Best Yoga Mat Bag 2021

10 Best Yoga Mat Bags of 2022

Best Yoga Mat Bag 2021Yoga Mat Bag is an essential yoga accessory that not only protects and keep your yoga mat but also useful for storing valuable things during your yoga class..

“No matter how tightly you roll your yoga mat, trying to carry it without a good yoga mat bag isn’t easy.”

Most of the yoga mat bag on the market can only carry yoga mat and some small things. But our listed best yoga mat bags are larger enough and can easily carry two yoga mats, yoga towels, yoga swing, blocks or straps and even some yoga clothing too.

You should select a mat bag that is big enough to take and carry everything you need. It is better to choose a little too big bag than a too small bag according to your taste and practice. 

Our recommendation for the best yoga mat bag is Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

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Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bag Reviews For 2022

1. Yoga Mat Duffle Bag by Kindfolk

Best Yoga Mat Bag Looking for an awesome and stylish Yoga mat bag? Then without thinking go and get this Kindfolk’s Duffle Yoga Mat  Bag. This Duffle bag is an excellent choice and our top pick that fits the bill as well.

This best yoga mat bag has a bold and stylish look. It is vegan and environment-friendly. It is made from man-made high-quality leather. For more durability, this bag has a cotton lining with extra stitching on the stress points.

This yoga mat bag uses synthetic leather. The materials that are used for this bag are of the highest quality. This mat bag is not only a durable, stylish bag but also very versatile. It will be an excellent choice if you want to buy it.

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2 Yoga Sak

best yoga mat bags 2020Yoga Sak yoga carrying bag is consistently getting top marks from yogis. This bag can carry all your yoga needs.

The straps of this bag hold your mat securely. And the adjustable shoulder strap will help you to tote along when you are moving backpack-style.

This bag is large enough to comfortably hold a yoga mat, yoga towel, a pair of shoes, yoga blocks and more.

You will get a hidden pocket for valuable things like a wallet. It also comes with a water bottle holder. It is a durable and moderately priced yoga mat bag.

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3. Large Yoga Mat Bag by YogaAddict

Top Yoga Mat Bag

YogaAddicts Large Yoga Mat Bag is available in many colors such as pink, red, purple, and yellow. It has durable 100% polyester construction. This feature makes this mat carring bag a cinch to keep clean.

This Mat Bag is large enough to carry your yoga mat, yoga towel and other gym accessories comfortably. 

If you want to store your keys, wallet, cell phone, wallet, and other essential items in this bag, you can do it easily. Because on the outside of the bag there is a well-constructed 7”x9.5” expandable zipper pocket.

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4. Multi-Purpose Yoga Mat Bag by BUBM

Best yoga mat bag

The Multi-Purpose Yoga Mat Bag is perfect to carry all of your Yoga accessories and personal items.

This bag from Brand Box is made from a durable fabric. This bag is soft enough to carry comfortably. You can carry all of your yoga equipments in this sturdy and durable yoga bag.

You will get a ventilation eyelet in this bag to allow air to flow through and that ventilation eyelet will keep your yoga gear fresh and odor free.

There is also a large inside pocket where you can store your clothing flat during travel. You can easily avoid wrinkles.

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5. Large Yoga Mat Gym Exercise Carrier Tote Bag

Large Yoga Mat Gym Exercise Carrier Tote BagIf you are looking for a natural, peaceful vibe and budget friendly yoga mat bag then it is a great choice. This Yoga Mat Tote Bag from Peace Yoga is a cylinder-shaped bag and it is cool and crisp in cotton.

To get your mat in and out easily, it has two carrying straps and Velcro closures. You can securely store your keys, phone, and other items in its inside and outside zippered pockets.

In addition to your mat you can hold clothing, blocks and other items in this bag as it has large space inside. You will love the elephant design and roominess of this bag.

Though the manufacturer of this bag says it is machine washable but some customers have reported problems with the bag after doing so. So be careful while cleaning the bag.

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6. Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Sling

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat CarrierThis Manduka yoga mat bag is a fashionable bag and it is also multi-purpose. This type of bag is as basic as it gets and it is also very simple and functional.

It has two big buckles dissipating the notion. You can take all your important stuff but it will not look bulky. The buckles are very durable and can be easily released if you want.

Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Sling is adjustable. It can easily accommodate any yoga mat size. Whether your yoga mat is long or short doesn’t matter. This mat bag secures your mat perfectly wherever you go and no matter what you do!

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7. Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

Best Yoga Mat Bag 2021This Aurorae backpack is a good option for yogis on the go. It is a wide, adjustable and double reinforced yoga mat bag. The crossbody design of this Aurorae mat bag makes it easy to tote.

It is made of durable heavy-duty polyester. This hiking yoga mat bag comes with shoulder strap with Lock Buckle. It has built-in cell phone pocket that comfortably fits over your right shoulder.

This bag also has enough space to hold a towel, food, clothing, and even a laptop. If you love hiking and other outdoor activities you can choose this mat bag. You will get specialized Mat-Locker System that securely holds most yoga mats.

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8. Yoga Mat Bag by Yoga-EVO

Best yoga mat bag for bikingThis Yoga-EVO Yoga Mat Bag will meet your all yoga gear-carrying needs. It has a durable 100% premium nylon construction. It also has reinforced stitching and nylon zippers. That means you can use this mat bag for many years.

This best yoga mat is designed with a special Ventilation system. Your yoga mat will get plenty of airflows so that it will stay moisture and odor free.

Yoga-EVO bag is offering a 5-year warranty. It also offers a 90-day full refund no questions asked guarantee.

You can easily use this yoga mat bag every day and keep your stuff organized in this bag.

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9. Lole Yoga Mat Bag

Best Yoga Mat BagThis mesh bag is very durable. It is made of nylon so cleaning is a piece of cake. It has adjustable straps that are very comfortable to carry around anywhere and anytime!

Lole yoga mat bag features an outer pocket to keep important items away from your sweaty cloths and mat. It is well ventilated and you can easily keep your yoga mat fresh and free from moisture.

You will like the cute design of this mesh bag. It is also designed with different colors.

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10. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote BagsThis Yoga mat tote bag by Gaiam has a simple yet stylish environmentally-friendly design. It is made of cotton and interiors have nylon lining. The nylon lining prevent the moisture and avoid the reek of sweat and growth of germs.

It has magnetic straps which makes it quicker for you to get your essentials especially if you are a person on the go. The external compartment is zippered as well as the inside pocket to keep your things securely.

The shoulder straps of this bag are very easy to carry. It has several sections for your things like keys, phone and other yoga equipment. You will get two zippered pockets outside too. The main section is not zippered as it shuts through magnetic snap.

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Different Types of Yoga Mat Bags

1. Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

It is the most familiar style of yoga mat bag because it completely surrounds the bag. It comes in any cylindrical or rectangular design. This is the most conventional way to carry your mat bag with a shoulder strap. You can wear it on one shoulder or chest.

2. Yoga Mat Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are used for a long time in the gym to provide good ventilation that keeps your mat, cloth or other yoga essentials odor free and protected from the moisture and dirt.

3. Yoga Mat One-sling or Two-sling Harness 

This mat bag is the most simple types of yoga mat bags that are popular among the minimalists. It can be used in two ways (on the chest or on the shoulder). The yoga mat one-sling or two-sling harness is a good option for those who wear only certain things.

4. Yoga Mat Backpack

This is one of my favorite because of the convenience of carrying them around. Yoga mat Backpacks are one of the most used types by yogis who travel many places during a day, such as picnics or even trips.

5. Yoga mat tote bag

I did not really use yoga mat tote bag, few of my Yogi friends use this type of bag. It is one of the stylish yoga mat carrier for sure.

Best yoga mat bag 2022

Best Yoga Mat Bag Buyer’s Guide

1. Multipurpose Use

It depends on your preferences whether you want use it for multipurpose or not. If you prefer to take a yoga class before work, you can choose to buy a multifunctional bag that will allow you to go to work as a professional.

If you regularly go for shopping or traveling, a versatile yoga bag will do the trick. If your yoga venue is near your home, you can opt for a bag designed only for yoga mats.

2. Material:

This is one of the most essential things to keep in mind when looking for the best yoga mat bag. Is the yoga bag weatherproof?

What happens when you accidentally fall into the mud or when the rain falls so hard? Can you protect your valuables from moisture and water? A good yoga mat bag should protect your business from all these factors.

3. Size and capacity:

The choice of size or capacity will depend on the type of yoga you practice. If you do yoga with equipment like yoga bolster or yoga block, you will definitely need a bigger yoga mat bag.

There are other yoga bags that may seem smaller, but have a greater retention capacity. You should buy a bag that can contain different yoga mat sizes. If you decide to buy a new yoga mat then you don’t need to buy another mat bag.

Again, it should have some small compartments or pockets for your essential items, such as a yoga cloths, a towel, money, etc.

4. Durability:

As yoga mat bag contains your valuables, including your mobile, keys, wallet, credit cards, clothes, etc. It is imperative to choose a durable object that does not break easily, even with all those things tucked into your yoga bag. The best yoga mat bag should keep your business intact despite prolonged use.

5. Style

Style of a yoga mat bag includes the design and color. The style, of course, must match your personality. However, when you bring your yoga bag to work, the style should not affect your appearance or your impressions.

6. Straps

The straps must be resistant, if not, what are they for? The best yoga mat bag should allow you to carry everything. And these straps should be adjustable too. The length of the straps should be adjusted according to your height with which you feel most comfortable.

Shoulder straps should have a padding that makes transportation comfortable around your bag. This allows additional support when your bag is heavier than normal and you have to load it for a while.

7. Exchange or return policy:

Having an exchange or return policy is the quality of a reliable company. Most companies also have a replacement warranty for defective bags.

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