How To Cancel Peloton Subscription: Quick & Easy Steps

How To Cancel Peloton Subscription

To cancel your Peloton subscription, log into your account online or contact customer support directly. Ensure you cancel 1 day before the next billing cycle to avoid charges.

Canceling a Peloton subscription can be a straightforward process if you’re aware of the proper channels. Many users opt for a Peloton membership to access premium fitness content from the comfort of their homes. Over time, however, circumstances may change, and you might find yourself needing to terminate the service.

Maybe you’ve hit your fitness goals, found an alternative workout regimen, or need to cut back on expenses. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know the steps involved in the cancellation process to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our guide aims to provide clear instructions on how to effectively cancel your subscription without unnecessary complications or continued billing. Keep an eye on your billing cycle and specific terms related to your subscription to ensure you’re not charged post-cancellation.

Introduction To Peloton Subscription Cancellation


How To Cancel Peloton Subscription – A Step-by-Step Guide

Peloton has changed how we exercise at home.

With their on-demand fitness classes, many have found a convenient way to stay fit.

But needs change, and sometimes you may need to cancel your subscription.

This guide helps you understand when and how to cancel.

Reasons For Opting Out

  • Cost management
  • Underutilized service
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Preference for alternatives

Timing The Cancellation

Timing is crucial when canceling your Peloton subscription.

Cancelling before the next billing cycle can save you from unwanted charges.

Subscription Type Cancellation Deadline
Monthly One day before renewal date
Annual Before the end of the current year’s term

Understanding Your Peloton Account

Cancellation Steps For Peloton Subscription

Ready to end your Peloton subscription? Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free cancellation process.

Navigating The Peloton Website

Canceling your Peloton subscription is straightforward on their website:

  1. Go to the Peloton website and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to your Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to Subscriptions and click Manage.
  4. Choose Cancel Subscription and finalize your choice.

Remember to cancel at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle.

Using The Peloton App

To cancel through the app, take these steps:

  1. Open the Peloton app on your device.
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner.
  3. Select Account then Memberships.
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm.

Ensure to cancel one day before your billing date to avoid extra charges.

Contacting Customer Service

If you prefer personal help, contact Peloton’s customer service:

  • Call the Peloton Support team.
  • Email them with your account details.
  • Chat with a representative via the website or app.

Contact them during business hours for immediate assistance.

How To Cancel Peloton Subscription: Quick & Easy Steps


Post-cancellation Considerations

Deciding to cancel your Peloton subscription brings a few important steps to mind. Thinking about what comes next is key. You’ll need to ensure your subscription is truly canceled. You might wonder about possible refunds. The fate of your Peloton equipment also needs attention.

Confirming The Cancellation

Double-check everything. A cancellation request is just the start.

Confirmation emails are crucial. They’re proof of your action.

Access your Peloton account. Verify your subscription no longer appears active.

Managing Refunds

Refunds can offer peace of mind. They may follow a simple path.

  • Review Peloton’s refund policy. It guides your next steps.
  • Contact Peloton support for questions. Use the official website or app.
  • Monitor your bank statement closely. Spot your refund promptly.

Dealing With Equipment

Peloton bikes and treadmills are significant. Don’t forget them.

  • Sell or donate the equipment. It helps others stay fit.
  • Repurpose it. Keep active without a Peloton subscription .
  • Store it properly. Maybe you’ll return to Peloton later.

Alternative Options To Full Cancellation

Thinking about cancelling your Peloton subscription? Consider pausing or changing plans instead. These methods offer flexibility without entirely cutting ties with Peloton. Let’s explore these options further.

Pausing Your Subscription

Peloton allows a subscription pause. This option is perfect if you need a break. Whether it’s for a vacation or a tight budget, pausing ensures you come back to your workouts without re-registering. Here’s how to do it:

  • Contact Peloton Support directly
  • Request a hold on your account
  • Specify the duration of the pause

A pause can last one, two, or three months. Remember that live classes and on-demand content won’t be available during this time. Although, your workout history remains saved for when you return.

Switching Membership Plans

Another option is switching to a different membership plan. Peloton offers a variety:

Plan Type Features Cost
Digital Membership App access, no equipment needed Lower price
All-Access Membership Multiple profiles, full content access Higher price

To change plans, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Peloton profile
  2. Open account settings
  3. Select ‘Membership’
  4. Choose your new plan

Downgrading to a Digital Membership saves money while keeping Peloton workouts in your routine.

How To Cancel Peloton Subscription: Quick & Easy Steps


Preventing Future Issues

Want to avoid future headaches after canceling your Peloton subscription? A clear game plan helps. Think of this as your roadmap to steer clear of unwanted charges and confusion.

Keeping Records

Document every step when you cancel your Peloton subscription. This helps in tracking the process. Emails confirm cancellation. Screenshot them. If you chat with support, save the log. Use these details:

  • Save confirmation emails.
  • Take screenshots of final steps.
  • Keep support chat logs.
  • Record dates and times.

Understanding Auto-renewal Policies

Auto-renewal catches many off guard. Understand the terms. Usually, subscriptions renew without a signal. Before cancelling, review these points:

  1. Check renewal dates.
  2. Read the cancellation policy carefully.
  3. Cancel before the next billing cycle.
  4. Allow processing time.

Remember, canceling before the next renewal date is crucial. Delay may cost another month’s fee. Here’s a table showcasing key aspects:

What to Know Action to Take
Renewal Date Mark on calendar; set a reminder.
Cancellation Deadline Cancel 24 hours before the renewal date.
Processing Time Allow a few days for the cancellation to process.
How To Cancel Peloton Subscription: Quick & Easy Steps


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Cancel Peloton Subscription

How Can I Cancel My Peloton Membership?

To cancel your Peloton membership, log in to your account online, go to ‘Subscriptions’, and select ‘Cancel Subscription’. Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation. If you have issues, contact Peloton customer support directly for assistance.

Can You Put Your Peloton Membership On Hold?

Yes, Peloton allows members to pause their membership for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

How Do I Freeze Or Cancel My Peloton Membership?

To freeze or cancel your Peloton membership, contact Peloton support directly or manage your subscription settings through the Peloton website or app. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How Do I Get Rid Of Peloton?

To sell your Peloton, try online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. You can also explore trade-in options or sell back to fitness equipment stores. For disposal, contact local waste management for pickup or drop off at an e-waste center.


Wrapping up your Peloton subscription is simple with the right steps. Remember, a quick call or online navigation can free you from future charges. Say goodbye to unwanted fees and hello to new fitness adventures. Ready for change? Your next move is just a cancellation away.

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