Best Kickboxing Workout for Lean Legs

4 Best Kickboxing Workout for Lean Legs

Getting lean long legs is the dream of every woman. This is mainly because the modeling and fashion industry has taught us that lean long legs make us look thinner and clothes suit us better. Apart from this, beauty standards also explain that people with longer lower torsos appear taller and thinner.

However, you cannot change your overall body weight or bone structure but you can make your legs thinner with the help of a workout. Where most people think thinner legs make you look weak, others feel like it’s a symbol of beauty. Most women associate thinner legs with beauty and men think thinner legs are chicken legs, however Korean pop artists and movie stars both male and female rate lean legs as the symbol of beauty.

Best Kickboxing Workout for Lean Legs

No matter what you believe, if you are aiming for stronger, muscular yet lean leg muscles, you need to start with some simple exercises. Combining cardio with some simple strength-based training that can help you burn fat and tone leg muscles is enough. You don’t have to push yourself for weight-based training. We have seen celebrities endorsing various exercises through ads and fitness campaigns.

From BTS to the Hadid sisters, we have seen some of the biggest mainstream stars telling us why we need to have lean and strong legs. One of the best exercises for lean and strong legs is kickboxing. The best thing is that you don’t need some extra equipment and the results are pretty quick. You can start today and within a few weeks, you will be able to see a notable difference. If you are aiming for model legs it might take a few months but the goal is achievable through kickboxing. Kickboxing is not only fun it is also engaging which is the reason most people love kickboxing.

With the help of this article, we will be able to unfold the reasons behind the fame of kickboxing in the beauty industry. Apart from this, we will also talk about some of the benefits along with the technical aspects of kickboxing. To further understand the exercise we will also list down some of the best kickboxing exercises that will help you get stronger and lean legs.

What Is Kickboxing?


Kickboxing Workout

Almost everyone knows about boxing one way or the other thanks to the mainstream media. We have seen some of the biggest stars in boxing and some of the best movies based on boxer main leads. With kickboxing, you will not only have simple boxing upper body maneuvers but also lower body maneuvers which include kicking. In short, you will have a mix of simple punching combinations which include jab, hook, uppercut, and other kinds of punches along with simple kicks like a sidekick, Back kicks, High kicks, Front kicks, and Shin blocks, etc. With simple kickboxing you will learn how to fight someone if you in danger which is a benefit especially considering that it is very important for women to learn how to protect themselves. However, with kickboxing exercise, you might not ever get in physical contact with someone but you will surely learn a few maneuvers that you can use for exercise. This kind of kickboxing exercise is commonly known as kickboxing cardio.

What are the benefits of Kickboxing?

Since kickboxing has mostly been discussed from an exercise point of view, most people try to compare it with other kinds of exercise which makes them simply skip the idea that it is not about exercise only. It is skill-based training that will help you engage your whole body and you will be able to benefit more than you can think of. Some of the main benefits that are linked with kickboxing include:

Engage the Whole Body

Where most exercise only engages one group of muscles and has a very limited scope in burning calories, kickboxing involves the whole body. It will help you work on your legs, upper body as well as the core. No matter how limited time you have you can easily manage the time frame and use your whole body.

Self Defense

Self-defense is very important especially for women. This is mainly because the world we live in today is so fast paced that people find it hard to defend others. This also means that people are now finding ways to skip details about how they can develop empathy. With the help of kickboxing, you will learn the price of pain, you learn to defend yourself and to defend others as well.

Burn Extra Calories

Engaging just one muscle group at a time means you will only be burning calories from that part. However, if you are nagging more muscle groups, you will be burning more calories. According to an estimate, just a quick session of cardio kickboxing will burn around 450 calories per hour.

A Good Stress Reliever

The daily workout and fast paced lifestyle have got us hooked on meeting deadlines. This means that missing a single deadline will make us extremely angry and frustrated. This has created frustration and anger in us. Overall kickboxing helps us to relieve our anger in the best way possible. This also helps in staying happy and in the long run, it decreases the chance of depression.

Mind and Body Coordination

Self-defense is not all about skill. Our body has an inner self-defense mechanism called fight and flight, it is up to our body to stay and fight or just run away. However, even to duck a ball, your mind needs to stay in full coordination with your body. This will help you act timely, with the help of kickboxing you will be able to work on this as well.

Energy Booster

Kickboxing workout for lean legs

Regular exercise helps in boosting energy by speeding up the metabolism. A simple 10 minutes kickboxing session in the morning will help you stay energized throughout the day and this will also help you boost your energy. Your heart and lungs will be able to perform better and your body will be able to receive more oxygen and better nutrition.

Fun and Exciting

Where other exercises are monotonous and boring, most people eventually lose interest. However, with kickboxing, you will be able to see your progress and learn through technique building. There is more variety in kickboxing as compared to other exercises, which also means that it is better to learn and polish your self-defense skills as well.

Best Kickboxing Workout for Lean Legs

To get lean legs you need to invest more in a simple workout that will not boost muscle mass gain. Most people go straight for heavy exercise which only makes their legs bulkier. Weight-based training makes their legs stronger but this doesn’t make their legs leaner. Eventually, this impacts the workout and progress as well. Some of the best workouts for lean legs involve:

Side Lunges

For side lunges, you can simply roll a simple piece of cloth and keep it on the floor. With that, you need to keep one foot on the floor and the other on the cloth. This will provide you grip but will also help you slide your foot more effortlessly. Just stand on the floor and gently start to slide your leg and you will be able to engage your legs muscles. This exercise will also help you shape up your legs and make them lean.

Air Kicks

For air kicks, you need to lay straight on the floor and then raise your legs in a way that you can kick up the air. This will help you work on your core as well as your leg muscle. The best thing is that you will eventually see the progress because it is a very engaging exercise. Some people like to add clap as well, which helps you hold your kick pose for at least 2 seconds.

Kick Combination

Kickboxing has multiple simple and extremely complex kicking combinations. For this, you need to start with dividing a 10 minutes session into three and then practice kicking the combination for three minutes straight. Now pause for 30 seconds and start again. Within a 10 minutes session, you will get two pauses and this will eventually help you exercise better.

Scissor Power Switch

For this exercise, you need to stand straight and spread your feelings. Now with the help of your body weight push yourself off the ground and scissor your legs midair. Now touch your hand on the opposite leg and jump right back. You need to alter the hand and leg with every jump.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, kickboxing is different from cardio kickboxing. Although both are different, practicing them together or alternatives have more or less the same benefit. When it comes to kickboxing in general you will only have one extra benefit and that is to learn the technical defense.

When it comes to women, it is advised that women should get involved in kickboxing so they can learn in detail about the technical aspect as well. This will give them enough understanding about when and how to defend themselves. However, if you are opting for kickboxing just for the sake of exercise, simple cardio kickboxing or kickboxing exercise is enough.

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