Dumbbell Bracelet Review: ( Softones Black Charm Dumbbell Bracelets )

Softones Dumbbell Bracelets

Softones Dumbbell Bracelets“Dumbbell Bracelets” generally refer to bracelets designed to resemble miniature dumbbells, often worn as a fashion accessory or as a symbol of fitness and health. These bracelets typically feature small dumbbell-shaped charms or pendants.

Feel inspired all day long and show your love for weightlifting with the new Softones Black Charm Dumbbell Bracelets. This stunning bracelet is the perfect reminder of all the fitness goals you’ve achieved so far and constantly reminds you of your aspirations. The beads are connected by a dumbbell charm, making it stylish and versatile for any outfit!

Softones Black Charm Dumbbell Bracelets Features:


  • Stainless Steel – won’t rust or react with your skin!
  • Stay Motivated
  • Perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast, or get it for yourself if you love lifting weights or working out
  • Elastic band, one size fits all!
  • Made of Top Class Natural Stone.
  • Each bracelet is handmade by a craftsman.
  • Unique design brings different charm to you.
  • 100% handmade, nickel and lead free, they are durable and sturdy.

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Softones Black Charm Dumbbell Bracelets Review:

Dumbbell Bracelets

  • Unique Design: This Dumbbell bracelet set is made of good stone, each one is handmade by craftsman. The unique design gives you a different charm.
  • High Quality Stone Beads Used: These bracelets use black onyx stones, lava stone, black agate stone, tiger eyes and alloy Dumbbell.
  • Comfortable To Wear: 100% handmade, nickel and lead free, they are sturdy and durable. Easy to put on and take off. 
  • Can Be a Great Gift: This bracelet set is a perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary or any special event for your father, brother, boyfriend, son, daughter. friend, roommate or classmate.
  • Size: The length of these bead bracelets are about 18-21cm which is  suitable for most women and men’ wrist.
  • Stone Beads: This Bracelets use perfrction natural Black Onyx Stones, Lava Stone, Black Agate Stone, Tiger Eyes, Howlite.


Dumbbell Bracelet

Specification of Softones Dumbbell Bracelets:

Brand Name Softones
Metal alloy
Gem Type Lava Stone
Chain Bead Chain
Clasp Buckle


Customer Reviews:

1. This dumbbell bracelet is a must-have for couples, friends and even family. One is white with marble swirls and is beautiful and the other is black and both have a matching silver mute bell in the center. They stretch to fit thinner and larger wrists. The price is fantastic and it’s worth buying a few if you have a few people you want to have matching bracelets with.

2. These are attractive and durable couples bracelets and also come in a blue velvet pouch. I bought them as a wedding gift for my daughter and her future man and I think she will be happy with them.

3. I wore it for a few days and the string broke, try not to stretch it, get tired if you have bigger hands, yes it’s cheap, but it shouldn’t break like that. Also, the gold paint on the handlebars wore off within a day. However, it was a nice bracelet as advertised while it lasted

4. I bought these for my son, he just started working out and it’s his reminder to take care of himself… he loved his bracelets – but they didn’t arrive 2 weeks before they broke 😞 he had to give them away the other two to his best friends: no news on how they are doing.

5. These dumbbell bracelets are actually exactly what I was looking for and the quality seems good. It fits perfectly on my wrist. A few years ago I purchased similar bracelets from a website and the price was much higher. I’m glad I found this because my previous ones are getting a little old and worn. Good deal!

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