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6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells In 2023 ( Reviews & Buyer’s Guide )

Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2023One of the most important pieces of equipment for a well-rounded fitness routine is the adjustable dumbbell. It is a fantastic way to improve your body strength and support your intense training.

The “Adjustable Dumbbells” offer a fantastic versatility and space-saving convenience. From improving bone density to boosting metabolism, from balance workout to increasing endurance, dumbbell training will complete the entire fitness regimen.

Adjustable Dumbbells are very affordable and take up little space, unlike a large weights machine or barbell set. Your home gym should not be an entire room in your home filled with incredibly expensive machines and shelves. You can start alone with a good set of dumbbells and a good weight bench in your room. With so many uses and benefits, it’s difficult to decide which adjustable dumbbell will be best for you.

Top 6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews 2023

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552s dumbbells:

best adjustable dumbbells

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 is a space-saving and intuitively-designed adjustable weight dumbbell. You can easily start your workouts by simply twisting to the preferred weight and lift from the weight tray. 

The special feature of Bowflex dumbbells is how well they cope with both fast-paced conditioning dumbbell workouts. No more picking up 30 different dumbbells to give you the results you want! With just the turn of a dial you can automatically change your resistance from 5 lb. all the way up to 52.5 lb. of weight. This adjustable weight dumbbell combines 15 sets of weights into one, using a unique dial system. It will eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells cluttering your workout space. You will get a two-year warranty on weight plates and parts.

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2. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Best dumbbells 2022PowerBlock was an innovator in this category and started making adjustable dumbbells since 1991. That means they have had over 25 years of production and refinement to create the set of handlebars that are permanently adjustable, and that they really have.

The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are one of the most quoted and best-selling dumbbell sets of all time. This is one of the last set of adjustable handlebars that still need to be made in the United States and PowerBlock uses only high-quality materials. Thanks to their smart and economical design, PowerBlocks are extremely durable and can withstand all kinds of regular abuses in the gym.

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3. Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbell (Pair)

best adjustable dumbbell set For anyone looking for a good set of dumbbells, the SelectTech line is great.  This adjustable dumbbell has a sleek design and soft, rubbery grips. Just like the 552s, these replace an entire set of dumbbells, take up very little space.

This Bowflex SelectTech 560 provides a lot more customization than you will get from a standard dumbbell set. It has a very compact design that can be adjusted from 10 to 60 pounds with just a turn of the handle. The coolest thing about this top home adjustable dumbbell is that it has Bluetooth connectivity accompanying Bowflex Connect app that can track repetitions, weight lifted and calories burned. It also has durable molding around metal plates to provide a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts. If you get this dumbbell you will not need to purchase other sets of dumbbells as you progress.

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4. CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set

best adjustable dumbbells for home gymThese adjustable dumbbells are a good starter set, with each dumbbell reaching a max of 20 pounds each. The handles themselves start at 5 pounds apiece, and it comes with four 2.5-pound plates and four 5-pound plates. It also includes threaded collars to keep the weights in place and a handy storage case to fit everything. The plates are made of cast iron.

It is a versatile dumbbell set for beginners or experienced weightlifters. You can easily and quickly expand your home gym with several weight combinations – heavy enough for light chest presses, light enough for bicep curls and triceps extensions. You will also get machined-grip, threaded steel bars with spin-lock collars for safety and security. This dumbbell has a convenient and durable carrying case for simple storage and transport.

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5. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

best adjustable dumbbells 2022Here is another set of cast iron adjustable dumbbells with options ranging from a 40-pound set to a 200-pound set. Be sure to check each of the options to see what variety of plates is supplied with each set. The handles are chromed and textured for an easy grip. T lifting.

It will take seconds to assemble the dumbbell and take out. This best adjustable weight dumbbell is very convenient, compact, and easy to use and store. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells. Again, it is suitable for performing basic toning body workouts, strength exercises, core fitness, and heavy leg lifts.

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6. AmazonBasics 40-Pound Adjustable Weight Set with Case

adjustable dumbbells reviews Take the gym home for comfortable workouts at any time with this 40-pound AmazonBasics adjustable weight set. Ideal for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts, the versatile weight set provides the tools you need to create your personalized routine with the preferred amount of weight. It works everything from the chest and shoulders to the biceps and triceps.

The weight set includes two barbells, four 2.5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, and four collars. Start with a reduced amount of weight and add more while developing the muscles. Or change it according to the routine and the number of repetitions. Adjusting the amount of weight is easy. Simply add or remove plates to/from the rocker arms and secure with threaded collars. Whether you’re adjusting the amount of weight or using one or both barbells at a time, get the workout you want with the AmazonBasics set of adjustable weights.

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What is the best adjustable dumbbells?

The latest adjustable dumbbell set from Bowflex and PowerBlock are the easiest to use and you can simply dial in the required weight and the dumbbell smartly grasps the right plate/s. For such high-tech dumbbells, you have to pay high price, mind.

But if you have fewer budgets then you can look for a classic bar and weight plate set. This equipment is much cheaper but you will have to use the same weight for every workout as they are not adjustable. These cheap bars and weight plate take more space and require a lot more faffing about at the time of exercise. That’s why we don’t advise this.

So, Bowflex and PowerBlock is the best adjustable Dumbbell that we highly recommend you to use for your exercise.

The Best Adjustable Dumbbells Buyer’s Guide

Best adjustable dumbbellsThere are very good reasons to buy a free weight system adjustable dumbbell in your home. You should pick up those adjustable dumbbells which will work with your routines and your way of working out. There’s definitely an adjustable dumbbell out there for you and I hope this best adjustable dumbbells review will help you find it.

So, let’s go on further with our adjustable dumbbells buying guide.

This gym equipment provides the same mechanism as Kettlebell weights or traditional free weights for working on your muscles.

But the thing that makes this machine cool gym equipment is the compact, flexible and adaptable package. Which will give you heavy resistance as you work on your muscles. Adjustable dumbbells mainly help to make your strength training compact.

Adjustable dumbbells help to provide accessibility to the huge range of exercises possible with free weight dumbbells that don’t require a huge expenditure or huge gym space. So you should look at your actual need.

If you want a free weight set, but for reasons of personal travel, available space, or just stylistic choice want to keep things compact, then one of these adjustable dumbbells will be an absolutely best choice for you.

I definitely advise you to read everything I’ve said in this best adjustable dumbbells reviews, and filter it according to your need, and what you actually want to accomplish.

There are plenty of options for adjustable dumbbells like high tech option, premium option, simple and cheap option. Choose which ones fit your budget and style of working out.

Things to consider before buying the best adjustable dumbbells are given below:

  • Shape: Hexagonal dumbbells are perfect for the home gym. They will not roll away when you are doing workouts.
  • Material:  Ridged or “knurled” chrome handles provide a firm grip. You can also clean it easily easy. Rubber-coated ends are not as eye-catching as shiny metal plates but they will buffer any impact with your floor. 
  • Features: As with any contraption, the fewer parts it has, the less likely it is to go wrong. Be careful with adjustable dumbbell sets because if used frequently it can crack.
  • Weight: A 12kg set will do the trick. If your dumbbells are too heavy then you will miss out many worthy exercises. But with a lighter dumbbell set, you can always do more reps.

Dumbbell Workout

12 Best Dumbbell Workout:

Here, I will be discussing the 12 most effective dumbbell workouts for building up some strength and size! First I will list down the exercises, then I will follow with a brief description on why they are effective.

Let’s get into this –

  1. Shoulder press
  2. Chest fly’s
  3. Lateral raises
  4. Standing bicep curls
  5. Tricep extensions
  6. Hammer curls
  7. Dumbbell lunges
  8. Shrugs
  9. Calf raises
  10. Goblet squat
  11. Farmers walk
  12. Incline biceps curl

1. Shoulder press –

This dumbbell exercise is a classic and a great movement for developing the front shoulders. This exercise helps improve core stability and promotes good posture when done effectively. This exercise is especially good for growing the front shoulders not only because it isolates the front shoulder but because heavy weight can be applied. This type of movement causes a stretch in the muscle, leading to micro-damage which causes muscle growth.

2. Chest fly’s –

A great chest builder. The chest fly effectively builds muscle in the chest due to the stretch placed on the muscles during the movement. This exercise should be done with low-medium weight, as using very heavy weight during this exercise may result in injury. This is due to the muscle being in a vulnerable position during the movement.

3. Lateral raises –

Always wanted those wide shoulders? Well then this is the right exercise for you. Lateral raises work on the side/middle head of your shoulder. This is the part of the shoulder responsible for that wide-door frame look. This is an extremely important movement that should be included in everyone’s workout, this is because there’s no other exercise that works this part of your shoulder as well this one.

4. Standing bicep curls –

Standing bicep curls are a must for any weightlifter. The standing bicep curls target both the short head and long head of the bicep, helping you achieve a fuller looking bicep. This is a standard move any beginner can try. This movement can be done with any weight you feel is best as this movement doesn’t put your body in an vulnerable positions.

5. Triceps extensions –

This is a exercise is a personal favourite. This targets the long head of the tricep which is responsible for most of the triceps size. Due to the positioning of this brilliant exercise, the tricep is consistently in a stretched state which causes micro-tears in the muscle, leading to muscle growth. That being said, this a crucial movement that must be included in your routine if you want to grow big triceps. Medium-heavy weight is recommended for this exercise.

6. Hammer curls –

Hammer curls are a brilliant bicep curl alternate which should be used with medium-heavy weight. Unlike the bicep curl, hammer curls work more of the forearm than the bicep. The hammer curl primarily targets two muscles, one of them is called the brachialis which is located on the outer side of your bicep. The other muscle involved is located on the right side of your upper forearm, this is called the brachioradial. This is a crucial exercise that must be implemented into your routine if your looking to build big arms.

7. Dumbbell lunges –

Exactly the same technique used as the normal movement, just with added weight. This variation of the lunge make for a much more intense strength/mass building workout. The only limits to this movement depend on how much weight you can carry during the exercise. An added bonus, using heavy weight during the movement will also improve your grip strength as you will be required to hold the weight for the entirety of your set. Medium-heavy weight works great for this movement.

8. Shrugs –

The most used exercise for trap development. Dumbbell shrugs are a very easy to perform exercise and can be done with heavy weight. They effectively target the traps, which are the muscles found running across from the top of the shoulder, all the way to the back of the neck. This doesn’t have to be done with dumbbells, this can be done with a barbell, kettle-bell or any other form of weight that you can hold.

9. Calf raises –

Looking to build bigger calves? This is the perfect exercise for you. Calf raises are great on their own, but doing this movement with dumbbells adds additional tension to the muscle, leading to more muscle growth. Any weight works well for this workout. This workout is even more effective when done of a small ledge. For this to be done effectively you must place half of your feet on the ledge with the back half off. This allows for extra stretch on the muscle which leads to more muscle damage. Overall this equates to more muscle growth.

10. Goblet squat –

A brilliant quad builder, this exercise allows you to place some pretty good tension on your quads making this an effective leg builder. The quads are located on the front upper legs and is one of the biggest muscles in the body. Building up the legs is crucial as not only do you want your body to look symmetrical, but for many other exercises on this list, strong legs are required to complete them without any trouble. Heavy weight is recommended for quads.

11. Farmers walk –

This exercise consist of simply holding one dumbbell in each hand and walking with it. The dumbbells should be held completely by your side during this movement whilst maintaining a straight back. This is simply to prevent any serious injury. This is another great movement for the traps and also engages your core. This exercise is great for improving over all body strength whilst developing huge traps. This is best done with heavy weight.

12. Incline biceps curl –

A variation of the standing bicep curl. This movement must be done seated or on a bench with arms out on either side. The positioning of your arms is a little different with this movement and that’s what makes this exercise so effective. The positioning of your arm puts your bicep in a little bit of a stretched position leading to an increase in muscle damage, which as mentioned earlier – leads to more muscle growth.

Additional knowledge –

All the movements above should be performed with proper form so injury can be prevented. Baring that in mind, for these exercises to be effective, proper nutrition and enough sleep should also be a primary focus as this is crucial in the role of growth and repair.


Once you have decided on the most appropriate adjustable dumbbell set for your needs, you can order it and start your new training regimen in a few days, thanks to the modern convenience of carrying the weights directly to your home. Be sure to thank the person delivering it because these packages can be very heavy.

By having the best adjustable dumbbells, you will increase the convenience factor of getting in shape and easily squeeze workouts throughout the day without the time and effort to drive to and from a gym. Maybe one day you’ll want to commit to expanding the home gym and even dedicate yourself to a whole room. For beginners, however, take a good series of space-saving weights and start controlling some weight-training exercises.

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