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10 Things Preventing You From Achieving The Weight You Have Aimed

Getting the right weight to match your BMI can really be stressful, especially with pictures and videos of all fancy dishes in social media or fancy restaurants opening up every day as we speak. Factors as such can really make us lose our mind towards reaching our goal and try a path that is unhygienic for our health.

I have come across many individuals where people stress themselves out by indulging into excessive diet plans or excessive workout plans. You need to remember that everybody type requires different plans to adhere to.

We have become so cautious and obsessive about maintaining a perfect weight that we have forgotten how to enjoy our lives, enjoy our food, or even love ourselves. From our food habits to our desktop job, each factor contributes highly to our health and thus impacts our weight.

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Here are ten things Preventing You from Succeeding at Losing Weight.

1. Choosing the wrong diet:

Everyone should consult a dietitian or a professional nutritionist before opting in or switching on to a diet. Nowadays, we come across multiple diet plans, one will ask us to stop eating salt for a week or so, and the other might ask us to stop taking protein intake.

Diets are reasonable no doubt, but, only when the right one is opted into. A wrong diet can impact your health drastically.

2. Unrealistic Goals:

Setting a weight goal is always good and will make you ambitious. However, you should remember that your goals should have a realistic timeline. Everyone has a limit, and so does our body, too much of something can lead to serious health issues.

You can instead set small goals with a specific timeline and post achieving the purpose; you can place another. Do not forget to reward yourself. Self-motivation is the best way to make anything you want.

3. Food Intake:

Stop torturing yourselves by taking a nibble or two. You deserve to eat, and it is essential to have a proper meal for your health. Not having appropriate meals can make your body suffer a lot. Your body and mind require nutrition’s, vitamins, and many such resources that adequate food can help you with.
You can start by watching what you eat and by tracking your food intake example: calorie count.

4. Avoid Junk:

10 Things Preventing You From Achieving The Weight You Have Aimed

Intake of junk food can cause you a lot of health issues. We all know how obesity has become one of the most dangerous diseases that has killed many innocents. Junk food is one of the reasons behind such conditions. It will not only kill you but also will deprive you of the essential resources that your body needs.
Instead, you may try to prepare a home-made version of the junk food that will not only be healthy but also will be thoroughly enjoyed.

5. Exercise:

Even a 15 mins walk can help you go a long way in your weight loss plan. Stop stressing yourselves from those heavy workouts or by joining a gym. Instead, indulge yourself in more physical activity like sports, dance, etc. Do what you like your way.

6. Drinking not enough water:

Again, we have heard many times that we should consume at least 4 liters of water every day. Still, we miss out on the most natural part of losing weight, i.e., drinking water.

7. Consuming heavy alcohol:

Who doesn’t love the smell of wine or a glass of a fine scotch? However, we forget that with every sip we are intaking, we are increasing the intake of calorie count. Mind you count of glasses that will certainly help you in controlling your diet.

8. Expecting major results:

Expecting tremendous results from minor workouts or sessions are means of demotivating and preventing you from successfully achieving your weight. Set your expectations accordingly and realistically to ensure that noting demotivates you.

9. Cut-off time for eating:

Myths like eat your meals before or after a certain period is something that doesn’t apply for all. Check with your food expert for more information as your diet plan might require you to eat a snack post dinner.

10. Getting demotivated:

This is one of the most common reasons due to which your weight might never decrease. Staying positive will help you plan your days in a better way and accordingly will motivate you in achieving your next goal.

Final Verdict On Weight Loss

In case if you haven’t met the right number, do not get demotivated, slightly pull your socks up and be ready to fight your fear instead of hiding behind it. If you consider these 10 things than you will be able to achieve the weight you have aimed!


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