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How To Accomplish Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals ( 3 Simple Tips )

Being overweight or out of shape is something many people in today’s world struggle with as society puts more and more influences on “how” someone should look. Before doing any fitness plan or weight loss plan, the biggest thing is the “why are you doing this”.

When it comes to appearances, it should not matter to anyone but yourself. This is something I sort of struggled with. I will be going into my third year of college and coming in I was very small, almost too small, but I played football, so I knew I needed to gain some weight.

Moving forward to December 2018, I had gain 35 pounds and not nearly enough of that was muscle weight. I am a very insecure person on the inside, but I do a great job hiding it on the outside (probably not the best trait in the world). Looking back, at least from the coaches, the taunting about my weight was to try and motivate me, but little did they know it was only making things worse.

Anyway, to get back on track, I began working out extra hard, watching what I would eat, going on evening walks, tracking my calories, and the biggest thing was to do it for me and not anyone else. This led to great success for me, and it was not like I went on a crazy diet. I was able to lose 20 pounds, all the while gaining muscle mass as well, which can be difficult when losing weight.

3 Simple Weight Loss Tips To Accomplish Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals

Tips No 1:

The first tip I have is probably the simplest concept but hardest thing to do; watching what you eat and how much. The big thing when it comes to losing weight is of course eating less calories. The best thing and the easiest is to find one of the apps that help with this. The one I used specifically is called Lose It! To start things off you input your weight, height, and what your end goal weight would be. Next, you set a “plan” and pick how many pounds a week you wish to lose. The rest is done with the app as it calculates how many calories per day you can have to make this happen.

At first, especially if you choose the highest weight loss per week, you are going to go to bed hungry some nights, but the key is to just go to bed and not eat anything else. Another big thing here is what you eat. Now, the healthier the food, the less calories, then the more you can in fact eat. Looking for grilled foods, less bread, and fruits are all good here. Protein is a good thing when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle. Additionally, try to avoid wasting calories on drinks such as sodas and very sugary drinks as these tend to be high in calories. With that being said the more water you drink the faster you lose weight. All in all, the app is great. All you must do is input the food you eat, whatever type of exercise you do, and update your weight every week and this can be a great starting point for your new plan.

Tips No 2:

The next big thing I noticed is how you exercise. Being a football player, we have very intense training sessions, but I find it best to find a buddy to train with. This works better for me as I love to compete and competing makes hard work fun and enjoyable. Not to mention how they can help push you as well. This happens all the time with our team training sessions. Biking and lifting weights, I think are the best ways to achieve fitness and weigh loss goals.

Biking is great for cardio and most bikes have settings for weight loss or cardio improvement. With weight lifting, not only does it burn a lot of calories, but it also helps build and maintain muscle and burn off the fat. With exercise the final tip is easy, and can be very relaxing, walking is a great way to burn off fat. I noticed when I first started my plan, the first week I walked a lot and I lost 3 pounds. The next week, I did not walk very much, and I hardly lost any weight.

I then noticed that maybe walking is important to this whole weight loss thing. And I firmly believe that. Nice walks or jobs are both great for weight loss, but additionally they can be peaceful and relaxing. One trick I did with the app was have the walking as an extra buffer I did not include. With the app you get a “step bonus”, but in reality, you burn more than the “step bonus” give you credit for. So, this way even if I was over the limit I had that extra little buffer.

Tips No 3:

The biggest tip of all of them is to have the right mindset. You cannot go into something so difficult and be doing it for someone else and not yourself. You are not just losing weight, this is a lifestyle change and to do this you need people are you to support you and you need to support yourself. If a week goes and you stay the same or maybe you gain a pound, don’t sweat it. First go back to the app and see if the calories add up, maybe you went over. Whatever the case, never give up and always keep striving towards your end goal.


In conclusion, fitness and weight loss goals or plans can be some of the hardest to achieve but are one of the most rewarding once accomplished.

The keys are too finding a good way to track your calories, eat the right types of food, exercise like you mean it, and go for walks or jogs. Then the most important piece is to have confidence and believe in yourself that you can accomplish your fitness and weigh loss goals as at the end of the day you should be doing it for you and no one else.


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