Where To Find Peloton Model Number
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Where To Find Peloton Model Number: Quick Guide

The Peloton model number is located on the back or bottom of the bike or treadmill frame. It can also be found within the settings menu of the touchscreen.

Understanding where to locate your Peloton model number is crucial for registration, troubleshooting, and accessing specific support resources. Ensuring you have this information readily available simplifies interactions with customer service and assists in the maintenance of your Peloton equipment. Whether you’re a new user setting up your profile or a long-time member addressing a service concern, knowing how to quickly find your model number can save time.

This detail is also vital when ordering replacement parts, verifying compatibility with accessories, or reselling your Peloton machine. Keep your model number noted for a seamless experience with your Peloton product.

Where To Find Peloton Model Number: Quick Guide

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Locating Your Peloton Bike’s Identity


Locating Your Peloton Bike’s Identity is much like a treasure hunt. Your bike’s model number isn’t just a string of letters and digits; it’s the key to a wealth of information. Whether you need assistance, parts, or accessories, that number will be your guide. Let’s discover where this essential piece of info lies hidden.

The Importance Of Model Numbers

Finding your Peloton bike’s model number is critical. It’s like your bike’s fingerprint. It helps in:

  • Identifying your exact Peloton model.
  • Ordering the right parts for repairs.
  • Accessing specific support and services.
  • Validating warranty or membership features.

Common Locations For Identification

The model number may be hiding in plain sight on your bike. Here’s where to look:

Location Details
Rear Stabilizer Check beneath the bike’s rear support base.
Frame Inspect the main bike frame near the seat post.

Sometimes, a sticker or a plate carries the number. Other times, it’s engraved directly on the metal. Take a flashlight to help you peer into the nooks and crannies. Not sure yet? Your bike’s original documents or user profile online could also offer clues to your model number mystery.

Initial Setup Documents

When setting up a Peloton bike, documents in the box are key. They hold essential information, including where to locate the bike’s model number. Let’s uncover these documents and unearth the numbers you need.

Check Your Purchase Receipt

Start with your purchase receipt. This is the first place to look after you buy a Peloton. Retailers often print model numbers on receipts. Look for a sequence that may start with “PLTN” or a similar set of letters, followed by a series of numbers. If you see it, that’s your model number.

Manufacturer’s Documentation

The user manual and warranty documents from Peloton are treasure troves of information. They not only teach you how to use your bike, but also often include the model number. Check the cover or the first few pages, where the model number is usually listed. This way, you secure the number needed for any support or services.

Physical Examination Of The Bike

Identifying your Peloton bike’s model number is like a bike health check-up. You might need this number to order parts or get support. Let’s start with the physical examination of your bike.

Finding your Peloton model number requires a hands-on approach. It’s hidden in a few spots on the bike.

Under The Seat

Start with the area under the seat. It’s often overlooked but can house important information. Look for a sticker or an engraved plate. You may find the model number printed clearly there. Take a flashlight if the room is dimly lit.

Bottom Frame Inspection

Moving on, check the bottom frame. Turn off the bike. You will look near the base where the bike touches the floor. It’s a stable spot that can carry identification marks. Here, the model number may be etched into the frame or on a label.

Behind The Touchscreen

Last, inspect behind the touchscreen. You must carefully adjust the screen position. The model number could be hiding on the back or at its base.

With a thorough check in these spots, you’ll likely find your Peloton’s model number. Record it for any future reference.

Where To Find Peloton Model Number: Quick Guide

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Digital Footprint

Tracking down your Peloton model number is simple if you know where to look. Your bike or treadmill’s model number is like a digital footprint. It uniquely identifies your equipment. To find this vital piece of information, we’ll dive into a couple of easy methods. Each method ensures you can access support, order parts, or just learn more about your Peloton.

Navigating The Settings Menu

Begin on your Peloton touchscreen. From the main screen, tap the three dots at the bottom right. This brings you to a new menu. Here, select “Device Settings.” Scroll down to “About Tablet.” This section displays your model number and other important details. Jot down the model number for your records.

Your Peloton Account Online

Your Peloton account also stores this information. Visit the official Peloton website. Once there, log in to your account. Look for the “My Bikes” or “My Treadmills” section. Within these sections, find your registered Peloton products. Click on the relevant product to view its full details. Your model number is listed here.

Remember, your model number is essential for proper care of your Peloton. Keep it handy for future reference.

When All Else Fails

Stumped on where to find your Peloton’s model number? You’ve looked high and low, flipped through pages of the manual, and scrolled through settings, but the tiny elusive tag evades you. If you’ve reached the end of your rope, don’t fret! There are still foolproof ways to discover that all-important identifier for your trusty workout companion.

Customer Service Support

Imagine unlocking a treasure chest with the right key. Peloton’s customer service is that key when you’re hunting for your model number. Embrace these steps:

  • Contact Peloton support: Use phone, email, or live chat.
  • Provide your information: Ready your user details for verification.
  • Ask for your model number: The support team will locate it for you.

They are trained to assist, making this process a breeze. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Community And Forum Insights

Sometimes, the wisdom of the crowd surpasses even the most detailed manuals. Peloton communities are gold mines of information shared by real users. Pursue these actions for success:

  • Join online Peloton forums: Tap into collective knowledge.
  • Post your question: Be specific about your quest for the model number.
  • Read through existing threads: Others might have had the same query. Look for patterns in responses.

Chances are, you will find a Peloton veteran who can guide you to that hidden number!

Where To Find Peloton Model Number: Quick Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions On Where To Find Peloton Model Number

How Do I Know What Version Of Peloton I Have?

To identify your Peloton version, check the serial number on your bike or treadmill and match it with Peloton’s official product information online.

Where Do I Find My Bike Model Number?

Find your bike model number on the purchase documents, owner’s manual, or embossed on the bike frame, often under the bottom bracket.

How Do I Know If My Peloton Is Pl-01?

Check the label on your Peloton’s frame or consult the user manual to identify if it’s the PL-01 model. Serial numbers can also confirm the model type.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Peloton Models?

Different Peloton models feature varying screen sizes, hardware updates, and design modifications. Check their specs for distinctive features like display dimensions, sound system, and frame construction for comparison.


Identifying your Peloton model number is effortless with the right information. Whether beneath your touchscreen, on your bike’s frame, or through your Peloton profile, clarity is within reach. Remember, this tiny detail unlocks vast support, ensuring a smoother fitness journey.

Ready to enhance your Peloton experience? Start with your model number.

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