Top 10 Tips To Lose Weight Fast And Easy

How To Lose Weight FastIn today’s day and age, it is rather strange to not be on a diet.

It seems that everyone is always trying to reduce their body weight, but most end with little success and continue into the next fad trend only to face more failures.

Well, that can stop today. By implementing the 10 tips listed below, you will be ensured a weight loss to be proud of!

Weight is a function of thermodynamics, simply put, it is the energy in and energy out diagram we all know and abide by. The science behind this is simple.

“The calories or energy ingested through food must be equal to your calories expended at rest (Basal Metabolic Rate) and during activities to maintain weight, and in order to lose or gain weight your calories ingested need to be below your expenditure or above your expenditure. The equation provides more perspective.”

ΔWeight=Intake Energy (calories in)-Expenditure (calories out)

It is so interesting to see we have been facing an epidemic of obesity worldwide, yet we know how to lose the weight. This probes the question as to why we are gaining more and more weight, yet we have the tools we need to lose or maintain, and the answer lies in the environment we live in.

Tips To Lose Weight Fast And EasyEnvironmental stimuli, “food primes”, are what may be leading to the over consumption of calories and the continued increase in weight for most individuals globally.

In fact, obesity is linked to age related weight gain, which shown on a graph clearly depicts that around the age of eight teen, one begins to steadily gain weight over a twenty year period into adulthood, and this increase in weight and probability of obesity is only initiated by an extra 15 calories ingested per day over your expended total.

You don’t die of obesity, but you do face the consequential lethal diseases relating mostly to cardiovascular health as well as cancer, so it is vital that we start to combat this now and educate the public on the importance of a healthy body weight. So, the following tips below will help educate you on the various easy and effective ways you could lose weight.

Here is Your Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast


The first weight loss tip is the action of self-weighing. Whether it is done daily, weekly, or monthly, Nutritional studies have been consistently reporting that knowing one’s weight leads to a reduction in calories consumed or contributes to altered behaviors that has prevented further weight gain and has even led to constant weight loss.

In addition to psychological behavior, weighing yourself can be a good tool for encouragement to keep going on your weight loss journey, as well as critical information for how well you are complying with your regimen. Additional measurements can help you determine other important factors that accompany weight loss, like fat mass loss or muscle gain.

How to lose weight fast

Mindful eating

The second weight loss tip is to practice mindful eating, which is a method to prevent distractions while eating, so that you eat slower, chew your food more, and actually savor the food rather than quickly inhaling it. Eating slower has been proven to decrease intake, as shown by the Theory of Mastication (chewing) by Horace Fletcher.

Over time, many other experiments have supported the findings by Horace, that prove that chewing more will actually lead to less food being consumed. Another reason why this is accurate scientifically is that as our food is ingested, our stomach begins to expand, and when it is fully extended it stops releasing the hunger hormone ghrelin, and actually signals satiation to your body.

Eat High Fiber Foods

High Fiber foods are generally green leafy or root vegetables as well as fruits which are also relatively low calorie; therefore, one can consume them in large quantities for only a small amount of energy consumption, otherwise known as “volume eating”.

In addition to being able to eat a lot of these foods which can potentially like tip number 2 extend your stomach and lead to satiety, the fiber also aids in reducing intake throughout the day by keeping you full.

Easy weight loss

Specifically, soluble fiber found in many grains, fruits, and vegetables thickens the viscosity of the food bolus in your stomach; therefore, the body will have to release more water to get the right consistency before it can be emptied from the stomach into the beginning of the small intestine (the duodenum).

By delaying this “dumping”, your stomach will stay fuller and extended for longer, thus leading to satiation, and a reduced urge to eat or feel hungry.


Stay hydrated

How To Lose Weight Fast And EasyDrinking water is important because it comprises nearly sixty percent of our body, but it is also involved in keeping our cognitive function working smoothly, as well as helping in essential bodily functions.

Interestingly, when most individuals believe they are hungry, they are actually just thirsty, so give this a try sometime and drink some water when you think you are hungry and see if it satisfies your body’s cues.

In addition to its major bodily function, and its ability to quench thirst, water is a good tool for weight loss because drinking it expands your stomach and helps to initiate those satiety signals.

Drinking water before a meal can decrease the amount of space in your stomach for food before the stomach expands reasonably, so that you feel satisfied on less food. Likewise, drinking water between meals can keep your stomach rather full and satisfied so that you don’t feel the urge to snack.

Ways to loose weight fast and easy

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a relatively new diet trend, but it can be seen as more of a tool rather than a diet. It works by having a set eating window of typically eight hours, but there are many different forms of this trend such as only eating one meal a day (OMAD).

However, a normal individual will tend to stick to an eating window, so this will mean that at least one meal will probably be skipped, and this helps in weight reduction because an individual will not make up or compensate for those missed calories.

Studies have shown that whether you do daily fasting, so a window of eating time, or alternate day fasting, people will not make up fully for the lost calories during missed meals, and thus will ingest less calories than they expend leading to weight loss.

This approach also helps people be more flexible with what they can eat and how much they can eat at certain meals since they skipped some earlier in the day, and all they technically have to do is keep their calories in check to achieve a reduction in weight.

Weight loss fast and easy ways

Watch Portion Sizes

As it has been consistently stated, weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out. This means that we need to be cognizant of the physical amount of foods we are eating to ensure we are not overindulging and consuming far more calories than we think.

In fact, nearly every individual underestimates their actual intake, with a positive correlation between BMI (Body Mass Index) and degree of underestimation, so as you gain more weight or are “heavier”, you have a higher likelihood of under estimating calories consumed and over estimating calories expended leading to a cyclical disaster and eventually failure and potential action of giving up.

Using a scale to measure weights or using the common hand method or “container’ method from other weight loss programs, you can easily keep control of your food intake and ensure you are on track to consistency in your weight loss journey.

How to lose weight easy ways

Watch your intake of snack foods

Following along with tip number six, it is important to watch your intake of snack foods that are typically high in fat, sodium, or sugar which are the culprits for temptation and continued consumption.

When you eat these foods, you need to be mindful, please do not eat from the bag for unnecessary calories andremember to accurately weigh out the correct portion sizes since their small, but calorically dense serving sizes will shock you!

Suggestions would be to limit these snacks completely, or find alternatives since such a small serving will take up a lot of the allotted calories you have for the day, but these snacks will not satisfy your hunger, maybe your craving, but not your hunger; thus, you will reach for more and more food in your pantry ultimately leading to over consumption and unneeded caloric consumption that may put you above your maintenance calories for the day.

Be active

Weight LossWhen thinking of losing weight, physical activity is generally involved. This is because physical activity will lead to increased energy expenditure, so that in your balance between calories in versus calories out you have “imbalance” with physical activity (calories out being higher).

This means more calories are able to be ingested (calories in) to maintain or lose weight. Also, physical activity is not just physiologically beneficial, but it is also mentally clarifying. The release of endorphins provides improved mood and attitude.

Also, it is shown in studies, that just the act of exercising will actually lead individuals to make healthier and better decisions which are beneficial to your weight loss journey but also your current and long-term health.

Being more active does not mean hours in the gym, but rather can be a short workout at home, using the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a walk around the block. It does not have to be complicated and as always, it’s little steps or changes that lead to the long-term goal change!

Tips to lose weight fast and easy

Avoid Liquid calories

There is no physical reason for humans to drink liquid calories besides the fact that we enjoy the taste. The taste however comes from the fact that a bottle of soda will rack up thirty-nine grams of sugar, that fruit juice another twenty-three grams of sugar, or even whole milk, a whopping eight grams of fat.

The savior to this dilemma is the zero calorie, zero sodium, fat, sugar, zero everything drink…WATER! Liquid calories will not keep you satiated and can lead to even more sugar cravings and health issues. Sugar can rot your teeth, cause bad breath, and lead to “highs and lows” following insulin spikes.

To control blood sugar and get in your essential water intake for the day, just stick to water as much as you can for your liquid consumption source. As always, a weight loss journey will always need moderation, but just keep control of yourself and your goals.

How to burn calories fast

Eat a high protein diet

A high protein diet does several things to help you lose weight. First, eating more protein leads to the increased synthesis and circulation of appetite reducing hormones such as GLP-1 (Glucagon Like peptide 1), while also suppressing appetite inducing hormones like ghrelin.

Thus, you will have a reduced urge to eat, reducing your intake and leading to a loss in weight. Likewise, protein is the hardest macronutrient to break down, it takes the longest as well as requires the most energy, so your body will actually burn more calories trying to break down the protein during digestion than carbohydrates or fats.

How to Lose weight


All of these tips can help you to effectively lose weight and keep it off for good. These are practical steps you can take in your weight loss journey to reach your goals and are sustainable to produce a long-lasting result!

Always remember that your journey is not going to be the same as everyone else’s and that’s is okay! You’re going to find the right regimen for you and continue to reach your goals.

Nothing happens over night, but with consistency, moderation, and learning from your mistakes, you will be one step closer to your crushing your goals!


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