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Alleyoop The Best Double Bounce Trampoline Reviews

Best Double Bounce Trampoline 2019The Best double bounce trampoline is AlleyOOP Trampoline with Enclosure.  This “best double bounce trampoline” offers double fun and double safety.

To help decrease the risk of injury and create softer landing, we’ve engineered the patented Trampoline.

This trampoline’s secondary jumping mat acts as a giant air pillow.

It makes a shock-absorbing zone that is 50 percent more forgiving than typical trampolines on the market.

Trampolines should be a unique purchase. This best trampoline offers a lifetime warranty on all metal chassis components.

The Permatron carpets come with 10 rows of stitching backed by a 5-year guarantee.

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best double bounce trampoline

We know that most frame pads come off quickly and end up being eliminated within the first three months of use.

With this in mind, this Double bounce trampoline uses a 21 ounce reinforced PVC coating and we have integrated secure connection points for the frame and enclosure.

The cabinet systems are mounted externally, which provides considerably larger play space within the bay, almost 36 percent more area for the 14’ than an internally hung net.

Our fail-safe enclosure contains high-strength support belts with an externally wrapped net to avoid collapse. Having these backup systems in place is very important for security.

AlleyOOP double bounce trampoline review:

Product description

This Alleyoop DoubleBounce trampoline includes 128 high-performance black springs. This springs extend much farther and come back with a smoother speed than the common stiff springs on the trampoline. That provides a higher and more comfortable rebound. Maximum weight evaluation per single user is up to 250 lb in full configuration.

  • Shipping weight: 535 pounds
  • Item model number: 14-DoubleBounce
  • ASIN number: B001L0X9XI
  • Average customer review on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Key Features

  • The patented DoubleBounce technology creates a shock absorption zone with its double-mat design.
  • Help reduce risk with multiple jumpers.
  • 128 Black High-Performance springs offer a soft landing with a soft downward rebound and an exceptional return.
  • Advanced safety net designed with high-quality materials – designed to last a lifetime.
  • The patented Unforgettable ™ overlapping door eliminates falls
  • Includes our most powerful and easy-to-install safety net with a capacity of 295 lbs! Exceeds the ASTM Impact Performance Test standards.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Designed with over 50 safety innovations and patents.

High-Performance Black Springs

Built using the highest quality music wire with a special coating process, our high-performance black springs are designed for maximum rebound and durability.

These tolerant springs not only increase performance, but they also have cushion landings. Our springs have a 5-year warranty.

DoubleBounce Technology

A secondary trampoline mat traps air between the two surfaces and acts like a giant air cushion.

This shock absorption zone provides a more forgiving landing that puts half the amount of stress on the body compared to standard trampolines.

This technology also slows the transfer of energy between the body and the jumping surface and helps reduce the risk of injury if used by multiple jumpers.

Unforgettable Overlapping Doorway (No Zipper)

Best Double Bounce Trampoline 2018Never left open or unzipped, our patented Unforgettable overlapping door offers 360 ° protection.

Our new high-quality security system offers a quicker and easier installation with a 295 lb. singer-user weight rating. We call it “Peace of mind bouncing” by JumpSport engineers.

Convenient Rest Zones

A jumper at a time is essential for safe play. With an AlleyOOP, children can rest and wait their turn, safe from the bouncy surface without having to step off the trampoline.

If you think you can allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time, then your choice is AlleyOOP.  It provides crucial space for the pad and outdoor-mount vertical mesh design, providing more play space than an internally mounted net.

What causes a “double bounce” on a trampoline?

The causes of the “double rebound” could be illustrated with a single spring and two weights and a completely static force view.

If you look closely, you can see how the other 2 people are almost stuck while the third continues to “super bounce”.

It is simply explained:

All three are putting the tension down on the surface of the best trampoline, but only one person is raised by the combined force that is now on the surface of the trampoline.

How do they do it (energy transfer)?

The other two people incline their legs and let the trampoline expand freely without actually having to lift their bodies, actively taking their weight out of the equation.

So the energy in the trampoline can go all to the only body that, jumping unlike the other two, proceeds to “super bounce”

That’s all. They simply let the trampoline start again kneeling as if they were actively breaking a fall. The combined force in the trampoline focuses on the remaining boy.

Some simpler explanations on the ‘Double Bounce’ on a trampoline:

1) The first person pushes the spring/trampoline to a certain depth that has a certain level of tension but remains in motion which will push upward. It also creates tension like a finger on a guitar string.

2) The second person descends slightly after pushing even further down about the time when the spring/trampoline reaches its lowest point but pushing down a now tighter spring.

3) The resulting upward force is a combination of the increased tension added by the bouncing person and the greater depth of the rebound.

FAQ On Alleyoop double bounce trampoline 

Question: What are the chances for injuries of this double bounce Trampoline?

Answer: The AlleyOOP Variable Bounce promise the best in quality, performance, and safety. The Double Bounce system has two jumping surfaces divided by 8 inches of space which acts as an additional shock absorber.

Question: How heavy is the double bounce 14 ft trampolines?

Answer: It’s about 400 lbs. I move it every couple of weeks by myself so I can mow. For me, it’s not heavy. For others, I’m sure it’s a beast. This double bounce Trampoline is extremely heavy and not easy to move. 2-3 men required. That said, we love it because of very high quality and durable.

Question: I’m worried that a small child can access the springs under the mat while his siblings are jumping. Do you have any input on this issue?

Answer: The mat that covers the spring on top. I suppose you could access them, but I’m not sure what harm it would do. If you mean the area between the mats, it’s blocked by netting around the edge.

Question: What’s the maximum weight allowance for this trampoline? It would be helpful if you add this to the product description.

Answer: The AlleyOOp Double Bounce trampoline has two weight ratings; Maximum single-user weight rating up to 250 lbs in the standard 128-spring configuration.

Question: Does this trampoline come with the steps?

Answer: No, It does not come with steps unless it’s part of the “package” they have put together.

Question: what is the diameter of this trampoline?

Answer: Thank you for asking! The Double Bounce unit has a 14′ rail. The big black jumpy mat within that frame is ~12′.

Question: What are the dimensions of the trampoline?

Answer: Our AlleyOOp Double Bounce is a 14ft Round trampoline; rail-edge to rail-edge. The height of the jumping mat from the ground is 40 inches tall and the safety enclosure poles are 6ft high from the jumping mat. This trampoline is only available in the 14ft size.

Alleyoop double bounce trampoline

Customer reviews

Alleyoop double bounce trampoline customer review is as follows:

Worth the money

It’s a great trampoline and it’s worth it. My children have already tested several times and the safety net works great. Entry/exit could be designed differently as it is difficult for some children to maintain balance as they leave the trampoline. Otherwise, it is worth every penny.

Arrived in good condition

It arrived in good condition and generally easy to assemble. The network is a bit difficult to assemble. It works really well and the kids like it. I used it too and in 10 minutes I had a great job.

Used 4 years and still in excellent shape

We’ve had ours for about four years and it’s still in excellent shape. It’s the most expensive out there, but it really lasts.

Very happy to buy

It’s a great product. I am very satisfied with the overall purchase. We paid someone to assemble and it took about 2 hours. I did not give him 5 stars because he does not have a ladder; for the price, it should come with a ladder.

The best in class, construction, and safety

First of all, this is a very durable trampoline, probably the most robust one you can buy. It is almost impossible if not impossible to overturn. It is also very probably the safest and safest in a mixed batch of products.

After many comparisons and tests of this and free spring, I went with AlleyOop. Free spring makes an innovative and high-quality product, but has some serious shortcomings, especially if you expect to have many children around the trampoline.

Serious injuries on design-related trampolines are affecting the frame and going over the edge. The problem with the trampoline without a spring is that the net does not stop you, it will catch you. If a child is out and someone goes over the limit, he could be seriously hurt.

High quality, long life, and value.

We have had this double bounce trampoline for almost 10 years: it has had tons of widespread use by children, teenagers and adults and I just need to replace the padding (the parts of the padding that has finally failed are the seams and the elastic hold pressed, due to sun damage.

The vinyl and the pads themselves are still pretty decent so I’m going to leave the old padding under the new one when I grabbed it).

The rug has resisted continuous abuse of shoes, skateboards, and snowboards and does not yet need to be replaced. Even the safety net has survived well despite the children jumping and thinking about it (it’s not perfect anymore, but it’s still doing its job)

I love the trampoline

I love the trampoline. That’s all they say they are! FUN! and the safety factor is high. Very satisfied with the product !! The SUCK instructions! I followed them to the letter. Alleyoop needs a technology report writer to reduce the instructions.

The video on youtube helps but fails to explain how the frame installation actually happens. Happy with the tramp! Very happy to have finished with the installation! It took about 5 hours with 2 people.

Try it; it will be a lot of fun for you and your family.

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