How To Test Elliptical Resistance Motor

How To Test The Elliptical Resistance Motor ( Step By Step )

How To Test The Elliptical Resistance MotorAre you looking for how to test the elliptical resistance motor? This article will give you some very useful tips that will help you determine whether the resistance motor is working properly or not.

You should firstly ensure that you have the power cable in place. If you have an elliptical that has a power cable this is more than likely that the power cord is for, if not then you will need to buy one.

Check to see that the resistance motor is fitted firmly into the back of the elliptical. You can do this by pulling it gently on the back and checking that it does not come loose. Once this is done, you should plug in the power cord and hook up a voltage meter to the port on the end.

On many elliptical machines the power cord is a standard ten-inch length. If yours is different then you will need to check with your seller to see how to test the resistance motor. In some cases the resistance motor will need to be plugged into the power cord directly or through the hub assembly. Check that the power cord has no resistance to any current that you have flowing through it.

Here is how to test the elliptical resistance motorĀ 

There are several ways of testing the resistance motor.

  1. The most common is to simply push the resistance motor against the body as if it was a resistance bar. This can be very effective because you will be able to test all the parts of the machine. Most people are tempted to try this on their first try but this is not a good idea as the results are often very erratic.
  2. To test the resistance motor more effectively you should first turn off the machine and then turn it on again. You should feel resistance and movement from the resistance.
  3. Another way of testing the resistance motor is to use a cable with a weight attached to it. You should be able to feel the resistance when the cable is pushed against the back of the machine as if you were pushing the resistance bar.
  4. When you are using these methods of how to test elliptical resistance motor, you will also need a good pair of running shoes. Although it will be a lot easier to do this in the office if you are wearing your shoes than it will be when you are out and about.
  5. To test the resistance motor simply place one foot in front of the other and try and feel the resistance when the machine is turned off. Make sure that both feet are in line with the resistance arm and that you are not pushing too hard on the foot in front. If you find that the resistance feels like a barbell or anvil, it is time to replace the motor with a new one.
  6. If the motor has been replaced properly, it will still be working well. In order to test it effectively, you need to do this at a low speed and start off with one foot in front of the other. Turn the machine off and slowly lower it to the floor while the other foot remains in position.
  7. Turn the machine around and try again. If it is not working correctly, try again with a new resistance. If it is working, repeat until you get the right resistance. Be careful that the machine is not too much of a drop off when you are working on a low speed.


Testing the resistance motor yourself is not really that difficult when you know how to do it. One problem that many people have with the resistance tests to test elliptical resistance motor is that it is very difficult to get the same result when testing different resistance arms. The fact is that each different resistance can have very different resistance levels. If your legs feel heavy, then the resistance motor could be too weak or the chain could be worn out and needs replacing.


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