How to Not Get Tired on a Treadmill ( 12 Fantastic Ways to Stay Motivated )

Ways to Stay Motivated While Running On the TreadmillRunning is one of the most effective ways to get cardio training. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly boring, especially when the bad weather forces you to run on a treadmill at home.

Most fitness exercises require an individual’s ability to remain passionate and disciplined throughout their exercise journey. Those who have succeeded even in the most challenging exercise journeys regardless of how challenging the starting could have been will share their achievements happily.

With persistence, you are confident of positive results from your exercise, which can be both fantastic and transformative, but one thing you are guaranteed is that achieving positive results isn’t a walk in the park. You need to remain dedicated and motivated.

Today, treadmills have become the ultimate exercising machine in many families, but those who have mastered how to exercise on a treadmill successfully will tell you it takes inner motivation to keep moving and improving your performance. Running on a treadmill undoubtedly calls for your substantial efforts no matter how tough it could be mainly for the first time runners if you have to record positive outcomes.

12 Fantastic Ways How To Not Get Tired On A Treadmill

How to Stay Motivated While Running On the Treadmill

1. Set Your Running Goals.

One of the most critical aspects of successful tread millers is that they set work out goals at first.  Realistic goals enable you to keep ambitious and self-driven rather than feeling like quitting a few minutes to work out.  Remember, long term goals and strategies are the keys to success in thread mill workouts as well as your short term goals. The daily goals should set how much you should achieve every day, while the weekly goals should indicate how many miles in total, you have to cover every week. Longer treadmill goals will enable you to determine how you want to use your treadmill workouts, such as engaging in a half marathon or a whole marathon race. Have your SMART goals in your mind or write them down to keep you more motivated.

2. Focus on Your Breath:

Something funny happens when you really think about breathing, which is (obviously) otherwise involuntary: in a way you forget the other things you do, that is, run. Try to coordinate breathing with the step: inhale for 3-4 steps, then exhale for 3-4 steps. Counting while breathing is incredibly relaxing and distracting. In addition, deep breathing can lower heart rate and blood pressure to help the body function more efficiently and for longer – without dying of boredom.

3. Hold to Positive Attitude.

Attitude plays a very crucial role in any success. Even when things seem quite challenging, and you feel like you are no longer motivated, always remind yourself how much you are really after a positive change. Let yourself trust and believe in your inner will power by suggesting your body the size, weight, and figure you are training for and the positive results so far recorded from your hard training.  Remember, if you think you can, then for sure you can attain it. Let the motivation trickle from your mind to the muscles.

4. Vary Speed and Incline.

A single grade pace is not only monotonous but also dull, which can easily switch off your treadmill workout empowerment. Varying the workout inclination and speed is more likely to keep your workout exciting and enjoyable throughout. Keep increasing your treadmill pace and advancing the inclination angles to a steeper every time you master a particular inclination. Again change alternate from walking to running and slow jogging to keep your mind and action and your body fully engaged. However, do not start with the highest speed levels for the first time. It is recommended to keep alternating the slower and faster speed in your workout as a way of challenging your body and ensuring maximum calories burn out. Remember, it takes time to master rather than expecting everything to change magically.

How to Not Get Tired on a Treadmill

5. Split Treadmill Sessions

Running for over forth minutes may sound horrible to you, but it is okay. However, if you split these thirty minutes into two half sessions, each 20-minutes is much better and quite less draining.

6. Stay Cool

A treadmill workout engages almost all your muscles while you are running. As more and more calories are burning, the process produces much heat, and this may trigger your body to overheat and sweat. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your body fresh by using a sound cooling system such as the NordicTrack commercial 1750 system. It will not only help your body cool but also motivate you to concentrate on exercising rather than complaining about the uncomfortable exercising heat.

7. Get a company such as your friend to run with them.

Getting accompanied by a friend in your work will not only make you feel better but also make the whole work out program exciting and enjoyable. In a way, your friend can do something special you didn’t know to make the treadmill work out more motivating and inspiring. For instance, you can both of you set a race against time to see who completes the first or who can run the longest distance between both of you. By doing this, both of you bring the best competitive self hence achieving your goals and in an encouraging manner.

8. Challenge your limits.

Challenge your running speed on a treadmill. Always strive to beat the old limits and discover your new stamina limits. A least challenge these limits once a week and do your best to get it.   It could be a challenge for your speed or incline since the more you train, the more you improve your stamina.

How to Not Get Tired on a Treadmill

9. Pick out Entertainment.

One of the most effective ways of motivating yourself is by adding motivating entertainment to your workout session. You have the following

  • Get yourself a running playlist that rocks your treadmill session as you work out.
  • Switch a TV show that has some relevant and motivating treadmill exercise lessons you can practice as you run.
  • Find out your new audio books and podcasts.

With these, you are sure to turn a monotonous workout session into an engaging and motivating work out session.

10. Stay Hydrated During the Workout.

One thing for sure that makes indoor workout great for everyone due to their flexible nature to allow you take a small meal or water drinking break.  A short break enables you to replenish your vital energy levels, it also gives you time to get inspirations. Have plenty water or an energy drink especially at intervals. It helps your body from excessively losing the vital minerals. Thus you won’t feel parched and tired. Remember, the more you are hydrated, the longer you can stay on the workouts.

11. Avoid Looking At the Console.

Treadmill consoles will appear like stagnating while you are running, and it could be discouraging to see how slowly the distance and speed are ticking. The best way is to set a timer to alert you once your work out session is accomplished. By doing this, you resist the urge to look at the console to see how much time has elapsed.

12. Picture Your Fitness Statue.

It is merely setting your fitness goals but now in a visual nature rather than on a quantitative basis. Look for your favorite fitness idols, such as your gym instructor, excellent individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. By visualizing then in your training session, and believing they are human beings like you, it will play a crucial role in helping you achieve extraordinary physical fitness results.


The treadmill workouts isn’t a piece of a cake but rather sometimes challenging. However, with the right mentality and attitude backed by self-motivation and passion, nothing is complicated for you to achieve. Applying the above tips is a sure way of making your physical fitness and health goals. Use then today to experience the best work out results in 2020.


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