to make a big change is to first make lots of small changes. These will soon be adding up towards a bigger goal.

This research work will help you to lose weight fast in a healthy way and then keep it off with the help of exercises which work, and a maintaining a healthy diet plan with fruits and vegetables. And remember avoid these things,

  • Avoidance of social situations that involve food
  • Obsession with your body shape and/or weight
  • Avoid excessive workout
  • Constant or repetitive dieting
  • Teens should also avoid drastic weight loss or gain

What If Weight Loss For Teens Isn’t Working?

Even though teenage guys follows a healthy diet or lifestyle, there are still some facts that may hamper teens weight loss program.

1. Eating disorders can develop during the teenage years. If you think you have eating disorder like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder (BED), tell your parents or talk with a doctor  for treatment.

2. Teenagers can face sudden weight gain due to certain medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), depression and hypothyroidism. You should consult a doctor, If you feel you’re having these symptoms and having hard time losing weight for long time. Doctor can help you to find out the exact cause for your weight gain.

Note: Some medical conditions make it hard to lose weight like hypothyroidism and  PCOS


Having a truly healthy body or losing excess body weight for teens can improve self-esteem, health, and overall quality of life. This guide on “How To Lose Weight For Teens” will definitely help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Nourishing teens body with nutritious foods, self-love and taking care of it with moderate physical activity are some of the effective ways for teens to lose weight and get optimal health result.

However, it’s recommended to practice a safe and healthy weight loss goal especially for teenage people because it is their growing period. If they don’t take enough healthy food, it can hamper their growth.


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