Best yoga towel for sweaty hands

12 Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands Of 2022

best yoga towel for sweaty handsA yoga towel is a must-have for people who sweat a lot. People sweat more when they are doing yoga workouts and the best way to wipe this sweat off your hands and body is with a “best yoga towel for sweaty hands”.

Yoga towels are usually made of soft, absorbent material. You can put it over your yoga mat to wipe off your face or body if you need to. They also have many different features such as in size, anti-bacterial features, etc. If your yoga towel has anti-bacterial feature then it can make a huge difference. 

Fortunately, the yoga towels we have listed here will help to keep your hands and feet in right place. Only then you can focus on your yoga moves, be calm, and be mindful, instead of focusing on sweaty hands and feet on top of everything else that is happening.

Our Recommendation for the best yoga towel for sweaty hands is Yoga Towel by Youphoria Yoga

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Top 5 Yoga Towels For Sweaty HandsProduct DimensionsOur RatingsCurrent Price
Yoga Towel by Youphoria Yoga8.5 x 3.5 x 6.2 inches4.0/5
The Hot Yoga Towel by Yoga Design Lab70 x 3.5 x 24 inches4.4/5
Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel72.8 x 0.1 x 25.6 inches4.5/5
IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel 72" x 26" / 68"x24" (two size)4.7/5
Shandali Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Towel24″ x 72″4.4/5

Top 12 Best Yoga Towels For Sweaty Hands 

1. Yoga Towel by Youphoria Yoga

Best Yoga Towel 2022

For those yogis looking for the best yoga towel for sweaty hands with value and durability then this Youphoria yoga towel is an excellent choice.

This yoga towel provides a non-slip surface. It is very durable 24”x 72” yoga towel and designed with the unique materials keeping in mind about hot yoga.

You will love the non-slip, strong and skid less design of this yoga towel. That will help you to hold yoga positions longer and will provide a safer feeling when attempting more challenging yoga moves.

With its strong non-slip and skid less design the Yoga Towel allows you to hold positions longer while providing a safer feeling when trying traditional or more challenging poses.

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2. The Hot Yoga Towel, by Yoga Design Lab


This yoga towel by Yoga Design Lab is an Eco-friendly and beautifully designed yoga towel. It is specifically designed for hot yoga in mind.

With this hot yoga towel, you don’t need to worry about slipping, bacteria contamination odor, and other distracting concerns.

You will enjoy a good yoga experience if you have this best yoga towel. This best yoga towel for sweaty hands dries within minutes as soon as it comes into contact with moisture.

This Yoga Towel by Yoga Design Lab is Made from non-toxic materials. It is also designed with top quality microfibers, extra strength whip-stitching, and top quality microfibers. That helps to maintain its construction and increase the lifespan of the yoga towel.

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3. Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel

best yoga towel for sweaty hands

The Health Non-slip Yoga Towel is a unique towel. This towel is designed with a dual grip that means it is non-slip on both sides of the mat. Not every yoga towel has that Dual-Grip feature. 

This best yoga towel uses both microfiber and silicone coating which is the latest technology to the traditional yoga towels and one of the best choice on market.

The non-slip design will prevent you from slipping and the “grip-grid” texture will allow you to hold yoga moves longer and sturdier. This best yoga towel for sweaty hands has a silicone coating that ensures the mat stays in place and help you do your yoga moves.

Another unique feature that you will love is “pockets” that fit over the mat holding it firmly in place. This feature keeps the yoga towel flat over your mat. With this Heathyoga towel, you can focus on your moves and not worrying about sliding and slipping.

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4. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel 

Best Yoga Towel 2021

IUGA’s yoga towel is a non-slip, affordable and popular option to cover all your essentials. This best yoga towel is an obsession for many experienced yogis and is a great addition to any yoga practice.

This non-slip yoga towel is an even better option compared to more expensive towels. The high quality microfiber material of this towel quickly absorbs moisture and dries quickly for safe practice.

The textured weave of this IUGA towel offers a perfect balance between softness and grip. To provide better cushioning, this yoga towel is slightly larger and thicker compared to other yoga towel brands. However, this towel is still pretty light, surprisingly.

There are even pockets in the corner of the towel. Best of all, it’s not expensive, and a free hand towel is included to dry your seat and a spray to clean your mat.

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5. Shandali Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali Stickyfiber yoga towel is designed to use with sweaty practices like Bikram yoga. People who love sweating, Shandali Stickyfiber yoga towel is ideal yoga towel for them.

Slipping while doing difficult yoga moves is frustrating. It’s a top cause of injury while doing yoga. It gets worse, as you move into more complex postures. Using this yoga towel will give you peace of mind.

It is composed of a silicone bottom that offers a new level of non-slip grip. The longer this towel is wet, the better it will hold. You can wash and dry this best yoga towel in washing machine.

This towel is available in five zen colors and is suitable not only for hot yoga but also for any yoga practice. If you sweat profusely, you will be very happy with the quality of Shandali Stickyfiber yoga towel.

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6. Yoga Design Lab Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Top yoga towel for sweaty hands

This Yoga Design Lab Towel is a beautiful yoga towel which is available in 12 attractive designs.

With 12 amazing designs like Geo Blue, Serenity, Chevron Maya, Mandala Rose, and Floral Flow, you will surely have the most attractive yoga mat in the studio.

You can transform your current yoga mat using a hot yoga towel from Yoga Design Lab. The designs are printed with environmentally friendly water-based, non-toxic inks that do not bleed or discolor when placed in the washing machine.

This hot yoga towel is also very absorbent, light and can prevent your hands and feet from sliding and slipping while performing some of the most difficult yoga moves.

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7. Gaiam No-Slip Yoga Towels

Gaiam No-Slip Yoga TowelsThis non-slip yoga towel from Gaiam is useful for traveling and can be stored in your hand luggage. If you travel a lot, this Gaiam non-slip yoga towel is ideal for you because it has light and thin design.

It has a thickness of only 1.5 millimeters. This means you can fold it into a small square or rolled up with your yoga mat once you finish your yoga class.

It is designed with five different double-sided colors so it is easy for you to know which side is facing up. Besides its light and thin design, it also has a non-slip bottom and a double layer microfiber.

You can still absorb your sweat and prevent it from slipping due to the natural rubber woven into the microfiber of the towel.

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08. Mission VaporActive Yoga Mat Towel

Best yoga towel 2020This Mission VaporActive Yoga Mat Towel is designed to stay cool and dry as long as you do yoga. It has become my work towel because I do not feel the moisture or heat below me.

It use special VaporActive fabric that quickly remove the moisture from your body through an evaporation process.

In addition, it comes with framed corner pockets that are wrapped around the rug so that everything stays in place. Best of all, the permanent anti-slip technology is never washed.

Therefore, unlike other yoga towels, even after many classes, he is still safe to use.

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9. Alfamo Cooling Towel

Alfamo Cooling Yoga Towel

This Alfamo Cooling Towel is a multisport yoga towel and it is packaged in a small waterproof plastic case. That means it is easy to launch in your weekend bag or suitcase.

You can not only use it for yoga, but also you can use it as a cooling and refreshing towel.

To reduce body temperature what you need to do is just simply wet the towel, drain it and release it. Place it on the skin for up to three hours of cooling.

It is a perfect yoga towel for hot yoga classes. People who have tried it as a cold towel said it helps them stay cool when they work out in hot, humid weather.

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10. LEVOIT Yoga Mat Towel Set 

Best Yoga Mat Towel 2021

If you want a best yoga towel for your hands, body, and yoga mat then check out this LEVOIT yoga towel set. It contains the three towels. This towel set is cheaper than most individual products!

You can use the small towel (24 “x 15”) to absorb sweat from your hands and have a better grip. The medium size towel (30 “x 20”) is for cleaning your body and face. The largest towel (68 “x 24”) is designed to cover your yoga mat so it does not slip while you are doing yoga moves.

The three towels of LEVOIT are machine washable and durable. It has Superabsorbent microfiber which is not only soft, but also stays in the same place.

This yoga towel set is multifunctional as you can use it outside of yoga. You can easily take them to to the pool or the beach. Even you can use the smallest towels for cleaning.

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11. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

This Yogitoes is a popular yoga accessory brand and Its yoga mat towel is also great. This yoga towel grips your mat like glue as it uses non-slip nodules on the underside of the towel.

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat have patented skid-less technology and you will get 100-percent silicone nubs to keep it in place solidly.

The absorbent material of this towel is made from eight or more plastic water bottles. The Manduka Yogitoes towel is available in 11 solid colors, that includes a bright fuchsia and calming “thunder” gray.

This towel is environmentally friendly and made from 50% recycled materials. It measures 24′ x 68′. You will love the non-slip properties of this yoga towel that means in the middle of yoga practice, you will not slip and slide around with your mat.

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12. Nanga Yoga Microfiber Towels

Nanga Yoga Microfiber Towels

This Nanga yoga mat towel is made from hygienic materials and it is capable of resisting bacteria growth.

This best yoga mat towel is ideal for Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram, & Vinyasa practices.

This Nanga towel is machine washable after use. This yoga towel will not slip during your hot yoga session and can up to seven times its weight in water, which is great choice for hot yoga classes.

Again this towel is built with durability in mind. What you will love most is this yoga towel can withstand up to 500 washes in the washing machine.

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Why Yoga Towels Are So Important?

Yoga towels are used to wipe sweat, dry your hands, and cover your mat. When you sweat during yoga, it might make it hard for you to do yoga right! But if you have a good yoga towel, then this won’t happen.

Slipping and sliding during hard yoga workout is a common thing. You can use the best towel to prevent slipping and sliding during a sweaty yoga workout. A Yoga towel also helps keep bacteria from building up on your mat as it is easy to clean the mat with a towel or two when needed

Benefits of a towel for hot yoga

1. Substitute for the yoga mat

Whether you are a beginner yogi or a veteran, yoga towels are a great addition to your yoga equipment collection. Most yoga towels are made of a soft and absorbent material that can be used as a substitute for the yoga mat during exercise.

2. Prevent slippage

Many yoga practitioners believe that the yoga mat alone is not enough to prevent slippage due to a sweaty surface. It is essential to practice yoga posture without slipping. A yoga towel is very helpful to keep the the hands, feet and other parts of the body in right place.

3. Absorbs sweat

Intense yoga practice, such as Bikram yoga which is also called “hot yoga”, bring a lot of heat and sweat, but a yoga towel absorbs the seat completely and facilitates hot yoga.

4. Extends the life of your yoga mat

To use the yoga towel on your mat, simply place it on the yoga mat. Some people try to use bath towels or beach towels instead of the yoga towel, but the problem is that these items are not designed for exercise. As a result, they are not as absorbent as they should be and their size is not correct.

5. Acts as a “sticky” surface

You can also find yoga towels with non-slip padding on the bottom of the towel, so that they remain in place and do not peel during intense workouts.

6. Improving Yoga Practice

Simply wash the yoga towel after your workout and you will have a simple way to keep your yoga space as clean and hygienic as possible, improving your training experience.

7. Dry Quickly

Yoga towels are specially designed to dry quickly, these towels can be used repeatedly during long workouts. They are so good and easy to wash. If you forgot your yoga mat or your exercise mat behind you, the yoga towel is perfect for work on the floor, so you don’t bother or get hurt in a heavy fall. 

How to choose the best yoga towel for sweaty hands

Most people who practice yoga will need a towel. Yoga towels have two main goals: to be placed on a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and to clean sweat especially for hot yoga practice.

Choosing the best yoga towel for sweaty hands can be complicated. Some people try to remedy the fact that their yoga mat is not “sticky” by using a standard bath towel to cover their mats. It’s wrong on many levels! Now is the time to meet and choose an appropriate yoga towel to enhance your practice and peace of mind.

You may think that all towels are the same, but differences in size, absorption level, brand and price can make a big difference. 

1. Types of yoga towels

At first you need to decide what type of towel you want. Yoga towels are basically two types: the hand towel and the mat-length towel. Hand towels are designed simply to clean your forehead and absorb perspiration. And the mat-length yoga towels cover the entire mat and improve stability.

2. Sweat Absorption

The towel that covers the yoga mat is a popular option for those who are not totally satisfied with the traction of their mat. These towels are specially designed to absorb sweat, unlike a basic bath towel, which does not absorb moisture so quickly.

3. Price

Yoga towels are not very expensive. Many are in the price range of 15 to 20 dollars, while others can reach 50 dollars if they are famous brands or offer special features.
The full-length yoga towels can be used on almost any yoga mat, even the cheapest ones. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you can use studio rental mats or buy a cheap yoga mat while investing in a nice yoga towel.

4. Comfort and softness

The most popular towels are made of microfiber materials and have similar thicknesses. So there is generally not much difference between them in terms of comfort and softness.

5. Machine washable

Unlike most yoga mats, yoga towels can be machine washed and dried, which makes them easier to maintain.

6. Color

And let’s not forget the color: the yoga towel is a good opportunity to express your own style, and many come in many bright colors.


The best yoga towels are designed to easily fit on top of a yoga mat when you are doing your yoga poses. And It provides a non-slip surface for extra stability and grip.

Where due to the extreme yoga practice or hot temperatures it is impossible to avoid sweating, the best yoga towel for sweaty hands is the best option to wipe the sweat.

So whether you are an advanced or a beginner yogi, when a yoga towel for sweaty hands is added to your yoga gear collection it will make your yoga practice more carefree and enjoyable. 

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