Stamina ATS Air Rower Reviews For 2022

Stamina ATS Air Rower Reviews 2020The Stamina Air Rower is an affordable and high-quality rower. It is ideal for getting in shape and losing a few pounds. Use air resistance through a fan to create a smooth workout. In fact, air resistance is what makes this rower one of the best rowing machines in its class.

This Stamina ATS pneumatic rowing machine has a steel frame and a very robust construction. The sliding seat is padded, padded and surprisingly comfortable. Large footrests can accommodate all sizes of shoes. And the adjustable straps keep your feet safe while you paddle.

The Stamina Air Rower computer display shows distance, speed, calories burned and training time, as well as everything you need to effectively track your progress. In terms of storage, the frame can be easily folded and, with convenient wheels attached to the bottom of the rower, can be moved and stored where you want. The Stamina ATS Air Rower is designed to last and be designed for comfort. Now it’s up to you to do the training.

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Stamina ATS Air Rower Reviews For 2021

The Stamina Air rowing machine is ideal for users of all levels. It is less than $ 500, which places it at the upper end of the budget range. Compared to other models that offer the same cost, it is quite powerful.

So let’s take a look at this in detail.

This is called an “air rower” because it uses a fan to create the resistance against which to work, the basic principle of the exercise. If your muscles do not resist your movements, they do not train much.

However, some of our reviewers felt that the resistance did not appear early enough to allow a “good practice session for the rowers”, that is, it did not give much resistance to our legs or back. This is known as a stalemate and is something that should be avoided in a rower. For aerobic training, it is fine and will not ruin your experience, but if you are looking for the full benefits of rowing, it is not convenient for you.

Do not get me wrong, it’s actually a good machine that optimizes the resources for an aerobic training program. It also folds into a compact enough size for easy storage, does not weigh too much, but also offers a feeling of robustness when rowing. It is also quite simple to assemble and it only took about 15 minutes, others we tried took much longer!

The seat is comfortable for the price and the stock is soft and compares favorably with other models that cost more. Air rowers can sometimes be noisy for indoor use, but this one is quieter than most others. This is a good option if you do not want to disturb your family or live in an apartment and want to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors.

Stamina Air Rowr Rowing Machine 2020

Technical info:

Full dimensions:

  • Height: 22 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Length: 77 inches

Folded dimensions:

  • Height: 48 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Length: 28 inches

Stamina air rower features:

  • Wind Resistance
  • Steel Frame
  • Upholstered Seat
  • Large Foot Pads
  • Floor Protectors
  • LCD Display
  • Built-in Wheels
  • Maximum User Weight: 250lbs.

Computer Features:

  • Stamina air rower monitor
  • Distance Covered
  • Time
  • Calories Burned
  • Speed


  • Three-year frame warranty
  • 90-days parts warranty.

Pros And Cons


  • It’s reasonably quiet (for an air rower)
  • Compact machine for easy storage.
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Good for moderate use.
  • Folds easily.


  • Resistance doesn’t kick in early enough for full workout
  • Warranty on parts is only 3 months. (Frame is 3 years)

What we like about Stamina ATS Air Rower

The Stamina Air Rower stands out for its quality, ease of use, easy storage and, of course, its air resistance, all at such a low price. The machine is for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Take this rower home and you’ll get first-rate cardiovascular training, sculpting the upper and lower parts of your body and doing it in a way that the impact is as small as possible. It comes with all the features you need to be fit, but here are some details we like:

Resistance to air / wind

Air resistance is one of the best and softest types of resistance you can find. The more you train, the more resistance you create, which allows you to increase the intensity of your workout. It’s a different sensation of magnetic resistance or water, but people are doing very quickly.

Easy storage

Stamina Air Rower Reviews

Because the Stamina rowing frame can be folded and because of its compact and excellent dimensions, the machine can be stored easily. It will not be used 100% of the time, making it a great addition. It is surprising to see how light construction is considering its durability.

Comfortable design

A big advantage is that the Stamina air suspension seat is padded and padded, making it more comfortable to sit and exercise. Combining this with the overall design of the device, as well as the air resistance, this translates into a smooth and comfortable workout.

The console / monitor

The screen is basic but easy to use and shows the speed, distance, time and estimated calories used. It does not have pre-established PC programs, goals, or connectivity, but it is a budget model and should not be disappointed. If you want this type of function, be prepared to pay twice, then part of the cost of this machine.

What is not so good:

Again, it’s not very negative, but some people think that the Stamina air train is a little noisier than their much more expensive counterparts, like the Concept 2 D model. That said, the noise is not really a problem, but users should keep in mind that it will not be as quiet as a magnetic resistance paddle. In general, there is a general consensus that the Air Rower is amazing.

Reviews from Air Rower users

“Well, it’s not pretty, but it’s been a good job, I’ve had it for almost two years and I ran about 5 times a week for a light workout to keep fit, very happy and that worth it.” Janet R.

“I do not have much time for exercise these days, but I wanted something that does not take much space and I chose the Air Rower because it looks strong and folds also shake vigorously for only 10 to 20 minutes a day and I find it is a row machine resistant and comfortable to use, I used gym equipment and it’s almost as good but without the luxury programs” William C.

“Okay, I guess, but I do not think I’m doing a good workout because the resistance may be higher, so I have to paddle longer, sometimes up to two hours, to get a good workout. aerobic, and it also has a dead end.” Francis 

“It’s a good machine in general, it has a comfortable seat and a feeling of solidity, but what disappoints it is the impasse, and it is a big delay in the recovery of the resistance that ruins the ‘action as a whole.” Pedro 

Final Word of the Stamina air rower

This is not a quality machine for the gym, but you should not expect it to be for the price, it will cost at least five times more! However, it is a perfectly adequate rowing machine, of reasonable construction quality and at a very competitive price. We calculate that you will get several years of use if you plan to use it daily for about 20 minutes.

The Stamina Air Rower is an economical and exceptionally designed air-resistance machine. Combine that with the comfortable seat, the continuous paddle and a good monitor, and you’ll have a winner. This is a great shirt for people looking for great exercise at home. Very recommendable.

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